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MeeGo: Open source Linux Developer

With the release of the MeeGo Linux platform for the fusion of Intel Moblin and Nokia Maemo, the two companies want to improve the unity of the ecosystem, win cooperation, and develop MeeGo into an industry-standard mobile Linux platform that supports a wide range of terminal equipment and processor platforms.   Intel and Nokia have collaborated with the Linux Foundation to build a broader camp to keep manufacturers neutral. March, Intel released the first version of the Meego operating system development version to the developer, with one version for configuration ...

Cloud computing with Linux thin clients--Linux based cloud computing system benefits users and the environment

Explore cloud computing from a linux® perspective and discover some of the most innovative and popular linux-based solutions-paying particular attention to choices that can bring environmental benefits. We have discussed cloud computing from a variety of perspectives in a number of contexts. For embedded Linux engineers and enthusiasts, cloud ...

OS X achieved greater success than Linux

Wired magazine recently published an article named Clint Finley (Klint Finley) explaining how Apple "killed" the Linux desktop. The article points out that the real reason for Linux failure is that developers are turning to OS X, and the reason for this is that the toolkit used to develop Linux applications is not doing well enough to ensure backwards compatibility between different versions of the application Interface (API). More importantly, developers are turning to the web for development work. The following is the full text of this article: it is difficult to ...

Microsoft announces Linux OS for Azure cloud services

After years of fighting Linux as a threat, Microsoft now offers Linux based operating systems in its Windows Azure cloud service. The Linux service will be available on the Azure platform at 4 a.m. (Beijing time Thursday 17 o'clock) in the eastern time of the United States. At this time, the Azure portal will provide many Linux release software, including SuSE Linux Enterprise Server SP2, OpenSuse 12.01, CentOS ...

SaaS is the target of Linux now

When I read another article about people's problems in using unity, I thought to myself: when we are worried about how the desktop interface should be designed, are we putting our focus where we shouldn't be? Shouldn't we be looking at the application ecosystem for the development community? In other words, is it because the rapid development of software as a service (SaaS) has led the development community to claim that the field is "settled"? I mean the article is Bruce Byfield published in ...

Red Hat Open Source cloud: Linux, virtualization, storage and large data

At the end of March, Red Hat released its fiscal year 2012 and full-year earnings for the year ended February 29, 2012. Red Hat's total revenue for fiscal year 2012 was 1.13 billion dollars, according to earnings reports. At this point, Red Hat has become the first IT industry revenue more than 1 billion dollars of open source solution vendors. How does Red Hat do three years 1 billion? What are the new trends in red Hat in the past 2012 years? What are the plans for the future? Core Linux business and virtualization this May, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux has been unveiled for 10 years. May 2002, Red Hat launched the first enterprise Linux ...

Software Developer Payroll Survey

Today, software development is an important career in the Internet age, and at the end of 2012, CSDN and Programmer magazine launched the annual "Software developer Payroll survey." In the survey we can see: ① monthly salary 5k-10k developers occupy most; ② Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Guangzhou belong to the hinterland of the programmer. ③ Top 3 Industries: Internet, games, defense/Army; ④ the most lucrative four programming languages are: C, C + +, Python, C; ⑤ causes developers to switch jobs ...

Wisdom of the Earth: Based on Linux, the use of "cloud computing" to build the entire social ERP

At the end of last year, Palmisano proposed IBM's new global Strategy: Smarter Planet, "the Earth of Wisdom". Recently, in the "open source China, open source World" summit forum and round Table, IBM Greater China Chief technology officer, China Research Institute Dean Li again to the wisdom of the Earth published his own views. Li that, with another more obvious explanation to explain "wisdom of the Earth", is to establish the whole society of ERP. ERP is Enterprise Resource calculates.

Linux virtual machines supported on Windows Azure

Hello everyone. I am honored to write about the Windows ">azure engineers so that our partners and customers in Windows The work done on Azure running and managing Linux workloads. Now you may hear that the preview version of the new virtual machine currently has the ability to make Linux virtual machines like Windows Server in Windows A ...

Practical Linux User account cleaning and security methods

Security is a huge and challenging subject, but everyone who works on the server side should know the basic steps. Cameron outlines some ways to keep your user account clean and secure. Security is a big problem. It's not going to be the same, and it's hard to know how much it needs to scale: if you're not careful, when your boss really wants to keep the doorman from seeing his annual budget, you finally believe that he needs to understand the benefits of security. No matter how challenging it is to keep up with trends in all aspects of computing security, there are several areas that are already sufficient ...

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