How To Find The Median Of A Number Sequence

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10 basic practical algorithms that programmers must know and their explanations

Algorithm one: Fast sorting algorithm is a sort algorithm developed by Donny Holl. In average, sort n items to be 0 (n log n) times compared. In the worst-case scenario, 0 (N2) comparisons are required, but this is not a common situation.   In fact, fast sorting is typically faster than the other 0 (n log n) algorithms because its internal loops (inner Loop) can be implemented efficiently on most architectures. Quick sort using divide-and-conquer method (http://www ...)

Large Data processing interview problem summary

1. Given a, b two files, each store 5 billion URLs, each URL accounted for 64 bytes, memory limit is 4G, let you find a, b file common URL? Scenario 1: The size of each file can be estimated to be 50gx64=320g, far larger than the memory limit of 4G. So it is not possible to fully load it into memory processing.   Consider adopting a divide-and-conquer approach. s traverses file A, asks for each URL, and then stores the URL to 1000 small files (recorded) based on the values obtained. This ...

The physics that the start-up company survived

Absrtact: A living organism is constantly generating entropy or increasing positive entropy, and gradually approaching the dangerous state of maximum entropy, i.e. death. To get rid of death, to live, the only way is to constantly draw negative entropy from the environment. A living organism has the risk of delaying "a living organism constantly generating entropy--or increasing the positive entropy, and gradually approaching the maximum entropy of a dangerous state, that is, death." To get rid of death, to live, the only way is to constantly draw negative entropy from the environment. A living organism has the odd tendency to defer to thermodynamic equilibrium (death).

Detailed Hadoop core Architecture hdfs+mapreduce+hbase+hive

Through the introduction of the core Distributed File System HDFS, MapReduce processing process of the Hadoop distributed computing platform, as well as the Data Warehouse tool hive and the distributed database HBase, it covers all the technical cores of the Hadoop distributed platform. Through this stage research summary, from the internal mechanism angle detailed analysis, HDFS, MapReduce, Hbase, Hive is how to run, as well as based on the Hadoop Data Warehouse construction and the distributed database interior concrete realization. If there are deficiencies, follow-up and ...

Data mining and machine learning interview questions

Today, I will share all the questions I encountered during the interview and share how to answer them. Some of these questions are relatively normal and have a certain theoretical background, but some are very innovative.

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