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The preview version of the Orleans Framework was published in April 2014

The preview version of the Orleans Framework was published in April 2014, and the project is based on. NET, the goal of the design is to facilitate developers to develop a large scale of cloud services. Considering the Microsoft Multiplayer video game This project is very meaningful because the player on top of the game needs to know the online status of his friends and need to get the game data between the countless servers in seconds. The Orleans project is generally considered to be a distributed version of the actor model of parallel computing models. Although there are already erl ...

The future of Chinese version SNS

Since the end of March this year, Sina Weibo has released two iconic signals: 1 Sina uses its own search engine technology instead of Google search; 2 Sina Weibo enables domain names.   These two actions appear to have no direct connection to the surface, but in essence, search will become an indispensable support technology for the future development of Weibo. First, micro-blog bo Bo The Battle of the end will be with the portal, search, and even social networking sites and other areas of competition, is the user to use the Internet "portal" competition, and as users of the "entrance", ...

"Internet Addiction War" interview: People who do not know the game to see the tears

Yes, the war on Internet addiction!  The 2010 Chinese film Uncrowned and the 2010 China video of the Year of God, which is the user's admiration for it and heartfelt praise.  The national player "sexy corn" and its team original production of the World of Warcraft film caused by the vast number of players and non-players strong resonance, has long been widely circulated on the network. According to the online collation of information, the full name of the movie "to see your sister's Internet addiction War", basically full use is "World of Warcraft" game scene interception edited. The author is a famous player of World of Warcraft "Sexy Corn", the production team called "...

Cool NET CEO dismissed by Board of Directors: The fruit of the luxury electric quotient

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Cool NET original CEO Hou Yu Xinjiang Investment sector March 12 News, the investment industry has been exclusively informed that the domestic luxury electric website Zun Cool Network (micro Bo) recently occurred significant personnel changes. The original Cool NET Chairman and CEO Hou Yu Xinjiang has left the company, the company temporarily by the cool net former vice-president Wen Yi as CEO and management, while the company's overall team for layoffs and pay cuts. It is understood that Hou left the company because the investment side of the Cape of Hope Investment questioned its effectiveness in advertising ...

The confusion of a 39-year-old programmer: The more you know, the slower the program will be.

Absrtact: Zilk1988 14 years old when the beginning of programming, after several careers, and finally decided to become a professional programmer in 1997 (also known as code farmers), now 39 years old, the choice is still no regrets. But then he found a problem, his experience Zilk1988 14 years old, began to program, after several careers, and finally decided to become a professional programmer (also known as Code Agriculture) in 1997, now 39 years old, the choice is still no regrets. But then he found a problem, the more his experience, the completion of ...

Why "pull the net" in the domestic play of the turn, and LinkedIn is not?

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall pulls the hook net although still is the traditional recruitment website structure, but in the product on the "micro-innovation", so that products more in line with the characteristics of the Internet people, truly meet the needs of users; At the same time, using the Internet circle of SNS platform also wired cafes, word-of-mouth dissemination and sharing   , the rolling demand of users is more and more, it is the mode of information interaction and fan group marketing. At the beginning of this year, the social marketing company of Black Horse was about to recruit two interns for new media editors. At that time, I arranged for ...

Hadoop Serialization System

This article is my second time reading Hadoop 0.20.2 notes, encountered many problems in the reading process, and ultimately through a variety of ways to solve most of the.   Hadoop the whole system is well designed, the source code is worth learning distributed students read, will be all notes one by one post, hope to facilitate reading Hadoop source code, less detours. 1 serialization core Technology The objectwritable in 0.20.2 version Hadoop supports the following types of data format serialization: Data type examples say ...

You have to know that Microsoft open source those things

Now the open source sky is no longer the banner of only Red Hat, whether it is chase behind the front or intercept, open source trend as if deep into the bottom of the industry, it is no wonder that open source almost covered up our horizons . Below, we have sorted out some important events on Microsoft's path to open source and open source, from which we also see that Microsoft can not escape the trend of open source and open. First, in the past, to participate in the contribution of the Linux kernel, the establishment of an open technology subsidiary first to planing the past, Microsoft continued to show muscle in the field of open source in recent years. At 201

Fast, low-cost completion of the development of innovative companies how to do

As a software engineer, the past few years have been dedicated to web development. In innovative companies, speed saves time, money, and money to ask more engineers to make the whole development faster. The school does not teach many "software engineering" methods, or how to be a good programmer. These things do not exist in the Taiwan industry, we are doing side touch, learn from experience. I've learned a lot from books and the internet about ways to make the team more productive, because I believe that I have to do this in the new team, with the industry's recognition that it's fast ...

Cloud Computing Week Jevin Review (3.12-17)

The five major database models, whether relational or non relational, are the realization of some data model. This article will give you a brief introduction of 5 common data models, so that we can trace back to the mysterious world behind the current popular database solutions. 1. The relational model relational model uses records (composed of tuples) for storage, records stored in tables, and tables are defined by the schema. Each column in the table has a name and a type, and all records in the table conform to the table definition. SQL is a specialized query language that provides the appropriate syntax for finding records that meet the criteria, such as ...

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