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There are six problems in the development of cloud computing industry at present

June 30, 2011, Sadie Network joint-Sadie consultant in Beijing released the 2011 edition of China's cloud computing Industry Development White Paper (hereinafter "white Paper"). In 2010, Sadie Consultant released the first white Paper on cloud computing industry in China, which aroused wide concern of the industry and media. In the 2011 new white Paper, Sadie Consultants in the market data, industry data, cloud computing applications and typical cases have made a new comb and a lot of updates to the market development of the status quo summarized, and added to the domestic enterprises of the commentary. Research on the development of China's electronic information industry ...

Cloud computing: Market demand expands overcapacity looming

2013, China's cloud computing development to maintain rapid growth, industrial scale growth far beyond the international level, new services, new business has been emerging, innovative ability significantly enhanced. Looking forward to 2014, the Institute of Software and Information services of Sadie think that our cloud computing will end the development and cultivation period, enter the new stage of rapid growth, the pace of technological innovation is speeding up, the industrial structure is optimized, the market demand space is expanding, the industrial scale is growing rapidly, and the new industrial pattern is At the same time, some new phenomena are arousing people's concern, including the domestic market competition brings the industrial pattern change, the open source technology receives the enterprise ...

Top Ten most popular cloud computing skills inventory

Joe Roberts, once a SaaS product director, decided to change his job, and he decided he would continue to do so because of his extensive experience in the field of cloud computing. Roberts was previously a senior IT director and system engineer in charge of SaaS product development in the company, leaving last November. After that, he received a job offer from a number of companies, and Roberts eventually became a senior devo at Bit9 Company in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Hybrid Cloud computing: three ways to implement

In this article you will learn that there are three different ways to implement hybrid cloud computing in your data storage environment. We will provide detailed information on the different cloud software options you can choose and help you understand which one is best for your organization. When traditional storage systems or internal cloud computing storage use public cloud computing storage, hybrid cloud computing comes naturally. However, some key requirements need to be met in order to allow mixed cloud computing to work properly. The first and most important point is that a hybrid cloud computing storage service must behave like a similar storage device. Apart from...

Looking at domestic cloud computing profit

Core tip: Cloud computing is a powerful it strong marketing strategy for it powerful countries such as China, which we like and do not have the purpose of advocating cloud computing companies. July 20: Cloud computing is a powerful marketing strategy for it powerful countries such as China, which we like and don't have the purpose of advocating cloud computing companies. Look at its essence, take its essence, to its dross, based on the interests of the state and local manufacturers, combined with the actual needs of our users, the Chinese characteristics of the cloud, rather than the parrot is the fundamental solution. Don't know when to start, scientists ...

Cloud computing will continue melee in the next few years

On April 28, Amazon investors got big news: Wall Street's concerns were completely dispelled as earnings reports showed all first-quarter earnings and profit margins were well above analysts' estimates, Amazon shares soared 16% within a day on Friday under the single-day record of gains from October 2009 to the present day, which for Amazon itself means that its market value soared over the course of a single day Nearly 10 billion U.S. dollars. Now Amazon is no longer just a shopping site, it has become a set of shopping, living, video, entertainment ...

Cloud computing experience and lessons sharing

We should not complicate cloud computing. Instead, we should simplify it so that our company, we personally, can easily build a cloud computing center.

Huang: Cloud computing will become IT infrastructure like hydro-coal

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall recently, China Mobile Communication Research Institute Dean Huang in 2010 China International Communication Information Exhibition "ICT China 2010 High-level Forum" forecast, cloud computing to the entire IT industry bring change,   The change is that cloud computing will become the infrastructure of the big IT industry in the future, providing computing services to the public. Huang and predicts that cloud computing will eventually evolve from "corporate cloud" to "personal cloud". "Now we are not accustomed to putting data into the cloud or ...

Analysis of the development and application of cloud computing technology between China and America

Author: Wu Shifu American Road Nasgrov City CIO This June, I had the honor to attend the "China Excellent CIO Decade Summit" held in Sanya, China. As can be seen from the two-day meeting, cloud computing is a hot topic in the current domestic it field. I work in the United States, obviously not in the ranks of the Chinese CIO. But to see the domestic peers in it and professional level of enthusiasm for the development of China's it happy.   Close-up of an article to join in the fun. The purpose of this article is to provide a practical for our domestic counterparts by comparing the application and implementation of cloud computing in China and America.

Who is the first "Lala" in cloud computing wave

Lala promoted the "Fire", earning the "eyeball", also won the "economy". At the same time, "Lala" has also become an ordinary white-collar subconscious drive the spirit of the struggle power leaders, such as you, such as me, some office class. A person's success can affect the pace of many people. All say there is no shortcut to success, but it can be used for reference.   This is also the core factor of Lala's increasing concern. We always like to express our high praise for someone, an enterprise, or something by "unprecedented and never after." But compared with imitation, China seems to be more than a better, do ...

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