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The price war leads to the decline of tourism service quality, and the weak of the online artificial consultation service aggravate consumers ' dissatisfaction

Because the service quality is seriously not in line with the expectation, the tourism holiday products become the main direction of the complaint. In the complaint, it is considered that "the service and the product are not in conformity with the description." "The value behind the price of a holiday product is dynamic," says Jia Jianqiang, CEO of 6 people Travel network. "and a number of travel industry insiders told reporters that 2015, the major tourism products price war will continue to play, even more than the 2014 momentum." The price war led to the decline of the quality of tourism services to tour mainly holiday products are typical non-standard tourism products, prices behind ...

EMS Price Shock Express industry: Cost War and service war difficult choice

1th page: EMS Price Shock Express Industry 2nd page: Price war and service war difficult choice original title: EMS prices Shock express industry with the City Express 12 Yuan, EMS such price will let you move? In China Post Courier logistics on the eve of listing, a price of EMS on the war caused by the express industry earthquake. "EMS is the price?" "Do you know why the price of EMS?"   Recently, express industry people are asking each other. This month, some provinces and cities of EMS on the basis of standard prices ...

The price is suicide service is the future

See a news that Jingdong Mall recently launched a 7x24-hour all-weather telephone service, a total of 400 telephone customer service agents, and also plans to increase the number of telephone customer service to 600. In this respect, a media reporter asked me: Jingdong Mall to do 7x24 All-weather telephone service What is the value?   What are the effects on the industry? Here is a brief discussion of some of your own views. First of all, make a list of my point of view: First, the business will become the mainstream of E-commerce, and Consumer-to-consumer become the complement of E-commerce;

Furnace stone legend State Service version of the price of the card package X40 price 328 yuan

& ">nbsp; NetEase in early July this year announced the introduction of brand new card game "Furnace Stone legend: Heroes of Warcraft Biography."  Now, after several months of preparation, the game finally opened in NetEase inside the National Service staff, at the same time, with the exposure of players are most concerned about the card prop price. According to the "Stone legend" China's official website, "Sailor's house" news, the game has been served in this ...

Electric business platform launched Price war entertainment bidding platform to intervene in service commodity market

In recent years, with the development of domestic electric business, competition is more and more fierce. Recently, the domestic digital home appliances, in the major consumer E-commerce platform in the history of the most fierce price war, ultra-low commodity prices so that consumers become the biggest beneficiary of the price war. and digital home appliances, compared to the crazy price of goods, there has been a low-cost way to sell services, but because of group buying type of electricity business platform of collective depression without a noticeable increase in market heat. It is reported that in the domestic just appeared soon the entertainment auction type electric business platform, intends to intervene in the service commodity market, for the service class commodity low ...

Pushing the reform of medicine price to create favorable conditions for deepening medical reform

Interview with the National Development and Reform Commission, director of Price Cao Changqing/Sinorama reporter Feng Zhiqin 3 years, the health and well-being of millions of people of the new medical reform program "the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to deepen the reform of the medical and health system" and "medical and health reform of the recent key Implementation programme (2009-2011) was finally introduced on April 6, 2009 and 7th. After the announcement of the new plan, aroused strong response from all sectors of society. National Development and Reform Commission director Zhang Ping stressed: must "raise awareness, pay close attention to implementation, and fully promote the key work of health reform to achieve results." "Price has the transmission of market information 、...

Qingyun: Lower prices are expected, but the era of cloud service price wars

Absrtact: Azure and Google Cloud Platform also followed a price cut following the announcement of a price cut in April by the undisputed leading AWS in the market. At home, the price of information pouring Aliyun not to say, the price of Qingyun (Qingcloud) can not help but be divided into prices following the market's undisputed leading AWS announced a price cut in April, Azure and Google Cloud Platform also followed the price reduction measures. In the domestic view, the price of information pouring ...

The price of electricity brand is so messy

The promotion price of the electric Dealer website lets the consumer smoke and mirrors asianewsphoto/Lu Jianche Tianjian newspaper reporter Zheng Ningshenyu opens the column the word Double 11 singles festival's shopping carnival feast just ended, immediately thereafter, the double 12, the Christmas, New Year's Day and so on special day followed, also gave the merchant to provide enough to let "the National Consumer gimmicks. Whether it is the network business, or offline entity stores, all resorted to all the tricks, the introduction of a variety of promotional feast, "The last wave of the end of the year", "The end of the Crazy Drop", "low to 10 percent", "buy what to send" and other slogans ...

The price of the electricity quotient of the website gains Third-party service provider development potential

August 29 Electric Power has just ended the price war did not let consumers get much benefit, but some price comparison site to people left a deep impression.   In the rapid development of E-commerce today, such as price parity Web site for the electricity dealers and consumers to provide services to the Third-party main body, has shown great potential for development. Parity Web Site "First World War" fame and huge electricity price war smoke dispersed, to a Amoy net as the representative of the price of the site in this battle to highlight the value of the war and fame. It is understood that in the price of the electricity business period, a Amoy-parity page ...

Dangdang CEO Guoqing: When the loss in service and price war, value!

As for the price war between E-commerce enterprises, the individual believes that the price war itself there are problems, because the price war is not conducive to the development of electric business enterprises, is not a long-term means of mutual win. IT Business news Network (reporter salted fish) Recently, there are media reports, one of the largest E-commerce platform Dangdang and the first listed in the United States, the Chinese electricity business Macquarie Forest both issued annual earnings.   The results show that Dangdang lost 36.3 million dollars a year, and Macaulay has a net deficit of $33.3 million a year. The financial results were shocking. Have media interview Dangdang CEO Li ...

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