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Five minutes with a mobile phone to take photos of four Super cow photo software recommended

Photograph document According to the requirement is very high, need clear facial features, background to clean and tidy, and can only use pure color, bright light and can not dazzling, usually such photos need to professional photography studio to shoot, we can not be completed at home. In addition to the certificate can be used for some identity documents, registration, entry, or delivery resume is also required, if the time is not to carry electronic photos, and there is no suitable photo gallery to do? Today, I teach you how to use your mobile phone to photograph the perfect document, although not compared with the professional photo studio, But at least it can be an emergency. In the shooting ...

Used car industry 300 billion size of the big cake, into a dealer life-saving straw

The concentration of ideas from the few to the hot, this is the second-hand car industry in the past year, the true portrayal of the change in the face of a large 300 billion-scale cake, all parties have enough ammunition.   In the domestic distributor profits in the constant dilution of the situation, the second-hand car electric dealers became the eyes of many dealers life-saving straw. The main reason for the difficulty of forming a large-scale second-hand car dealer is the fragmentation of the vehicle source. The domestic second-hand car market is a typical "long tail market", in the traditional trading chain, but there is no one can gather these debris source of the link. And ...

Free to add photo tags "nice" using evaluation

Where did you get this? What's the brand for dinner? Every time you publish a new photo in a microblog or a micro-letter, you will receive such comments, as it is more clear and intuitive to add text tagging directly to the picture. "Nice" supports the freedom to add tags without having to make too many explanations, all the things you want to say are in the picture. Nice application screenshot "Nice" is a set of photography, image revision, sharing, social in one application, and Instagram very similar. The use of "nice" need to register, through QQ, micro-mail, micro-blog or mobile phone number to login, since it is the most important ...

How to make Internet of traditional enterprise software

Microsoft James Black, serif; Font-size:10.5pt "> in the author's personal more than 10 years of it practice, is a software product and service research and development of the old dog." I have experienced the first wave of the Internet, and now this is the golden age of IT technology development, whether traditional enterprise software, or Internet services, its development is particularly rapid. These two forces in parallel development, but also a slow convergence. This article mainly discusses the internet trend of enterprise software from the view of technology, content, demand and mode.

How will our shopping patterns change in the future?

In the next few decades, shopping may be different from the way it is now in local malls and supermarkets. You don't have to jump up and down the Delorean sports car to see how technology will continue to change every aspect of our lives, like the way we shop. Although some technologies have not been widely used today, they will certainly change the way people shop today.   So, is it using a virtual fitting room or a high-tech checkout and shopping cart? Let's look at how people go shopping in the future on weekends and vacations. Now ...

Gao, global vice president of News Corp: I didn't change careers.

Photo of Gao (Sina Science and Technology map) Special interview • Author/Zhang Yijun Gao has been in front of the media that he is a homeopathic people, do work to follow people, do the right thing, in fact he is a contrarian. Because Wu in the "Wind fly Dust" a sentence in the book: "I want to make Microsoft China Microsoft, but in Microsoft this huge giant ship formed under the highly bureaucratic system, it is too difficult!" Almost impossible! , he went to the then-perilous Microsoft, making Microsoft China become a possibility for Microsoft, a complex pang ...

Case-Reduce user thinking

Introduction QQ Space album personalized tool, can optimize the effect of photos, "> Text editing and so on." From the design of the use of innovative methods to minimize the user's thinking. Among them, through the special performance of the interface, make it easier for users to learn to use. In the use of the process, but also avoid the complex operation, reduce the threshold of use. • Positioning to understand user needs &m ...

The fan of the public security: "Three horses" with Taiwan, the internet How to do insurance?

In public Security's micro-trust account, you only need to spend 25 yuan to buy an aviation delay insurance. If the aircraft arrival time delay more than 2 hours, when you get off the plane, the air delay of the payment will be automatically in the red envelopes. In the past, insurance companies usually need to print the delay certificate from the airport, and then send the material, so this kind of insurance less people. Although there are already some insurance company's flight delay insurance can be automated claims online, but also need users to the aircraft after the delay to enter information on the Web page. Public security Design This product's core concept is to be able to achieve claims ...

Kodak: The yellow Giant Resurrection change body graphic printing little Giant

Absrtact: Along the garden-type Science park of Pudong Jinqiao in Shanghai, and across a small bridge, a recent resurrection of the former film Empire Kodak, its Chinese companies are located in the front of the building is not high in the No. 8th.   November 11, out of the 18-month bankruptcy protection period Kodak along the Shanghai Pudong Golden Bridge Garden-type technology park to walk in, across a small bridge, the recent resurrection of the former film Empire Kodak, its Chinese companies are located in the front of the building is not high 8th. November 11, out of the 18-month bankruptcy protection period of the Kodak company, ...

Dry! How to place and process pictures and videos in responsive web pages

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall @ Chen Zimu: Responsive Web Design, is a popular concept of web development, it is the use of flexible grid system, so that the display mode of the Web page can be accessed according to the screen size specifications and adaptive. By 2015, the number of users on the mobile side will grow from 800 million to 1.9 billion, which means that the current Web page we are designing for desktop browsers will have a very bad experience with their phones and tablets. ...

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