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Facebook announces open source hack: Programming languages that support 1.2 billion of people worldwide

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall hack language is a programming language designed by the Irish engineer Bryan O ' Sullivan,julien Verlaguet and Alok Menghrajani in the past few years, and other languages   Different, hack can detect problems before the system crashes. By working with other social network internal engineers, hack is further refined, allowing programmers to maintain faster programming while building complex code ...

Facebook expert: Hadoop is not enough to handle large data

With the development and application of large data in various business areas, relevant technologies and tools are emerging, in which the Hadoop framework receives more attention and application. "Don't underestimate the value of relational database technology," says Ken Rudin, a Facebook analyst, who recently delivered a keynote address at a strata+hadoop World Congress in New York.   He argues that the Hadoop programming framework may be synonymous with the "Big data" movement, but it is not the only tool for an enterprise to gain value from unstructured information stored on a large scale. There are a lot of ...

Facebook data expert: processing large data, only Hadoop is not enough

There are a lot of popular ideas about big data that need to be questioned, first and foremost that you can simply use Hadoop and that Hadoop is easy to use. The problem is that Hadoop is a technology, and big data and technology are irrelevant. Large data is related to business requirements.   In fact, large data should include Hadoop and relational databases, as well as any other technology appropriate to our task at hand. Rudin says Facebook's business model relies on its handling of user information and activity data for more than 1 billion social media users ...

Fortinet: Mobile grey software increases by 30% in 6 months

Fortinet's Fortiguard threat Research and Response Lab (Fortiguard Labs) released the latest security threat reports, including a security threat trend for the first half of 2013, and recommended that a timely patch be necessary to avoid an attack. The grey software for mobile devices has been observed in the Fortiguard labs that over the past 6 months, the number of gray software for mobile phones has increased by 30%. Now see more than 1300 new samples per day and are currently tracking more than 300 Android grey soft ...

Layman's It

The computer came into my life very early. However, I have always wandered as a layman: neither a computer education nor an IT industry. Think of yourself these years in the front of the door dangling, leaving and gathering, quite sentimental. The first time close contact with primary school, the family put a Lenovo "Qin" computer. Its domineering side leaky speaker, incomparable pull the wind microphone, mysterious remote control, all shook my heart. Then the little boy would spend an afternoon studying the difference between the left and right keys and the function of the "Start" menu. In junior high School, the game became synonymous with computers. I'm buying Volkswagen software at the newsstand ...

On several databases used in the work

Several years of work down, also used several kinds of database, accurate point is "database management system", relational database, there are nosql. Relational database: 1.MySQL: Open source, high performance, low cost, high reliability (these features tend to make him the preferred database for many companies and projects), for a large scale Web application, we are familiar with such as Wikipedia, Google, and Facebook are the use of MySQL. But the current Oracle takeover of MySQL may give us the prospect of using MySQL for free ...

Top 10 data mining tools most needed for big data

The following small series summarizes 10 best data mining tools for everyone, which can help you analyze big data from various angles and make correct business decisions through data.

Technology industry Ten outdated skills: SEO, COBOL language, etc. in the column

According to foreign media reports, if you want to understand the technology industry's most scarce skills, you can easily find the relevant information. If you want to know the programming skills most favored by your boss, you can find the answer soon. But do you know what technology and expertise is no longer popular? Do you know what core competencies have been lit up by a red light? Technical Talent Recruitment company DICE the survey report on 1100 technical positions allows us to glimpse. Based on the dice company's investigation and other findings, including an informal conversation with a VP of engineering who participates in the recruitment decision, we list ...

How do product managers deal with programmers

People often ask me, "Hi, Fejer!" How do you write Alibaba's demand document? "But rarely hears people talk:" Hey, buddy Hello! How does the product manager deal with programmers? "You went back a little and pondered, in the heart will get the following three kinds of conditions: 1 Many product managers are programmers before, so very understanding of what the programmer is a state; 2 Many product managers still stay focused on their own product planning, design itself, lack of thinking about teamwork; 3. Many product managers, Actually have to deal with the practical skills of programmers, experience, but not ...

10 things you need to do from primary to intermediate

Justin James has published a blog post "Tips for advancing from a beginner to a intermediate developer", and we share how to complete the programmer from the beginning to the intermediate transformation, Here translated a turn, hope to help you. In a message exchanged with TechRepublic members, he mentioned blogs, articles and magazines for programmers ...

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