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Shrimp Wang Hao: how do I venture in the hardest industry to carry out the music in the end?

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Lobby I black Horse Note: Wang Hao is the CEO of shrimp, but also China's earliest and most determined digital music pay advocates and executives.   This is the 12 floor of Block B to Wang Hao's interview, in this article he shared his own entrepreneurial journey: How to change from the code farmers to the CEO, shrimp is how to solve a problem to have the present achievements.   Part 1: From the code farmers to the founder of the 12 floor King Hao Hello, welcome to participate in our sharing. Wang Hao everyone good, I am Wang Hao. ...

Approaching Zhongguancun "grassroots": getting out of an entrepreneur in a café

In Zhongguancun has such a café, an area of 800 square meters, decoration style and ordinary cafes and no different. It's just that there's no affectionate couple, no loud talk, just plain-looking entrepreneurs holding their laptops down, or 32 whispering in groups--starting out as the only theme here. This is the garage coffee. Here not only to the modulation of delicious coffee, but also the modulation of the dream of grassroots entrepreneurs. These ordinary people here are weaving their own extraordinary dreams. Service entrepreneurship, Link capital Su-Su Zheng, the founder of a recreational garage coffee.

A bupt two-month net life

Transferred from Bupt Forum Sender: Caolixiang (mu Jean), letter area: Worklife title: My two months of life in net 7.4 (end) Letter Station: Bupt Forum (Fri June 24 23:44:42 2011), Station PS: Update has ended, all posts   The child has also been integrated.   To: Mom and Dad, Zhang, Zhang and my friends. __________________________...

For different needs, Blue ocean communication provides two kinds of products and service delivery mode

In fact, for the different needs of enterprise users in the application management solution deployment and delivery model, Blue Ocean provides two product and service delivery modes: The traditional software licensing model (Blueware) and the Cloud based SaaS model (ONEAPM). Blueware mainly for traditional large enterprises, while ONEAPM mainly for Internet enterprise developers. With ONEAPM, developers can increase development speed, release applications faster, and pinpoint bottlenecks in the usage experience. According to the introduction of Blue Ocean News, ONEAPM ...

Design for Reading

With a growing number of Web fonts, paid Web font services, and off-the-shelf tools, typography takes back its title as the Queen of Design and is the key to all graphics and web design. Today, many designers in the design of typesetting, the main consideration is essentially aesthetic issues. The problem is that we are used to treating typography and font design as two interchangeable terms, but actually they are different. Take a quick look at the label "typography" on the dribbble and see the trend immediately. The perfect use of the temptation of font design will affect our trial ...

Take the Web site with Chinese characteristics to reconstruct the road

After the team's CSS3.0 Chinese handbook in the domestic starting, the recent popular everywhere blowing HTML5.0 and CSS3.0 spring Breeze; It seems that in this browser to ridicule each other in the era, the achievements of a lot of industry gossip topic. Years ago, Google's Chrome team came to the company to do the related exchanges, the company asked me to do a preliminary discussion plan. So I thought about it, and it said three points: Chrome for more than 12px font size support Chrome's developer tools are integrated, but less flexible than firebug ...

Cloud Computing Week Jevin review: Sweep 18 major databases

Sweep 18 Major databases: 12 species of sql+6 nosql remember that two or three years ago there were only a few cloud platform vendors to choose from, it seems that there is not much cloud database in the market. But after the cloud boomed, the cloud database also appeared to be springing up. And what is really reliable and easy to use, for users, and bad analysis. So, this paper analyzes the usability and application direction of 18 kinds of databases (note that the Management database service is not the database instance that still requires user management and implementation). There are still deficiencies, I hope to hear more ...

How to analyze a competitor's website before making a website

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in the overall operation of the site, we need to constantly study some new industries and observe their website. Cut into a new industry, how to analyze the competitor's website, learn from each other useful knowledge, build their own website competition strategy.   How to dig more useful things from the view of the site, find the difference in the operation of the website, this is the problem we have to think about.   General analysis of the operation of the website, from the following aspects to carry out: first, the market. 1.

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