How To Create A Website Using Html5

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Tutorial: Getting your form upgraded to CSS3 and HTML5 client authentication

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall today we'll take a look at how to create a useful and powerful form that is created using the most popular technology HTML5 and CSS3 today, and can be validated by HTML5. View preview The first step: Planning the form function first, we have to plan for our form what function, in what form performance. In this example, we make a simpler message form. The required functions are as follows: Name ...

15 Free HTML5 Audio player integrated to WordPress

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall sometimes, when browsing some websites or blogs, you can see that they insert an audio player that can Play music, which can add to the appeal. Next, we will introduce 15 free tones that can be embedded in WordPress or other websites based on HTML5 technology ...

Technical Discussion on Using Video as Web Page Background

Brokerage"> SEO Diagnosing Taobao Guest Hosting Technology Hall Using video as a web page background is a cool thing, but it's also a hard thing. The background-image property can only use images, SVGs, colors, or gradient colors, but technically speaking, we can fake an effect that allows videos to appear in other HTML elements as background characters ...

Foundation Framework - Quickly create cross-platform web page prototypes

Caught in cats throughout the week. From the end of October to the present day, it touches on the more cherished everyday moments of quiet time. Sometimes wondering whether there is time-space whirlpool at home or something, or how the watch will go so fast, not at all, do not want to stop waiting for me. Everything will be better. Monologue ended, enter the topic. The last two translations have both a framework and cross-platform topic: In the previous article, we learned of some of the front-end framework tools for mobile application development; today's foothold is upstream of the design development process, We show how to use F ...

How the future development of web design

There was only one line between the design and the development, but when the time stepped into another decade, the lines became increasingly blurred and the gap grew wider. Is it enough to design a Web page with PS? Maybe 5 years ago, that's right. Today's internet users are demanding more and more. Gorgeous without meaning will soon be discarded. But if you only pursue flashy designs, then believe that you will soon be abandoned by the times. The new year or the next decade's design trend is response design (responsive), continuous contact (Constan ...

Neuro-Cat "maker: how 0 cost to get 100 million people?"

Neuro-Cat is a very wonderful story, has been to see a lot of people in the Brush friends Circle, has not been too concerned about, until the neural cat to see a neural data: an art and a programmer, with 1.5 days of development completed. The neural cat was online a day after 234,000 users and 863,000 visits, three days later, surrounded by the cat has been more than 100 million visits, while the number of independent users has more than 5 million. About the 3 key points that the cat has to pay attention to: 1, HTML5 is a windy mouth. Almost 0 of the cost of fixing 100 million users, must be the air outlet. 2, the nerve cat behind the game is also used ...

The evaluation report of 3.4 by the foreign media

In fact, the Tour has a history of nearly ten years. Proud of the browser version 3.4 has a rich and powerful features, its speed and compatibility is also its characteristics highlights. If you want to play the video in the browser or grab screenshots, the function of the browser can help you achieve, if you want to sync tags or bookmarks, proud to swim built-in tools can also be achieved, if you want to protect your eyes, proud of the night mode to help you.   At the same time, there is no need to worry about compatibility because it uses the Chrome and Internet Explorer dual-core rendering engine. Summary: Proud tour ...

Teach you seven steps to create an excellent mobile website

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall now mobile phone on the app is very hot, see recently very popular game many people will go to install one. But in fact many applications are some occasional needs, such as I recently rented a house installed a 58 of the same city, but I can not rent the house every day, after renting the house this application I will hardly open. Think of our usual use of the application is also 3-5, micro-bo, micro-letter, browser, and so on, generally no more than 7. The human brain cannot handle more than seven units of information at the same time.

10 easy to use fundraising website Blog System Theme Template

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Source: If you want to set up a fund-raising site, this article will introduce you to 1 0 Strong Blog System theme templates. Fundraising has recently become a hot trend, with Kickstarter's success, many people are beginning to create their own set ...

10 Appdiy development tools for entrepreneurs who don't program

You have a great idea, but what about programming? Outsourcing, partnership development or zero-learning programming? Here's another way to do it--using a DIY developer tool without programming. DIY development tools not only save the development of time and money, more those creative unlimited love of the application of people to provide a convenient way to develop, without programming can let the creative landing forming. In addition, DIY development tools to meet the needs of the refinement of the application market, these market users are small, may only be to meet the work of communication and management needs, may only be to interact with fans, may be only ...

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