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Dual-line Intelligent DNS Server Setup Guide

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall DNS several basic concepts domain name space: refers to the Internet all host's unique and the relatively friendly host name composition space, is the DSN naming system at one level logical tree structure.   Each machine can use its own domain namespace to create a private network that is not visible on the Internet.   DNS server: The computer on which the DNS service program runs, with a DNS database on the results of the DNS domain tree. DNS client: Also known as parsing ...

Hosts native DNS domain name resolution let all domain Names "belong" to You

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Everybody knows, a domain name is belong to others after the registration, other people want how to parse on how to resolve, we are unable to control, but some friends often ask me what is the domain name hijacking, what is the reverse analysis, This makes me feel that a lot of people still do not understand how domain name is resolved. Through this article, you can easily realize such as Baidu's Web site can visit your own site, of course, this is just a simulation, designed to let everyone understand how the domain name analysis is going on, we do not do bad ah, hehe. ...

Domain name hijacking technology hosts native DNS domain name resolution

Domain name hijacking is the hijacking of the network to intercept the domain name resolution request, analysis of the requested domain name, the scope of the review to release the request, otherwise direct return of the false IP address or do not make the request to lose the response, the effect is on a specific Web site can not access or access is a fake URL. Domain name resolution (DNS) is the basic principle of the network address (domain name, in the form of a string, such as to the real computer can recognize the network address (IP address, such as ...)

Secure Cloud Gateway: Using the Internet to combat cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are in the same way as the Internet, using Domain Name System (DNS) to distribute malware, control botnets, and collect login information.   With the increase in cloud computing services, BYOD and telecommuting, the attack surface has gone beyond the traditional corporate network boundaries. This diversity of devices and networks creates an environment in which businesses must accommodate any device roaming anywhere. However, the current security platform cannot cope with this situation. This spawned a new network security platform: Security Cloud Gateway (secure Cloud GATEWAY,SCG), ...

What measures can affect the speed of Web page loading?

Absrtact: From the beginning I know SEO these years, basically all of the SEO activities are based on the front-end, from header to body, from small tags to CSS, from the link to the keyword density; early cow people diagnose a website SEO standard is also starting from the front page, not from the beginning I know SEO these years, Basically all of the SEO activities are based on the front-end, from header to body, from small tags to CSS, from the link to the keyword density; early cow people diagnose a website SEO logo ...

Cloud Architecture: Expand Cloud vision, landing large data

Dong Xin: Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, welcome to the Hello Cloud architecture of the sub-forum, I am sure that many of you have participated in the morning meeting this afternoon in the Cloud Architecture forum, where they sat together to discuss how to put the cloud's vision, how to put the big data to the final landing, how to make our calculation , our storage, our network, can be better integrated and played in the era of cloud application architecture change. So we are also very happy today to invite experts in the industry, corporate executives, including our customers and our partners, so here I also represent super ...

Teach you how to analyze your competitors

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall today to introduce the system, how to analyze the situation of competitors, first let us take a well-known weight loss site , the skinny men and women make an example.   In this hope that the slim men and women web site better. First, the website diagnoses 1, the website history: Domain name registration time, domain name expiration time, domain name registration organization, domain name registration person ...

How do I access open source cloud storage with the Java platform?

While the term cloud computing is not new (Amazon started providing its cloud services in 2006), it has been a real buzzword since 2008, when cloud services from Google and Amazon gained public attention. Google's app engine enables users to build and host Web applications on Google's infrastructure. Together with S3,amazonweb services also includes elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) calculation ...

Establishment and operation of regional information station

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall construction website before the market analysis: The General stationmaster, is not the network constructs the station the expert, this causes the same construction station, the different result. So, have a good idea, for it to pay action (this I do not doubt like my webmaster), sincerely said: "Do not do the market before the station analysis, the final results can be imagined." Perhaps a lot of webmaster will say, I saw some aspect of the network is blank, is the hands of the late, depressed or regret ah. I think: there is nothing, a valuable site in the service ...

Windows Azure Web site starts offering traffic manager services

Azure traffic Manager has been available for some time, which is an effective way to manage sites across multiple areas. You can route visitors to areas where you can provide the best performance, route visitors to secondary zones when there is a problem in the primary zone, or distribute the user load evenly across multiple Web site replicas hosted in different zones. Recently, ">azure website Open ...

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