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Chinese entrepreneur Lin and his business empire behind the French plane crash

Lin and his business empire reporter Liu low-key husband and wife file "mention of the Cypress group, giving people the first feeling is to start early and low-key, and then there is a looming government background." "said a person in the Kunming property circle. Founded in 1995, the Cypress group, the first time in Kunming has a greater influence of the action is the 1998 took over Kunming's first old project-three street block Old City renovation. "It is Kunming's first Old City renovation project, Kunming Local Housing enterprises in the demolition difficult, high cost, long investment cycle of the reality, no one dared to take over, the establishment of the 3-Year-old Cypress Group at this time ...

Dangdang is low-key to build an open platform for electric business service providers

Dangdang is low-key to build an open platform for electric business service provider, and is expected to be officially launched in October this year. Although when the seller service platform does not have the product on-line, but the basic structure prototype is visible.   According to the current when the Seller Service Platform division, including shop decoration, data analysis, store management, marketing tools, business training, operating services, wireless applications, such as a number of main categories. 2, domestic retail enterprises aiming fast fashion suning lindex cooperation Suning and Sweden's international famous fast fashion brand Lindex signed strategic cooperation ...

Haier Cloud community: go into the future

You may have heard of the world's richest man Bill Gates spent more than 100 million dollars over seven years of that super smart mansion, perhaps seen the Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster "Iron Man" super rich in the future smart mansion life, in those fantastic homes, all life is so magical, technology everywhere, you only need to gently say a command,   or touch with your fingers, the work you want to accomplish will be done quickly, and the information and images you want will be quickly presented to you. Like this, when you want to go to the kitchen, but can not put on the hit ...

Re-build the Bund

Waitan has become a construction site. "This transformation is a very good transition, it will give Waitan a lot of opportunities to make this place more interesting." Alan Hepburn, Executive director of Waitan 3rd, said to Caijing weekly, "We look forward to a year or 1.5 later, this will become an Asian business center, and we will be part of the business center."  "His office east has an arc sofa, backed by the French window, through the window can see the Huangpu River and downstairs Waitan renovation construction site." At this time ...

Shushan Electric Business Park will build "executive apartments"

It is not far from Hefei to produce a "> notebook computer, an industrial park with boutique apartments and cafes."   Reporter recently from Hefei through open area and Shushan District learned Lenovo Base and Shushan Electric Business Park latest progress. In Hefei Lian Bao (Lenovo and Ren Bao Joint investment) industrial base, the company president Zhang Mingzhi with reporters walked the assembly line, and introduced a patent for the preparation of automatic heat engine equipment. "Hefei ...

Case Study of Dingdao Division fourth: the operation of group buying website

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall since the United States Groupon Group purchase website, the domestic group buys the website to start, for a time becomes prairie. To discuss the 2010 Internet which application is the most fire, not micro-bo mo genus; that is to ask 2010 Internet which kind of website is the most fire, that must be group buying website.   Today, Dingdao division selected the United States Group Network, A5 Group purchase, group robbery nets three different categories of group buying site as a case, and we discuss the analysis of group buying website Operation Way. American group Net-buy once a day, fine consumer Guide ...

How to pick the right product

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall on Sina Weibo, At any time can see a number of new home purchase site is playing its current special purchase of goods, especially in the last six months, the number of new group buying network is really countless, even can be used to describe, this for netizens, but also a good news, because these sites always try to please netizens. I ...

How to choose the product?

On Sina Weibo, at any time can see a number of new home purchase site is playing its current special purchase of goods, especially in the last six months, the number of new group buying network is really countless, even can be used to describe, this for netizens, but also a good news, because these sites always try to please netizens ... I have also been in different group buying site to participate in the group, the reason is only two, the first I need this thing, just he is cheap, the second price is too favorable, the feeling is lower than the cost, so that is to rob the first, after the use of their own or changed hands ...

Community electricity quotient contains two layers of meaning, namely Community electronic commerce and community-electronic commerce

The Community electricity quotient contains two layers meaning, namely community electronic commerce and community electronic commerce. Community e-commerce is based on the community on the basis of E-commerce, and the community of E-commerce, is around the platform of E-commerce How to study the E-commerce to do the community. From the mainstream direction, internet business in the future two development direction, one is community, one is large-scale. The community is vertical and the scale is horizontal. and the community electric quotient of these two characteristics (traditional electric trader only solves the scale problem), the electronic commerce solves the area limit the scale question to represent is the line (...)

CADISPA hot Spring machine newlyweds essential things

"How come Liguang didn't love to play with us lately?"  "This is every one with Liguang very familiar with the problem found, originally very like sauna hot springs, he recently unexpectedly frequently absent."  In fact, this secret weapon is CADISPA hot spring machine. Like Liguang, modern fast-paced life, so that everyone's life pressure is very high, all need a good bath spa physiotherapy to restore and health to build.  But how do you get a good physical bath at home? The problem has plagued industry experts, many investors and consumers. When the CADISPA hot spring machine appeared ...

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