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Strategies for Developing blog marketing

Blog is the Web diary, English word for blog (Web log abbreviation). Blog This online diary content is usually open, they can publish their own online diary, can also read other people's online diary, so can be understood as a personal thoughts, ideas, knowledge, etc. on the Internet share. Blog marketing is to use the blog this network application form to carry out network marketing. The most common way to blog marketing is to invite more influential bloggers to participate in the company's various activities. Industry-related bloggers are often professionals, who are more likely than manufacturers to notice ...

Several common personal blog promotion and profit method summary

Intermediary Trading SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall believe that many people in the operating personal blog, blog can not only promote their own, promote products, but also a life record. Foreign already many people through the blog profit, but in the domestic blog profit is still more difficult.   Especially a common People's blog, How to grow up and gradually profitable? March 24 A5 Edition Chat event invites personal blogger Nong share some of the experience of her operation blog, blog promotion and blog profit model of some ideas. This paper ...

Wu Feng: Talking about blog Group building to promote their own website

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby front section has been using the blog group to promote its own website, before the promotion of some of the relevant articles, I am impatient, see a rough, see a few can not hold up the sleeves to open dry, recently a little harvest, combined with their predecessors and their promotional experience,   And everyone to share the next blog group to promote the experience. What is blog Group building? Blog Group Building Popular point is in the major portal site to create a blog, write soft text or reprint the main station article, and each blog and links to each other, and finally reached the promotion ...

On the Edge topic of blog website construction

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall as the product of WEB2.0, blog in the online development is very rapid, contact the network of people almost no" Bo ", from celebrity stars to grassroots people, are keen on the internet to establish their own network home. .

Xiangru: Cliché Blog Marketing

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall The market every day has the earth-shaking change, the traditional enterprise marketing, the Public relations department and the customer communication way has already been overturned, if can not promptly bring this kind of change into your enterprise, can only helplessly see oneself by the competitor to overtake.   No matter which industry you are in, blog is an important tool for successful marketing in the network age! Blog is the Web diary, English word for blog (WEB log abbreviation). The so-called Web diary content is usually open, you can publish their own network ...

Industry portal How to Do "blog" Cake

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall industry portal now gradually forms a kind of portal the elaboration development tendency, she is from the synthesis portal slowly splits out. Therefore, the industry portal if you want to do "blog" cake, can not follow the traditional Integrated Portal blog management model. Comprehensive portal should be a kind of mixed type, a bit like a big miscellaneous Hui, where there is content must be included. Moreover, many times also like to blindly pursue clicks or browse volume, playing some edge. C2CC is a successor, but looking at the overall situation, some industry portals can not ...

Kun: Blog Promotion tips How to promote the blog

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall according to the 24th China Internet Network Development Statistics report released by China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) in June 2009, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 338 million, and the usage rate of blogs reached 53.8%, that is to say, China currently has more than 180 million bloggers. With the popularity of blog applications, more and more bloggers are starting to ask: How to make their own blog to let more people know? How to promote your blog? And today ...

Sina Blog How to do keyword SEO optimization rankings to the home page

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall recently said that the seoer of SEO forum many times asked to blog how to do SEO optimization, how to blog keyword ranking to do the home page. In fact, Sina blog to do SEO optimization has advantages, but also disadvantages.   Today we come to the topic to see how Sina Blog is optimized.   SEO optimization Before we do, we must understand the risk of blog to do SEO: 1, the credibility of limited, suspected advertising content of the blog easy to be blocked, malicious report may be their own blog was blocked. 2 、...

How to make the blog healthy development

Absrtact: Years ago, the domestic internet crackdown, many personal sites (including independent blog) turned off, followed by the new network rules do not 1 million do not engage in forums, these negative factors make people feel that the development of China's independent blog is not optimistic. Still, but a year ago the domestic internet crackdown, a lot of personal sites (including independent blog) turned off, followed by the new network Rules "No 1 million do not engage in a forum", these disadvantages make people feel that China's independent blog development is not optimistic. However, in a different perspective, the development of society is always towards civilization ...

How to use Blog to promote hospital website

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Hospital website in the continuous improvement and growth, but last year, the professional version of Baidu after the online, Baidu bid Price is more and more high, some of the key words of the chicken, we use Baidu bidding feeling very not cost-effective, but in the hospital site do not do SEO can achieve very good results, how to do? This time, we can use the blog to ...

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