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WINDOWS2003 Terminal Server exceeds maximum allowable number of connections

When you log on to a terminal server with a Remote Desktop Connection today, the terminal server exceeds the maximum allowable number of connections is always ejected and the server cannot log on properly. Surfing the Internet to know: the cause of this problem is that the number of default connections to Terminal Services in Windows Server 2003 is 2 links, and when you log on to Remote Desktop instead of logging off, instead of simply shutting down the Remote Desktop window, the conversation is not actually released. Instead, it continues to remain on the server side, which takes up the total number of links, which occurs when the maximum allowable value is reached ...

Win8 can hold live a game? 30 popular online Games compatibility test

October 25, 2012, Microsoft officially released its next-generation operating system, Windows 8, in New York, USA. Windows 8 is a thorough innovation system that dramatically changes the logic of the past and provides better screen-touch support.   At the same time, the new system screen and the mode of operation of the changes also give the whole "PC computer" has given a new connotation. Windows 8 as a new generation of operating systems, its convenient operating system and more rapid speed, so that everyone wants to change the equipment experience. But for gamers, more ...

Online games lead to the culprit of the "Cup" of love and marriage

The beauty encounters the net swims, some people become the GM, some people become the showgirl, some people have become the cup! Recently, the author of the major websites to see a news that: 20% "the" divorce case because the man addicted to online games. When the boyfriend fans of online games, mm encounter marriage 2012 ... First, the game into a marriage killer, mm encounter love Cup with the report from the Haidian Court recently published a survey results: In the divorce case, 20% and marriage in the man addicted to online games. Haidian court for the last two years in charge of divorce cases of the two chambers of the trial of 10 ...

How to break the tradition of cloud computing, open a new chapter for tax work

In the face of the changing social economy, the tax industry needs to understand the relevant information of taxpayers in a real and comprehensive way, and to promote the internal aggregation and sharing of tax data, so the tax data is the core resource of the tax industry, so it can realize the transformation of the data to the service, and use the resources that It is the best way to improve the efficiency of tax industry to realize the tax informatization by providing the cloud computing to the audience in the form of service. For complex and difficult to co-ordinate tax data, cloud computing can not only achieve data collection and sharing in the tax industry, but also can help tax authorities to convert data into service ...

11 Open source cloud computing resources recommended

Cloud computing is one of the areas where open source software has become increasingly popular within companies as the economy continues to slide, and cloud computing itself can provide flexibility and lower costs for companies. The deployment of cloud computing can save a lot of money for the company and release it from the time-consuming vendor lock-in model, while providing a flexible connection to private applications.   Here are 11 open source cloud computing resources, including applications, services, educational resources, support options, general profit projects, and more. Eucal ...

The application of cloud computing technology in the field of broadcasting and television is becoming more and more popular

Cloud computing is a resource delivery model that uses the resources needed to get applications through the network. Cloud computing packages computing devices, software, and services, changing the way people access, process, and store information.

Audience-oriented ability Convergence video cloud

Guide: Cloud computing is not so much a technological innovation as a revolutionary force. Video cloud computing is based on the concept of cloud computing technology, using video as a "cloud" to the "terminal" to show the results of a cloud computing solution. Whether it is Archie Art set up a dedicated team to expand the video cloud services market, or the Youku Platform API interface to the outside, or is it a video network bulletin said that with the music as a joint venture to establish an independent cloud computing company.   The concept of video + cloud has already been taken seriously. One question: "2012 is the year of OTT, when the whole concept of video cloud ...

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