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12 tips for extending Android smartphone battery life

12 tips for extending Android smartphone battery life What is the biggest problem facing all the Android phones all over the world now? Not the processor, not the memory, not the screen, the answer is battery life. If you take out a SIM card and turn off the WiFi, then put it over again and it will last for one weeks. If once you start using it, then the problem is, one day, it's a normal thing. In fact, this is a very sad thing, previously in the evaluation of cell phone batteries, are said to be able to persist how many days, and now, this unit has become ...

Mobile power consumption I am the Master Jinshan Battery doctor trial

Jinshan Battery Doctor is a Golden Hill launched an Android platform for power saving and battery maintenance software. can help users to complete the cycle of charging, one key set to save power optimization, prediction of battery use time. According to the Golden Hill official introduction, as long as the regular full cycle charge maintenance, cell phone battery life can be extended more than one times. Evaluation of environmental charging status show into the Jinshan battery doctor, the default will open the charging interface, here will show the charge to complete the remaining time and the current charging mode. As long as the mobile phone consumption to 20% below the operation of Jinshan battery doctor, plug in the charger, soft ...

IOS, Android, WP three mobile operating systems horizontal contrast

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > If you're looking to buy a new smartphone (perhaps your first smartphone), it's important to spend your money to satisfy yourself. The choice of smart phones is actually a large part of the choice of operating system ... If you're struggling with IOS, Android, or Windows Phone, you don't know which one to buy, so lately ...

Comparison of interactive design between Android wear and Apple Watch

Summary: Apple November 18 officially released the WatchKit development tool, unveiling the Apple Watch Interactive logic and many UI element details. Although the current Apple Watch is not yet released, with official materials, we have been able to more specifically feel and imagine Apple November 18 officially released the WatchKit development tool, unveiled the Apple Watch interactive logic and many UI element details. Although the current Apple Watch real machine has not been released, but by virtue of the official ...

Jinshan battery doctor into "Barroth" rogue promote mobile phone poison PA

Silicon Valley May 16 comprehensive News today, a wide range of mobile phone power software has been favored by many users, but some manufacturers are taking the opportunity to secretly promote their products, said the "Save electricity" into a fee. According to the Netizen burst the material, "> Jinshan network's Jinshan battery doctor will secretly download the mobile phone poison tyrant and so on application, consumes the handset electricity, but the user has no knowledge." For this user feedback, Jinshan battery doctor official through ...

Can you really save electricity? Five Android Power application measurement

Test methods The popularity of smartphones has enriched our fragmented time, but the trouble with electricity has plagued almost every smartphone user. The Android phone must be a good man, because he has to go home at night to recharge. This story is definitely not groundless, if you have such a Barroth-like intelligent machine, then the charger and data cable will almost carry. Yesterday we had four music playback software power consumption comparison, and today for everyone is the five Android platform power-saving software test results. Although there are many on the Android platform now ...

iOS 7 "looks beautiful"-Android fans see iOS 7 and Android 4.2 features

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > according to foreign media reports, after the Apple WWDC Congress, the famous Android forum Droid-life released IOS 7 and Android4.2 Operating system function Contrast article, the author as an Android fan, said that Google was too lazy in the press conference to sneer at opponents, Apple is still "like a child" dark ...

Save electricity for the continuation of the wonderful dim sum V1.0.1 evaluation

A friend asked: If you take the train to stop halfway, what will be the first thing you do? I thought to answer: I will take out the phone to the outside for help or contact relatives and friends. What if the cell phone doesn't have electricity? Uh ... This ... Now the mobile phone is more and more configured, but the actual battery time is increasingly unable to meet our use needs, every day will be filled with a big worry of smartphone users. How can you effectively improve your phone's standby time? Today's small series to bring an effective provincial power saving software-dim sum electricity, this is an Android platform application, from the name we can infer it and ...

10 small ways to teach you how to drive Android

Android 4.3 is coming, the version is getting more and more beef, and there are some unique power saving settings.   But the endurance time is always the heart of the users pain, a day down the battery is always very little, if the urgent need to solve this problem, to see the following 10 most direct way to the Android phone is very effective! 1. Keep the cell phone at a low temperature too high will affect the battery life, do not often put the phone exposed to high temperatures. For example, when you go to the beach, do not expose your phone to the beach, which is not good for your cell phone battery life. ...

Record 2014 Google I / O Conference

00:12:42 Sundar Pichai Podium After Playing a Video 00:13:54 Sundar Pichai appears to be hosting today's conference as head of Android and Chrome. 00:14:23 Pichai thanks the live video to developers around the world who watch the live broadcast over the internet. 00:16:22 Android currently has more than one billion users. 00:16:49 Global smartphone shipment reached 3 in the fourth quarter of last year

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