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Site traffic drops need to check the 7 places

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall site traffic has dropped two weeks, from a steady 4,000 IP down to now more than 1000. These two weeks I have been reflecting on the reason, trying to restore the site to normal level, until today to see all the keywords have been restored to normal traffic is gradually recovering before feeling some comfort, now will QQT6 space Station traffic ...

How to make Web site safe in Chinese webmaster

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall near the end of the end, a mess of things particularly, some irresistible things can only be it Zeanzi. As the saying goes, the King defeated, dissatisfied, not rich second-generation or rely on their hands and brain to feed their families.   Give up doing the network I have to go with tens of thousands of Daniel Spelling code, in view of writing code this work is boring so still put the network as the first and the wealth and the programmer put in second. A5 Webmaster Network Now every day there are more than half of the article and this concussion related, although not excluded ...

Check-in products are still "show"

Foursquare chief Executive Crowley said: "The value of check-in is to promote the experience, not the product itself."     "But regrettably, China's first batch of check-in products are mostly just foursquare in the form of imitation, but too limited to the product itself, so that the instinct to sign in the mobile Internet to bring profound changes in the application in China for more than a year of time still just stay in the" show "level. Foursquare check-in button October 21, 2011 ...

Website security analysis is your site safe enough?

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall One, the threat to the Web site with the rapid development of the Internet and Intranet/extranet, the web has had a profound impact on business, industry, banking, finance, education, government and entertainment, and our work and life. Many traditional information and database systems are being ported to the Internet, and E-commerce has grown rapidly, surpassing national boundaries.   A wide range of complex distributed applications are appearing in the Web environment. Website is on the internet ...

A lie about cloud computing security: Private cloud is safe, public cloud is unsafe

Bernard Golden, chief executive of Hyperstratus Consulting, wrote that one after another survey showed that security is the most worrying issue for potential users of public cloud computing. For example, a April 2010 survey found that more than 45% of respondents said cloud computing risks outweigh the benefits. A survey conducted by CAS and Ponemon Cato also found that users have such concerns. However, they also found that, despite the user's doubts, cloud applications were being deployed. Similar to ...

Five ways to effectively check if a Web site is hung black chain

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall now black chain this industry is becoming more and more developed, selling black chain friends everywhere, In the more famous Webmaster tools site, often can see the sale of black chain of friends hanging ads, as for their black chain is how to get it? Some are formal access to, and some are illegal means to hang on the links of other people's websites, however ...

Beijing high-end property check-out rate of the top 100% developers fake sales Circle money

Investor newspaper (reporter Zhu Yi) June 13 early in the morning, Mr. Zhang received a familiar telephone. "Today is the weekend, you come to see our model room, now are all existing homes sold." "The phone is the star sink real estate sales staff.  Since the end of 2008, Mr. Zhang has been able to receive a phone call at Lufthansa's upscale project almost every month. "This time they told me that there are not many good listings, so hurry up." Mr. Zhang said.  And on the network, can also search for a few days star sink hot news. But the reporter landed the Beijing real estate transaction Management Network to look ...

The pursuit of love and guard against two mistakes: "Safe Dating Handbook" officially landed in the App Store

In recent years, more and more people choose to be on the dating site and meet the object of the mind to communicate, to find their own life belonging. In many dating sites, century Jiayuan is undoubtedly one of the most popular. Recently, according to media reports, following the release of the wireless Client "Love Treasure", Century good margin announced yesterday that the wireless client "safe Dating Manual" officially landed in the App store. It is reported that the "Safe Dating Handbook" is a guide to the network of Friends and marriage security of the client ebook, including "Cheat book", "How to Identify Crooks", "How to protect their own interests, not deceived", "hot spots ..."

How to apply GPG encryption to keep your information safe and secure (1)

As an important means of protecting information confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation, encryption and digital signature are widely used in various information and communication situations. At present, there are many commercial encryption and digital signature products, such as commercial software PGP (pretty good Privacy). In addition, there are free encryption and digital signature software in the open source repository, the most recognized being GPG (GNU Privacy Guard). GPG is a completely free, source-code-compliant software product that is completely compatible with PGP. Today, GPG has ...

Guangdong 600,000 Shop registration threshold to reduce the public can check true and False

CFP for the map shop can be registered real name registration platform of real name to pay Guangdong 600,000 online shop registration threshold to reduce the public can check online shop true and False newspaper (reporter Azalea correspondent Hu Yanni) yesterday, Guangdong provincial Trade and Industry Bureau held a press conference, announced that our province two network transactions supervision of the new measures: Reduce shop registration threshold, in Do not violate the local government "live change" the relevant provisions of the premise, allow shop to use residential registration; this year "3 15" before and after, the Guangdong Bureau of Industry and Commerce Network Market comprehensive monitoring information platform will be online, the public can ...

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