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Create professional visual effects with color

I saw this article last week. The use of color is important both in the website and in the communication of all aspects of the work. Good color can make users more comfortable, more enjoyable, while creating a better atmosphere. But at the same time many problems need to be solved in the product design process, Otherwise, it will be left to the visual design and can not be solved. This article tells a lot of basic theory and specific methodology, especially like this kind of article, translated ... PS: The article is very long, must have the heart to prepare ... What makes a design look coordinated, methodical, professional? The answer is "color." Not all ...

On the color theory in web design

It is indisputable that color is the most important aspect of any design field. Designers in the decision of a website style, but also determines the site's feelings, and emotional expression depends largely on the choice of color. Color is a powerful tool that all designers should understand when designing a Web page. Color terminology Many of you may have learned some color basics at school, so let's quickly review some of the terminology to better grasp color and use color. The main composition of the color wheel all colors can be rendered in one color wheel. In this color wheel, we can put ...

The color theory needing attention in web design

I think it is indisputable that color has become the most important aspect of any design field. While the designer determines the style of a website, it also determines the feelings of the site, and the emotional expression of the site depends to a large extent on the choice of color.   And color is a powerful tool that all designers should understand when designing a Web page. Color terminology Many of you may have learned some basic knowledge of color in school, so let's quickly review some of the terminology to better grasp the color and use color. ...

On the application of color in web design

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall modern design humanist, but the color to human's physiology influence is especially obvious. It can not only give people warm and cold, light, distance, movement and music and other physiological feelings and can arouse people's different associations and emotional resonance. Color has a strong appeal, cheerful, melancholy, sadness, elegance and other feelings will be caused by color, color unconsciously produced psychological effect can affect people's emotional feelings. Wonderful color and color combination created by the perfect realm can produce a strong visual impact and artistic sense ...

Color-born Mind: humanized HSL model

For visual designers, RGB, CMYK or whatever is as familiar as the right-hand person. But if only in the way of mental arithmetic, do not use the Photoshop color Picker or any similar tool, you can quickly say "Begonia red" corresponding to the RGB color value? If you add a little orange in, increase the brightness a little, the color value is how much? It's hard to answer, isn't it? Faced with these problems, visual designers/front-end engineers usually can only open Photoshop, enter the current color of the corresponding color value, the color board to bring up new colors, and then copy the color value, ...

Read a little bit of color psychology every day

The implementation of the Internet project, as the role of the project leader such as planning, product managers, project managers, etc. need to build the prototype, the prototype transformation document, as the UI and the development of deliverables. One of the easiest to cause the dispute is the interface elements of the style, hue, color, etc. collectively known as UI design, causing such disputes on the one hand, the project related people in the brain before the product will have different ideal stereotypes, thousands of human interface , on the other hand, is caused by the lack of clarity of the project leader's presentation to the UI designer. So the project leader to learn more about color, learn ...

Application of color overlay in brand

We usually study color, to understand the feelings of color, in order to be through the color of the strong expressive visual factors to arouse the various emotions of the viewer, through the color expression designers want to respond to emotions. and the color of the expression of methods and ways, often very few designers to pay attention to. And this article, mainly through some excellent brand design cases to introduce color overlay in the brand design of the application. Superposition is the process or method of being called to overlay a basic figure, such as a graph or attribute feature that we have generated beforehand. Overlay mode to the image of the "Base color" and "Blend color" ...

Website Visual Design: Web page color of the natural range of children

Intermediary transaction"> SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Hosting Technology Hall This article did not bite the words of the place, just a skill sharing, is very simple and easy to tears. Levels mainly consist of forms (or layouts), colors, pictures, and textual information, and designers are often more concerned with formality because visual impact, design differences, or innovations are mostly dependent on the shape ...

Super-dazzle iphone color shell image next door mm teach you to change the new Christmas clothes for iphone 4

Super Dazzle iphone Color-Shell (i) Jingle Bells jingle bells,jingling all way ... Christmas is coming, remember to change the new clothes for the iphone Oh, color Rainbow, two-color metal, 3D texture, these ggmm of the super bright shell, which do you prefer? Color-changing Rainbow iphone color shell iphone color shell iphone color shell iphone color shell iphone color shell

Create a valid color scheme for Web page design

Where is the attractive place for web design? Is it a picture or a layout of the content? Or the content of the site determines the value of the site. All of these factors play their part, but it is the color scheme that determines whether the design is brilliant. Experienced professionals can tell you a lot of tricks, such as a color scheme that might fit a design, but not necessarily the other way around. Should the color scheme be selected before or after the layout content? Today we are going to find the answers to these questions, and in this article, you can find a lot of free resources to choose your color scheme. Please note: This topic is very broad, single ...

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