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Java EE VS. NET platform: Java EE architecture

and "". NET platform, Sun's standard-defined Java EE architecture has little room to discuss because there is nothing to discuss. If one is aware of a specific developer's product, such as the IBM WebSphere, then you will see that the biggest part of its technology is websphere-specific. Compare all developers to Java EE specific improvement, has ...

Attention: Java programming status unshakeable 12 reasons

Twelve Reasons Why Java Is Unshakable A Today, the technology that once was masked and defaced by various new technologies among programmers is something to remember. Just as the language of COBOL, which was revered as an artifact by the old programmers, is of little value today. And Java as the backbone of modern programmers at this point may be the next COBOL. How many books on JAVA technology is already a long-term memory. The use of the Java language now in middle age no longer appears on the covers of various magazines. JAVA from the ...

Java programmers master the system knowledge of the CPU

Last year in the investigation of a lot of java applications, see some of the phenomenon is the programmer to run on their own environment to read the program rarely lead to troubleshooting problems will be more frustrating, so think of writing this series of articles, procedures To provide functionality to end-users, the code is only one part of it, and it needs to be relied on for jvm, os, server hardware, networking, load balancing, etc. In this series of articles, Several parts, more is only a science role, because os I use are linux, this series ...

Ten effective ways to be a good programmer "> A great programmer looks at both sides as he crosses a one-way street. As a software programmer in the IT industry, The hard work that drives us day after day comes from our interest and passion for programming, but for programming to always be fun, we must learn to stick to some of the basics of becoming good programmers and I'm not writing Some spells, you can follow the implementation of ...

Java founder James Gosling joined Cloud computing start-up company

After only a few months of joining Google, Java founder James Gosling chose to leave the search engine giant and join the unmanned marine equipment maker and cloud data service provider Liquid Robotics. And as Liquid robotics Chief Software architect. On James Gosling's blog He did not show any dissatisfaction with Google. He was also surprised by his choice to leave Google. "My time at Google was very open ..." he said.

We should learn a little bit of technical programmer first step to get started

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall to do a site for a year, from the beginning of the feeling excited to the present insipid." Recently more and more feel no technology simple to do the site is not much of a future, I hope that the webmaster after reading this article I can see the time of their daily background statistics and in Baidu site of their own time to learn a language, not ...

IntelliJ Idea 10 Publish the Java Language Development integration environment

Idea full Name IntelliJ is an integrated environment for Java language development, and IntelliJ is recognized as one of the best Java development tools in the industry, especially in smart Code assistants, code automation prompts, refactoring, Java EE support, Ant, JUnit, CVS consolidation, code review , innovative GUI design functions can be said to be extraordinary. Idea is the product of JetBrains, a company headquartered in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, where developers are dominated by rigorous, well-known Eastern European programmers. ...

58 the same city open source Lightweight Java web Framework Argo

58 the same city open source Lightweight Java Web Framework Argo published 21 hours ago | Times Read | SOURCE csdn| 0 Reviews | The author Zhang Hong month open source 58 the same City Java framework Summary: 58 with the city open source its Lightweight Java web Framework--argo,argo originated with 58 of the city's internal Web framework WF (Web framework). WF currently supports nearly all 58 of the city's web sites. The developers ' response to the open source was very strong, almost 90 times a day.

Legendary programmer: 8-Year-old write game alone development earn 100 million dollars

By the beginning of 2013, the number of registered users of Minecraft had been numerous, and paid subscribers had exceeded more than 90 million.  The mobile version of Minecraft was released in October 2011 and is still ranked top three in the app Store's paid applications. This is now being consecrated by more and more people, and let countless people deeply addicted to the game originally but almost by Markus Persson a person independently developed, and real name, his nickname on the Internet notch undoubtedly more famous, many people see him as a stand-alone game to develop the great God and ...

Thoughts on recruiting Java software engineers in Beijing IT company

& ">nbsp; In today's society, no matter what professional needs a continuous learning link, software engineers are the same. Although the work of a software engineer is different from that of a programmer, the predecessor of a software engineer must be a good programmer, and software development tools and development techniques are evolving. What students can learn in school is difficult to keep pace with the needs of development, but can not say that those things completely ...

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