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First-time online shopping allows you to enjoy the concessions, the banks to play a "discount war"

How to buy more affordable online shopping recently?   The reporter learned from Alipay today, there have been Merchants Bank (600036, shares bar), Ping An bank, Shanghai agricultural firm, Jiangsu Bank and other more than 10 banks to join the network to buy "Discount war", users on the Internet as long as the first use of the relevant bank card fast payment, you can enjoy 90 percent to 85 percent concessions. In the past, many banks ' credit cards have launched offline consumption discounts, but online consumption is also a bank discount, which is new to many users. Today, when the reporter logged in taobao and the cat, they found that the recent shopping discount activities ...

In the choice of online home appliances, must be aware of the additional charges in advance

"Originally is the figure price has the advantage to buy an air-conditioner on the internet, did not expect to send home in unexpectedly open to 300 yuan installation fee." The depressed Mr. Yuan finally paid 50 yuan of freight to return the air conditioner back. To this, the consumer association reminds, in the choice net buys the home appliance, must understand beforehand the commodity installation fee, the return fee and so on additional charge item. "Our neighbors in the mall to buy air-conditioning, people are free to send home to install free of charge, how to buy the air-conditioning on the internet but to charge before installation?" "Live in the wrong Port Ridge two road, Mr. Yuan introduced, a few days ago, son in Jingdong Mall to him and his wife to buy a ...

Carrefour shelves have never expired food cakes just expired and was produced

Nanan District, a member of the public from the Carrefour supermarket through the newspaper pictures of Chen Yi Feng photo without the "beef paste", "lean meat Fine", "Lemon Yellow", "Sudan Red" and other food additives, our food environment is safe? April 30 this year, Hangzhou, Ms. Huang in Hangzhou Carrefour Chung Jin Dian shopping, "Yi?" How to buy the food production date is May 1, 2011? "She puzzled behind, may inadvertently reveal a supermarket food production date of a truth: after the casual modification of the distributor, Ms. Huang may buy any production date in the supermarket products, however, the city ...

Shop Sale Problem Food trading platform should bear joint and several liability, and first pay

Absrtact: How to buy food online, there is no provision in the current food safety law. On the basis of the revised draft Food Safety Act, which was tabled at the Nineth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee yesterday, the third party platform for network food trading has not complied with the rules on how to buy food online, and there is no provision in the current food safety law. According to the revised draft Food safety law, which was tabled at the Nineth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee yesterday, the third party platform of Network food trade, if it fails to fulfill the stipulated obligation, causes the consumer's legitimate rights and interests to be infringed, shall bear joint and several liability, and first ...

International Children's Book Day, do you know how to pick a book for a child?

Every year April 2 is "International Children's Book Day", How to buy books for children, what kind of books for children is parents have been concerned about. March 31 afternoon, the reporter visited the Anqing Library Children's branch to seek answers. According to the reporter understands, some parents because of the child each growth stage characteristic lacks the understanding, in helps the child to choose the book the question to be very confused, also has a class of parents because of the eager for the child, blindly to elevate, buys the children not suitable for its age to read the book. In this regard, Jiangxiangming, director of Children's Department, said that according to the different age of children's growth characteristics and children's ...

How to choose infant care Products

Lend you a pair of eyes baby skin delicate, need more meticulous care. How to choose safe and green baby care products, the mother is very concerned about the topic. In response to the recent exposure of Johnson baby bath products contain carcinogenic formaldehyde problem, some experts said: because Johnson's product use of preservatives is quaternary ammonium salts preservatives.  These preservatives belong to the formaldehyde release system preservative: Formaldehyde preservative principle is formaldehyde can make protein denaturation, destroy protein structure, and then kill bacteria and fungi and reproductive body. In fact, toiletries contain preservatives, inappropriate preservatives will be to people ...

Free eggs every day send hold not live to rob

Eggs, rich in nutrients, have been the most important source of protein intake for humans and one of the most common food ingredients on the public table. However, do you really understand the nutrition of eggs? Do you know how to buy eggs correctly? Do you know how to eat eggs healthier and more delicious? Apart from eating, what are the magical uses of eggs? The most comprehensive and professional egg Micro Encyclopedia, in China's largest egg brand de Qing source official micro-blog ( Not only that, now join the fan group, and forwarding blog, you can get de green source of exemption ...

How do you buy TV today? Zealer category Shopping guide Popular Science video

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > How to Buy TV today? What is 4K TV? What do you pay attention to when you buy TV? 3D intelligence is not so important? Do not buy the biggest, only buy the most appropriate is the vast majority of consumers should fancy. From Zealer China produced by the type of popular science evaluation video will reveal your answer ... Related reading: The history of television evolution-TV is changing, but watching TV together ...

Cell phone battery behind those things-charging not so many rules, children's shoes love how to use it!!

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > now smart phones are very developed, and battery capacity is increasingly affecting the use of mobile phones, but now the market power is uneven, do you know your battery? Do you know how to buy mobile power? "The things behind the cell phone" by Zealer

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