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Wu Feng: Use document sharing platform to promote your website

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall with the development of the Internet, the Internet more and more people, the face of a wide variety of network marketing advertising, mixed network time a little bit longer users can distinguish.   The user to the advertisement recognition unceasingly enhances, causes the marketing effect to be greatly reduced, at the same time urges the network marketing personnel to promote own marketing skill ability unceasingly, struggles for the new promotion pattern, in order to maintain the marketing effect maximization. Internet sharing concept of in-depth, document sharing platform such as the rise of rain bamboo shoots, through the document sharing platform to promote their own website, it is ...

Record 2014 Google I / O Conference

00:12:42 Sundar Pichai Podium After Playing a Video 00:13:54 Sundar Pichai appears to be hosting today's conference as head of Android and Chrome. 00:14:23 Pichai thanks the live video to developers around the world who watch the live broadcast over the internet. 00:16:22 Android currently has more than one billion users. 00:16:49 Global smartphone shipment reached 3 in the fourth quarter of last year

Quickly improve web site traffic Long tail document hands-on experience

Intermediary Trading SEO Diagnosis Taobao Cloud host technology Hall yesterday with you share the enterprise site how to dig long tail keyword, we all know that the light has a keyword is not enough, we need to carefully analyze the keywords dug out of a very valuable, attractive flow of long tail documents, valuable to import flow, Traffic can bring business. Now share the corporate web site long tail of several writing skills: first, set a long tail document writing plan, based on the knowledge of the market, digging out the words to do a sort ...

How to write a demand document that even the Ark is satisfied with?

Content index 1. A classic element of high quality requirements 1.1 assessment requirements: Target and Priority 1.2 refinement requirements: The use of smart Principles 2. Counter Example: Low quality demand 3. Practice: Make high quality demand by hand 3.1 example: Automatically tell mom, I'm almost home. 4. Summary: From good demand to good product = = ======================= 1. What is the classic element of a high quality requirement? One is that the demand itself is valuable, and the other is that demand is clearly articulated without omission. So...

Cloud Computing Week Jevin review: A document database of NoSQL database technology characteristics

The document database of NoSQL database technical characteristics Today's cloud computing practitioners are not unfamiliar with the term nosql, though many technicians have long been working on relational databases, but now they are looking forward to nosql technology. The transition from relational to NoSQL databases is definitely a big change to be considered for businesses. This involves not only the changes in software, but also the conceptual changes in data storage. Most non-relational databases have fast and scalable features. By discarding relational storage models and schemas, relationships ...

Non-Meng: Web site optimization Detailed ideas after the document to organize the feeling

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall non-Meng has not come to A5 for some time to publish the article, hehe. Although the regular work in the car to see some webmaster friends experience sharing, they just silently watching, attention, thinking, subconscious is also quietly growing. Optimization of detailed ideas outside the site it took nearly 5 afternoons to sort it out, learn from the network on the popular related common sense, but also some of the network is not uncommon professional data collation (quietly told you, there are books on the OH), but also into a number of non-Meng ...

Novice webmaster Share how to properly publicize the new station

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby front we have an article is embarrassing friend Wo webmaster Guodong wrote about the "Novice Webmaster Share Forum Early Operation experience" article, the main content of the article is a brief overview of a newly established interactive forum how to active forum members of the atmosphere, enhance the Forum member interaction, the major Home can go to see: below I will combine this article continued ...

Second Lesson notes: Search engine basics and working principles

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Everybody Good, I am specialized in the SEO, for several months has been in the maintenance and the Optimization massager list This website, and has summed up a lot of experience and knowledge from it.   Today to share is "search engine basics and work principle", this is the most basic concept, the first part: What is a search engine?   1, definition? Official definition: Search engine refers to a certain strategy, the use of special ...

SEO a little old experience to share with you

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall first lesson: What is the Google ranking technology? After my years of practice and research, in our commonly used dozens of of network promotion methods, Google search engine ranking is the most effective one. Since: 1. Google is the world's most users of the search engine; 2. The quality of the passenger flow through the search engine is very high, most of them are your potential customers; 3. Once you get a good ranking on Google, it will continue to bring you customers every day, 4. Only ...

Kai-fu Lee: Welcome to the era of cloud computing

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall along with the technology development, the ordinary Netizen uses the network the way also to change quietly. If you're going to turn on the computer, write down your travel plans for the next week in a word processing software, so you might try a new way of editing the document: Open the browser, go to the Google Docs page, create a new document, edit the content, and then share the URL of the document directly with your friend-yes, The entire travel plan is now condensed into a URL ...

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