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Knowing the founder Zhou Yuan: How to make money

Absrtact: The user in the life aspect produces each kind of scene and the demand, knows is cannot feel, because you are not in those products, may not see the massive change, can only feel from the outside. Founder Zhou Yuan said, "The knowledge of the future is what" the sense of work is the only entrepreneurial culture "I have contacted most of the start-up companies, including myself, or lack of common sense." You have to respect business. Many people do not respect the business, may be in the product to think a lot, but you can not a little business do not understand, every day to think of a day to drop pie in the sky, naturally, it is not ...

How to make your site more social

Should your website be socialized? Social media is undoubtedly a useful marketing and communication tool for many businesses and nonprofits that have embraced social media for a long while.   Of course, for many people, their site is the important channel, is the visitor and potential customers into the place where the customer, but also their own display and sell their products place. So without interfering with the marketing capabilities of the Web site, can we add the "humanity" factor of social media to our website? Can you use social media to make your web ...

Six super large Hadoop deployment cases

It is estimated that by 2015, more than half of the world's data will involve hadoop--an increasingly large ecosystem around the open source platform, a powerful confirmation of this alarming figure. However, some say that while Hadoop is the hottest topic in the bustling Big data field right now, it is certainly not a panacea for all the challenges of data center and data management. With this in mind, we don't want to speculate about what the platform will look like in the future, nor do we want to speculate about what the future of open source technology will be for radically changing data-intensive solutions.

Rethinking the Novice teaching mode of mobile application

Today's translation is from Theresa Neil, the author of the book "Mobile Application UI design mode" (O ' Reilly Rooster); The topic discussed in this article is also extended from this book: the author uses his own book in the actual practice of the design pattern, encountered problems, and then began to rethink ... then enter the translation. The design pattern library is a great source of inspiration for designers, but the common practice is not necessarily the best. In this article, we'll take a look at why many mobile apps are not as effective as novice teaching models, and we can ...

What is the social category of Sina Weibo?

Has sent a strong seven questions to Sina Weibo: 1, social media or social networking? 2, the flow of the current or user to change? 3. Forwarding or ROI oriented? 4, the 28 law or the long tail theory? 5. Is the brand cheap or brand premium? 6. Pretend to prosper or burst bubbles?   7. Go left or right? "One kilogram of iron and one kilogram of cotton, which is heavier?" This is undoubtedly a word trap, based on people's inherent perception of the material itself and the impression that makes people confused. Oranges are sour, sweets are sweet, grasslands are fresh, the sea is damp ...

Sina Weibo's user activity has fallen by nearly 40%.

A kilo of iron and one kilogram of cotton, which is heavier? This is a word trap that utilizes the innate perception and impression of the material itself, the orange is sour, sweet candy, grassland is fresh, the seaside is humid, iron is heavy, and cotton is "a kilo of iron and a kilogram of cotton, which heavier?" This is a word trap, the use of the material itself is the inherent perception and impression, oranges are sour, sweet candy, grassland is fresh, the seaside is humid, iron is heavy, and cotton is a blow can float up. Market Research Institute Globalwebi ...

Flipagram: Make a slideshow of Instagram photos and share them with friends and family

Developers may not have foreseen how people use Instagram: they occasionally share photos on social networks, but they are more likely to send their photos to their families. In general, sharing photos via Facebook is the best option because most friends and relatives use it, and most importantly they don't need to explain what Instagram is, but there are still a lot of family members who refuse to use Facebook and are unwilling to use social networks such as grandparents. Just like this, you can get from Instagram ...

The most popular and useful business advice of the 2014

Earlier last year, I sat in a cafeteria with Karn Maruni (Caryn Marooney) to exchange ideas about what startups should be paying attention to. What is the ineffable quality that separates the smooth-sailing media darlings from those Shing innovation companies? Outcast agency, a former founder of the company, has now served as Maruni of the Facebook Technology Exchange Department, giving a very good answer. When talking to Maruni, I can feel her according to her real experience ...

How do I use QR codes in event marketing?

What is QR code? QR Code (Quick Response code abbreviation) is 1994 by the Japanese Denso-wave company invented a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional space bar code). QR code is square, only black and white. Its principle is to arrange the black module on a square pattern with white background. The information stored in the code may be text, Web address, or other data. It has large information capacity and high reliability, and the data can be read correctly regardless of the scanning angle. QR codes are most common in Japan and are the most popular in Japan today ...

A preliminary study of the Daily--app design

Overview The first digital news publication has a large number of original authentic content, issued daily, all for the ipad only. The top news gathering team of journalists and designers makes daily a global coverage: breaking news, sports, pop culture, entertainment, apps, games, technology, opinions, celebrity gossip, etc. The daily subscription service for media companies solves the problem of business model, but now media companies must create good content, not only to attract users to pay, but also to attract users to pay for their services. ...

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