How To Build A Station

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What to pay attention to when a novice builds a station

After working long hours, you will start to worry. When other people's money machine, there is no sense of self struggle. Look at the friends around the basic has been successful, and their own still muddle, so decided to build their own web site-clothing collocation network. Once I have done the site, is a little experience, so-so earn some money, but compared with the master is just bucket. In the near stage, always appear in Webmaster Forum and Friends exchange experience, share ideas, after some time also have some popularity. Forum Many friends will ask me how to build a station and skills, see the novice ...

How to deal with the newly established website

I recently made a new website, the process of doing the site to write down and the new students to share, the master will not laugh at the HA ~ 1. Website space and domain name I use to support the space of PHP, generally 500M or 300M of space, space size is not very important, important is the speed of the site. New students do not have to save dozens of dollars to buy a broken space, then some of you annoying.   Stable space is a basic condition for a website to survive. 2. Website use of the program and template I used to use is Dede and ECMs, the first station ...

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