How To Create A New Rails App

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Pass provides a more comprehensive service

Today, more and more PAAs (platform service) providers, in the field of cloud computing has launched a fierce competition. Cloud computing works well with the development mechanism for deploying applications.     IAAS providers provide basic computing resources, SaaS providers provide online applications such as online CRM, and PAAs offerings provide developers with a one-stop service that allows our applications to start and run quickly without paying attention to some infrastructure issues. As a service provided on the PAAs platform ...

10 programmers favorite HTML and CSS online code editor

The same essential tool in general software development is the code editor. Traditional code editors are generally installed in the form of software installation package to the computer, the code is compiled and saved to the server through ftp or svn and other tools (of course, such as NET development in Microsoft Visual Studio such a powerful integration Tools say another.). In the actual project development in such a way is also very convenient. However, with the rise of various cloud services, ...

Four Java Cloud computing evaluation

There seems to be a plot in a thriller that says, "It's easy ... It's so easy. "And then all things began to fall apart. When I started testing the top-tier Java cloud Computing in the market, I found that the episode was repeating itself. Enterprise developers need to be more concerned about these possibilities than others. Ordinary computer users get excited when there are new scenarios in cloud computing that make life easier. They will use cloud-based emails and if the emails are lost they can only shrug their shoulders because the electrons ...

The architecture design of depth analysis Cloudfoundry

VMware suddenly released its first open source Paas--cloudfoundry this April. In the months since its release, the author has been concerned about its evolution and benefited from its architectural design, and felt the need to write to share it with you. This article will be divided into two parts: the first part mainly introduces the architecture design of Cloudfoundry, from the module that it contains, to the information flow of each part, how the modules coordinate and cooperate; The second part will be based on the first part, how to use Clou in your data center ...

A large inventory of PAAs platform at home and abroad

PaaS (Platform as a service) is a business model that provides the computing environment, development environment and other platforms as a service. Cloud computing service providers can provide users with platform-level products such as operating systems, application development environments, and services through the Web. PAAs is a pattern between IaaS and SaaS. PAAs changes the traditional application delivery model, promotes the further specialization of division of labor, decoupling the development team and the operational team, will greatly improve the efficiency of future software delivery. The following article to take a look at the foreign PAAs platform and the domestic PAAs platform ...

Taking stock of 17 typical business cases

Recently, foreign media recently made a stock count of the failure and revival of the start-up company. Selected 17 typical cases, for aspiring entrepreneurs to provide from corporate finance to entrepreneurial personal feelings to the public relations crisis and other aspects of experience and lessons, it is worth the entrepreneurs to learn from each other, in their own entrepreneurial way to go more smoothly. 1, WPMU Dev WPMU Dev is a has won the jackpot of WordPress plug-in development company, has launched for WordPress, multisite, buddypres ...

17 Entrepreneurial lessons: Keep innovation and stick to it

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall "Sohu It News" August 2 News, foreign media recently made an inventory of the failure and revival of startups, selected 17 typical cases, and provided the experience and lessons from corporate finance to entrepreneurial personal sentiment to public relations crisis. 1, WPMU Dev WPMU Dev is a has won the award of WordPress Plug-in Development company, has launched a ...

Have "Rong" is big: Docker container, 100,000 shop easy to host

"Editor's note" Shopify is a provider of online shop solutions company, the number of shops currently serving more than 100,000 (Tesla is also its users). The main frame of the website is Ruby on rails,1700 kernel and 6TB RAM, which can respond to 8,000 user requests per second. In order to expand and manage the business more easily, Shopify began to use Docker and CoreOS technology, Shopify software engineer Graeme Johnson will write a series of articles to share their experience, this article is the department ...

Design and realization of the minimum object networking system by a creator programmer

About the Internet of things (Internet of Things, abbreviated IoT) is an internet-based, traditional telecommunications network, such as information carrier, so that all can be independently addressed common physical objects to achieve interconnection network. The internet of Things is generally wireless network, since everyone around the equipment can reach 1000 to 5,000, so the Internet may have to contain 500 trillion to 1000 trillion objects, in the Internet of things, everyone can use electronic tags to connect real objects online, can find out their specific location on the Internet of things. Pass STH.

Take you to the IBM Bluemix platform Cloud

It is based on this trend that IBM released its own public cloud products, the product name is IBM Bluemix, is currently in the open testing phase. Bluemix is built on the Apache Open source project Cloud Foundry, and provides the quality service (services) developed by IBM and its partners for use by IT practitioners. This article takes the core component of Bluemix platform-Bluemix Java Runtime as the main line, to introduce to the reader IBM public ...

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