How To Use The Ubuntu Terminal

Learn about how to use the ubuntu terminal, we have the largest and most updated how to use the ubuntu terminal information on

How to use the Ubuntu installation CD to restore Grub

This section explains how to use the >ubuntu installation CD to restore GRUB (the Grand Unified Boot Loader) ( 1 Boot Press del key or F2, enter the BIOS, check "Advanced bios Features", the start of the boot device set to the CD drive, exit ...

Ubuntu 7.10 Quick Setup Guide

The role of this article: when you have just finished installing, we will spend 10 minutes to set up the system so that 11545.html "> We have a more comfortable environment." Content of this article: contains only commonly used, necessary steps and brief description, do not explain the reason in detail. Format of this article: because it is a quick setting, most operations use the command line description. The application scope of this article: Apply to Http:// "& ...

10 adjustments make Ubuntu home away from home

Not long ago I provided 12 suggestions to adjust Ubuntu. However, it has been a while ago, and now we have made another 10 suggestions that will make your Ubuntu your home away from home. These 10 suggestions are easy to implement, so let's get started! 1. Install TLP We touched on TLP not long ago, a software that optimizes power settings and allows you to enjoy longer battery life. Before we go into the TLP in-depth, and we also mentioned in the list of this software is not bad. want...

Create a complete Ubuntu image source/local source/update source/offline Upgrade pack

First, part of the local source of the production: usually apt or new installation software, download the Deb file will be stored in the/var/cache/apt/archives/, in order to reload or to others, especially when there is no network, these Deb files can actually be sent to use, That is, you can use these Deb production cost source below to give a feasible and practical part of local source production steps: 1 sudo apt install nautilus-open-terminal dp ...

Ubuntu uses U disk to boot to fix MBR

U disk boot modified MBR (in fact, the so-called correction is to delete the MBR in the grub, with 98 of the disc, DOS boot floppy disk generally boot to Dos after the problem.) Look at the next U disk boot dos, DOS prompt is C or a, if it is C, you fdisk is not actually on the hard drive operation, but on the U disk, if the hint is a disk, you go into the C disk is not hard disk content, if it is, generally can be successful. Of course, fix the hard disk MBR, you can also use the XP CD to boot, select the Recovery Console (more details available in Google ...)

Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows XP single hard disk installation dual system

Single hard disk Andi system, originally HARDY+XP, no CDROM, the original partition Device Id system/dev/sda1 7&     HTML >nbsp; HPFS/NTFS # Windows operating system/dev/sd ...

Ubuntu 8.10 Speed Dating Guide

The purpose of this article: To quickly complete the system initialization configuration for users who have successfully installed ">ubuntu Linux 8.10 operating system." System requirements: Users are required to ensure that the operating system is connected to the Internet. All packages mentioned in the Guide, software source updates require network support. Software involved: The guide will use the following tools to configure the System Gnome terminal ...

Edubuntu v11.04 releases Ubuntu distribution to the education sector

Ubuntu is used in primary and secondary schools around the world. This is a great teaching tool. The Edubuntu package is the ">ubuntu specialized release, often referred to as" The Linux of Young people "in the field of education (Linux For young Human Beings), very distinctive. The source of this combination of words is: educatio ...

How laptops use touch versions in Ubuntu systems

On your laptop, use the touch version as the built-in mouse. Note that the "Synaptics Touchpad" should be associated with the "Synaptic" ( >ubuntu Package Manager, The graphical user interface form of apt. In Breezy (5.10), the touchpad of the notebook computer should be available immediately. Open a terminal with grep to view your etc ...

How to disable IPv6 in Ubuntu

IPV6 is the abbreviation for Internet Kyoto Version 6, where internet Kyoto is translated as "Internet Protocol". Http:// ">ipv6 is an IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force, Internet UB Tasks Force) designed to replace the current version of the IP Protocol (IPV4) ...

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