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Cloud computing-programmers back to the age of personal heroes

Once upon a time, those familiar with the name of the program hero gradually away from us. With the advent of Windows and the Internet era, the strength of the individual has become increasingly small. Just as we were beginning to believe that the era of singles was gone, cloud computing was born. Its powerful computing power, storage capabilities, and simple and efficient programming interfaces make it easy for a programmer to manipulate thousands of computers without having to worry about too much detail. The age of cloud computing seems to make us feel the personal hero of our time. The fading of the program Hero era WP ...

8 years experience in developing programmers talk

In China, many people think that IT behavior is to eat youthful food. If you are over 30 years old, it will be very hard for you to have the chance to develop. Actually, this is not the case. There are also 8 years of development work on .NET and JAVA Of the time, here next to rely on their own personal experience, to discuss with everyone. The purpose of a clear entry A lot of people doing IT this line directed at the "high income" this point, as long as you learn a little HTML, DIV + CSS, to be a page developer is not a difficult thing, but also a page open. .

Programmers need to constantly enrich their knowledge base

It technology development, new technology emerging, with good learning ability, timely access to new knowledge, at any time to supplement and enrich themselves, has become the core competitiveness of programmer career development.   In this paper, the author sums up the three key points to improve the learning ability of programmers in combination with years of learning experience. As we all know, now is an era of knowledge explosion, knowledge update very quickly. It is estimated that a university graduate learned knowledge, 2 years after graduation, the effective but the remaining 5%. For the software industry, this situation is more obvious, we rely on ...

Position of the programmer

"There are very few people who can be real artists in computer programming, and most people are just painters of houses," he said. Tim Bryce, a management consultant ——— Tim Bryce, doesn't like programmers, and many programmers don't like him. (Note: Tim Bryce once published an article called "P Theory: the Philosophy of managing programmers.")   The following is Bryce's view of programmers: Programmers are people who like to be mysterious and arrogant. If with ...

How much investment does the enterprise need to carry out network marketing

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall to do the website more than 10 years, for how many enterprise service, has not remembered clearly, but the memory enterprise can produce the benefit but is very small, succeeds or is unsuccessful, actually only sees a little, is your investment.   Investment is more than money, and the boss's attention, whether projected here, he did not have some enthusiasm to come here. Listen to Changsha four star environmental protection boss lectures, in order to do network marketing, he set up four companies, built eight or nine websites, in Baidu 、...

Entrepreneurship and Investment: the eternal topic of entrepreneurship how to make capital fall in love with you

Entrepreneurship and Investment: the eternal topic of entrepreneurship, how to let the capital fall in love with you news technology 2013 China Internet entrepreneur Conference May 11 in Beijing. The theme of this session, "embracing the mobile internet in a comprehensive way", includes nearly 50 high-end guest speeches and round-table forums.   News and science and technology to the General Assembly of the whole report. The following is the theme "Entrepreneurship and Investment: the eternal topic of entrepreneurship, how to let the capital fall in love with you?" "Roundtable Forum: Li Mingshun: Please take a seat, the last link to me, discuz! Webmaster Annual Meeting this year is eight.

A non-grassroots webmaster's 10-year life Road

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Everybody Good, in Admin5 saw so many grassroots webmaster articles, quite let people moved, I also write to write my own bar, and we exchange, do not know what name, as if the grassroots is my only feature, because relative to everyone's not easy,   It seems that my road seems to be much easier, but I have been to find their own more or less trouble just, so called the 10 years of non-grassroots webmaster! The following are my real experience, so it should be a little interesting, this is my first time ...

Why Apple Swift language will rapidly spread

According to foreign media reports, "Connection" magazine recently wrote an analysis of Apple's new programming language Swift many advantages. The article said that because the language is easy to use, absorbing the strengths of compiled and interpreted languages, and backed by many Apple products, the popularity of Swift makes other languages ​​unmatched. According to foreign media reports, "Wired" magazine recently wrote an analysis of Apple's new programming language Swift many advantages. The article said that because of the language easy to get started ...

18 years process development experience Summary

Originally the title wanted to write "18 years of development experience summary", but I think my development career is not over, how to sum up. Moreover, some personal accumulation and views are not necessarily correct, so it is more appropriate to make a summary, the meaning of their own needs to continue to accumulate progress. This article mainly discusses a few personal experience, these content may be only a part of my own problems, I believe that some other programmers have encountered or faced. Before seeing these questions also thought about, words reply, now to summarize the way to write out, is to oneself 18 years experience ...

Where is the programmer's way out?

In the choice of career, there is a problem many people will ask, what is the way out of this profession? If you want to know why, you must first figure out what you want. For programmers in this profession, if you want money, a lot of money, programmers have no way out; programmers are busier and have no rules, and working overtime is likely, if you want a casual life, programmers have no way out; programmers sit in front of the computer every day and work is sitting, if you want to be with people, And can't sit, programmers have no way out, writing programs is very logical ...

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