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Uncover the big three app market developers you've dragged the average down.

Editor's words: At present, the mobile application platform market basically formed "pillars" pattern, the Apple in the application total and the developer divides the advantage, the Google Android wins in the huge user base. Because of the relatively small number of free applications, Microsoft WP platform on the average download revenue per application is relatively large. However, these are just "average" data, and most application developers are actually dragging their feet, and they actually earn less on these platforms. In recent years, a group of developers have flocked to iOS and Android platforms to develop mobile apps for them. But look back ...

Five mysterious numbers related to marketing

Abstract: "Guidance" and marketing-related five mysterious numbers: 1, the most suitable price = (highest price-lowest price) 0.618+ the lowest price; 2, 250 law: Behind each customer, there are generally 250 friends and relatives; 3, Cosmic Law: 78:22;4, 1% Law: any "guide" Marketing-related five mysterious numbers: 1, the most suitable price = (highest price-lowest price) x0.618+ the lowest price; 2, 250 law: Behind each customer, there are generally 250 friends and relatives; 3, Cosmic Law: 78 ...

Who can get the tickets for the mobile internet? Speak with numbers!

Author: @ Shongqing "Guide" Zhou once said that Ma got the first ticket to the mobile Internet;   So who is the most hopeful to get the China Mobile Internet seat ticket? There is a simple method of analysis, that is, the domestic major application stores inside the various app downloads, the next much more must be used. In the Web app has not yet become popular today, Native app also represents the most mainstream applications. Although the information on the mobile Internet will continue to grow, unfortunately we every ...

Hard ads, if not attached, will be significantly less than the average number of their daily forwarding

1. Hard advertising, if not with the forwarding of prizes, even Lei, Chen Yao hair, forwarding will be much less than their daily average forwarding.   Of course, there are exceptions to anything, some hard advertising, because the creative sharp will also gain recognition and active dissemination of the audience, but there are few exceptions, the creation of 50 times may be one to inspire the audience of the G-spot. 2. Soft advertising, even if the forwarding of tens of thousands of comments in the back and the product will not be associated with more than 200. 80% of the peripheral spread of the long micro-blog or the way, the product brand information deeply hidden into. In addition to the practitioners ...

Grassroots entrepreneur: How did I get through public number sales 33,000

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall know that this person is a half year ago, there is no business model of him, only a dream, wife and children , as well as a 10,000-fan micro-credit public account (classic picture book Jingdianhuiben), when he was fretting about how to get the project going. Because of confusion, he came to find I dark horse to seek solutions ...

Three ways of content marketing

Absrtact: From my experience, if you want to do content marketing, we will generally use 3 main ways, the content of the marketing of the 3 forms of development. When people ask me questions about content marketing, I tell them most of the time: in my experience, if you want to do content marketing, we will use 3 main ways, in the form of 3 types of content marketing. When people ask me questions about content marketing, I tell them most of the time, "Why are you trying to understand why you want to do content marketing?" In the clear.

China retail e-commerce road--one step and three sigh sigh

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall "each period one sentence": Many times, fast is slow, slow is fast. --Zhang Ju, founder of the International Union of Analysys, "Preface": I can't remember how many days of writing with headphones, but this day since I entered the electric business industry, it completely disrupted. Blogs are rarely updated, microblogging is rarely written, and almost all of the QQ groups have disappeared. So, when a lot of changes and even sacrifice for a year of E-commerce experience, it is not only worth writing something, but also have to write ...

"Pioneer" Seven Neu Yun storage: Three years grinding sword and the core technology analysis

Talking about the positioning of seven cows, seven Neu Yun storage CTO Han To said the current isss and PAAs boundaries have been blurred, customers become more rational, they are more concerned about the real value of cloud storage products. In such a market situation, seven of cattle to data for their own core value, and around the topic of data for the enterprise to provide a wealth of peripheral functions, such as upload and download CDN acceleration, data processing, analysis, custom computing platform and other services. Since its inception in 2011, seven cattle currently has 150,000 enterprise and developer customers, while referring to the advantages of seven cattle, he expressed his focus on the business ...

The internet has been changed by mobile phones: The Big three layout mobile internet

Comics Yang Shicheng Internet users from computers to mobile phones, the July latest statistics show that China's mobile internet users reached 388 million, accounting for the total number of Chinese Internet users 72% opportunities for the network giant frequent changes are intended to layout, although the Internet development direction is not clear, but now do not seize the site, and then the business opportunities, Can not grasp the difference Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba led by the Chinese traditional internet three giants, respectively, focusing on the application, backstage, data three of the direction of the future Huaxi City newspaper reporter Luo "despite ..."

Liu Dialogue subsidence super: Cautious optimistic class client Web game

February 11 News, 51wan President Liu, Hangzhou Pan-City vice President Chen Yishu, Brilliant Interactive CEO Zhu Haiyan recently a visit by Tencent Technology and Bo Rui Communications jointly hosted the interview program "New Media Investment Salon", talk about "web game choice inflection point." Over the past decade, Shanda, the perfect, NetEase and other first-line client network game companies and their star products have been recorded in the Annals of Unlimited, and cultivate a large number of loyal players. But in the increasingly lively field of web games, on the one hand, shanzhai model of plagiarism eroded the enthusiasm of the boutique game developers, the other side ...

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