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How can end users ' personal information be transferred from one cloud application to another?

The future is based on cloud applications. Soon, cloud applications will be able to use any device to access the Web browser and the Internet to replace legacy applications. But so many applications come from different providers, how can end users ' personal information be transferred from one cloud application to another? In the past PC era, computing was about the user, not the device. Cloud applications know what a user's cloud application is and how it is transmitted is crucial. For example, I should not type my personal information every time I log on to a different application, if I change an application's address or ...

Internet Healthcare (vi): How to open the Chi market for large data?

In Beijing 301 Hospital Computer Application and Management Section of the Deputy Director Zhakingli's desk, there is a pile of "Data query statistics application Form", there is to inquire "environmental factors on respiratory disease" related to the medical records, there are to be transferred allogeneic organ transplantation of the past cases, various inquiries need a wide variety. "There are more and more applications, and each request is different. To fetch the relevant data in our database, I must write a separate retrieval procedure for each application. "Zhakingli told NetEase Technology," feeling by hand processing more and more coping. Six months ago can return the results two or three days, now ...

Mao Wei, chairman of China Network: Internet makes large data service more meaningful

August 13 ~ 15th, 2013 China Internet Conference will be held in Beijing International Conference Center, the theme of this conference is "to build a good ecological environment, service a better network of life", the topic covers mobile internet, e-commerce, internet finance, large data, cloud computing, things networking, IPV6, innovative entrepreneurship and many other fields.  During the meeting, Mao Wei, chairman of the network was invited to receive the news and technology interview. Mao Wei said that because of the different features of mobile Internet access, the security threats are also different. Many mobile internet access sites are scanned via two-dimensional code, which is on the PC side ...

The fan of the public security: "Three horses" with Taiwan, the internet How to do insurance?

In public Security's micro-trust account, you only need to spend 25 yuan to buy an aviation delay insurance. If the aircraft arrival time delay more than 2 hours, when you get off the plane, the air delay of the payment will be automatically in the red envelopes. In the past, insurance companies usually need to print the delay certificate from the airport, and then send the material, so this kind of insurance less people. Although there are already some insurance company's flight delay insurance can be automated claims online, but also need users to the aircraft after the delay to enter information on the Web page. Public security Design This product's core concept is to be able to achieve claims ...

Data protection How to develop enterprise encryption Strategy (1)

End-to-end encryption policies must take into account everything from input to output and storage. Encryption technology is divided into five categories: file-level or folder-level encryption, volume or partition encryption, media-level encryption, field-level encryption and communication content encryption. They can be defined further by the encryption key storage mechanism. Let's take a look at the grim forecast: According to the US Privacy information exchange, One-third of the U.S. people will encounter the loss or leakage of personally identifiable information from companies that store data electronically this year. Whether that number is not exactly right, anyway the public knows the data leaks ...

Intel experts: Analysis and Challenges of cloud era large data

Intel anthropologist Genevieve Bell shared her research on big data, thinking deeply about possible changes to the future from big data, and exploring the implications of these big data phenomena in many different contexts. & ">nbsp; "For me, in this job, the data itself is not what makes me feel the most ...

Big data platform security construction plan sharing

With the country's strategic thinking of promoting big data to promote economic and social transformation and development, the construction of big data platform is now the focus of government informationization construction, and provincial governments rely on a strong information system to take the lead.

How to inherit the traditional data processing way in the enterprise

When Hadoop enters the enterprise, it must face the problem of how to address and respond to the traditional and mature it information architecture.   In the industry, how to deal with the original structured data is a difficult problem for enterprises to enter large data field. When Hadoop enters the enterprise, it must face the problem of how to address and respond to the traditional and mature it information architecture. In the past, MapReduce was mainly used to solve unstructured data such as log file analysis, Internet click Stream, Internet index, machine learning, financial analysis, scientific simulation, image storage and matrix calculation. But ...

Data analysis platform architecture under large data

With the development of the Internet, mobile Internet and IoT, no one can deny that we have actually ushered in a massive data era, data research company IDC expects 2011 total data will reach 1.8 trillion GB, the analysis of these massive data has become a very important and urgent demand. As an Internet data analysis company, we are "revolt" in the field of analysis of massive data. Over the years, with stringent business requirements and data pressures, we've tried almost every possible big data analysis method, and finally landed on the Hadoop platform ...

Internet insurance broke and legislation

When 20 years ago, when he started his agitated small town in Hangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang Province, hard to promote his own China Yellow Pages, he might not even think that one day his e-commerce platform will be trillion yuan in transactions, he will One of the largest fund companies in the future or owning a bank ... When Ma decided to introduce ICQ into China in 1998, he should have never imagined that in a country of more than one billion, there would be more than two-thirds People use their own products ... This is the power of the Internet. It is changing many people, many industries, but also changing the society, very ...

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