How To Increase The Performance Of Sql Query

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SQL Server Database Optimization

Designing 1 applications doesn't seem to be difficult, but it's not easy to achieve the optimal performance of the system. There are many choices in development tools, database design, application structure, query design, interface selection, and so on, depending on the specific application requirements and the skills of the development team. This article takes SQL Server as an example, discusses the application performance optimization techniques from the perspective of the background database, and gives some useful suggestions. 1 database design to achieve optimal performance in a good SQL Server scenario, the key is to have 1 ...

Recent advances in SQL on Hadoop and 7 related technology sharing

The greatest fascination with large data is the new business value that comes from technical analysis and excavation. SQL on Hadoop is a critical direction. CSDN Cloud specifically invited Liang to write this article, to the 7 of the latest technology to do in-depth elaboration. The article is longer, but I believe there must be a harvest. December 5, 2013-6th, "application-driven architecture and technology" as the theme of the seventh session of China Large Data technology conference (DA data Marvell Conference 2013,BDTC 2013) before the meeting, ...

2017 Double 11 Technology Secret - TDDL/DRDS Class KV Query Optimization Practice

The core concept of sub-library table is based on MySQL storage. Solving the problem of data storage and access capacity, the product supports the database traffic of previous Tmall double eleven singles day core transaction links, and gradually grew into the standard of Alibaba Group access relational database.

optimization of SQL Server database under large data volume

1.1: Increase the secondary data file from SQL SERVER 2005, the database does not default to generate NDF data files, generally have a main data file (MDF) is enough, but some large databases, because of information, and query frequently, so in order to improve the speed of query, You can store some of the records in a table or some of the tables in a different data file. Because the CPU and memory speed is much larger than the hard disk read and write speed, so you can put different data files on different physical hard drive, so that the execution of the query, ...

SQL Optimization Experience Summary 34

We want to do not only write SQL, but also to do a good performance of the SQL, the following for the author to learn, extract, and summarized part of the information to share with you! (1) Select the most efficient table name order (valid only in the Rule-based optimizer): The ORACLE parser processes the table names in the FROM clause in Right-to-left order, and the last table in the FROM clause (the underlying table driving tables) is processed first, In the case where multiple tables are included in the FROM clause, you must select the table with the least number of records as the underlying table. If...

MySQL server query slow reason analysis and solution

In the development of friends especially and MySQL have contact friends will encounter sometimes MySQL query is very slow, of course, I refer to the large amount of data millions level, not dozens of, the following we take a look at the resolution of the query slow way. -Often find developers looking up statements that are not indexed or limit n, which can have a significant impact on the database, such as a large table of tens of millions of records to scan all, or do filesort, and the database and server IO impact. This is the case above the mirrored library. And ...

Mysql database sql statement commonly used optimization methods

MySQL database sql statement commonly used optimization methods 1. Query optimization, should try to avoid full table scan, should first consider where and order by the columns involved in the establishment of the index. 2. Should be avoided in the where clause on the field null value judgment, otherwise it will cause the engine to abandon the use of indexes and full table scan, such as: select id from t where num is null You can set the default value of num 0, to ensure that Num column table does not null value ...

Approaching Fuxi, talking about the scheduling and performance optimization of 5000-node cluster

5K Project is the milestone of the flying platform, the system in scale, performance and fault tolerance have been a leap-type development to reach the world's leading level.   Fuxi as a flying platform distributed scheduling system, can support a single cluster 5000 nodes, running 10000 jobs, 30 minutes to complete the 100TB data Terasort, performance is at that time Yahoo! in the Sortbenchmark of the world record twice times. Fuxi introduced "Flying" is Alibaba's cloud computing platform, which distributed scheduling system is named "Fuxi" (Code name f ...).

Reasonable allocation of MySQL cache to improve cache hit rate

It is well known that the system reads data from memory hundreds of times times faster than it does from the hard disk. So now most of the application system, will maximize the use of caching (in memory, a storage area) to improve the system's operational efficiency. MySQL database is no exception.   Here, the author will combine their own work experience, with you to explore the MySQL database Cache management skills: How to properly configure the MySQL database cache, improve cache hit rate.   When will the application get the data from the cache? Database read from server ...

Forecast 2015 Big Data trends star Ring Sun Yuanhao for you

December 2014 12-14th, hosted by the China Computer Society (CCF), CCF Large data Experts committee, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and CSDN co-organizer, to promote large data research, application and industrial development as the main theme of the 2014 China Data Technology conference? (Big Data Marvell Conference 2014,BDTC 2014) and the second session of the CCF Grand Conference in Beijing new Yunnan Crowne Plaza grand opening. Star Ring Technology CTO Sun Yuanhao's keynote address is "2015 ...

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