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Pointless spin-off: HP back and forth toss behind

Wen/Sun Yongjie from hearsay to fact, only one day, Hewlett-Packard finally split itself, the current Hewlett-Packard company to split into a main PC and printer business Hewlett-Packard (HP Inc.) and a main enterprise hardware and service business of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise ( Hewlett-packardenterprise), after the break-up of the new Hewlett-Packard Company still use the current logo. While the industry, including HP itself, has commented and explained on why HP has been spun off and the benefits it has brought to HP after the break-up, we think the spin-off has been the biggest and most ...

So many voices: HP network strategy challenged IBM hand arm

The voices of this issue will discuss two main topics: 1. Hewlett-Packard busy in the year, the network strategy was questioned, 2.IBM investment, and open up the internet market. So many sound column links: http://voice.zdnet.com.cn/2015/0228/3047026.shtml guests point of view refining: "00:00" HP network strategy is questioned HP's revenue is not ideal is already expected, From last year's news, the two companies that HP has split are in the same volume, but it's not clear who dragged the legs. Overall ...

HP "Go PC" digging bokhary data and cloud computing field

Hewlett-Packard CEO Whitman July 10 News, recently, a store director of Zhongguancun in the IT dialogue with Sohu, said that, around 2010, the store is everywhere is HP dealers and HP logo brand computer, but now, this brand of goods in Zhongguancun stores plummeted.   Whether Hewlett-Packard admits it or not, HP is going through a "go-to-PC" change, and within HP, big data and cloud computing services have risen to a strategic level that the company never had. Vigorous to the PC: Split rumors to layoffs HP was the world's most ...

HP's new cloud services offerings and solutions end products

October 24, 2013, Chongqing-Hewlett-Packard Company today with "It new State" solution blockbuster 2013 China (Chongqing) International Cloud Computing Expo. In the next 3 days, HP will showcase its innovative products and solutions in the cloud computing, large data, mobile and security areas in the 360m2 Pavilion, with a number of High-tech applications showing the environment for customers and guests to interact with. Chongqing is one of HP's key strategic bases in China, and HP's first partnership with Chongqing dates back to eight years ago, when HP's Global Software Services center landed in Chongqing. For eight years ...

U.S. stocks review: HP is a corporate error synthesizer

Introduction: MarketWatch Columnist Rivers (Jeff Reeves) wrote that it is no coincidence that Hewlett-Packard has come to the worst of the day because they are, in effect, the epitome of the current American Corporate error-stupidity, lack of innovation, excessive expansion, and no real sense of leadership. The following is the full text of Rivers ' comments: for the market, the Thursday trading day is an ugly one. For a short time, however, HP's share price has surged upstream, largely because of media reports that they are considering making a $10 billion trillion ...

5 cloud storage Services worthy of enterprise users ' attention

Over the past few years, cloud storage and file-sharing services have continued to grow rapidly. Dropbox and other companies have launched their own cloud services, and important manufacturers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are starting to work in the market. Market competition is extremely fierce, enterprise users can get a lot of free storage space. Of course, these services also have some restrictions, most of the cloud services are still focused on the consumer market. What if you want to build a virtual office with a secure enterprise solution? In fact, there are some less well-known in the market, but very attractive and features of business-to-business ...

How big is the cloud print market, do you need the cloud to print?

Although repeatedly explained, I believe for many consumers, cloud printing is still relatively vague concept, coupled with the cloud printing itself is not mature reasons, so from last year, HP released the cloud printing products so far, the market performance has been tepid. To stop consumers from going deeper into the cloud print market has two main aspects: first, where is the cloud printing device? The HP Cloud Print concept has always emphasized the need for only one smart terminal, whether it's a mobile phone, a computer, an ipad or an iphone, whether it's a café or an airport, where there is an HP cloud printing device with an email address, sending ...

Lenovo, Microsoft to push personal cloud services mobile internet strategy to improve

Lenovo has said more than once that Apple should be used as a catch-up target. However, it is almost impossible for any it giant to look to challenge Apple through a single product. It is clear that Lenovo is aware of this. Lenovo's introduction of personal cloud means Lenovo began to focus on the interaction of products, the promotion of value and meaning the newspaper reporter Tanggang Lenovo and Microsoft recently reached a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, both sides announced that the future two companies will be in small and medium-sized enterprises and individual consumers and other specific customer markets, jointly develop service products and "cloud services" business. Lenovo said that the public ...

2013: The year of the mixed cloud

10 predictions about the 2013-year cloud computing market are coming! Hybrid cloud, cloud Service Broker, large data and software definition Network (SDN) are all indicative of the major trends of cloud computing market in the 2013. Industry analysts say the current attempt at cloud computing is over. In the 2013, businesses needed to implement a hybrid cloud strategy that placed some of the selected workloads on the public cloud while keeping other parts running on the internal infrastructure. John Treadw, vice president of Marvell Cloud, consulting firm.

The huge industry of cloud computing, the scraping and the backwardness of China

August 20, 2011, with the development of cloud computing technology, Microsoft decided to use cloud computing technology to protect Windows 8, which means that Microsoft has adopted a new anti-piracy mechanism. August 19, 2011, CNET Technology Information Network published goofy comments that: HP's market position and brand image, Hewlett-Packard if the adherence to the Web OS platform may be in the future in the tablet market occupy, but HP CEO Apotheker seems to the future to the cloud, the company's new focus on the commercial market. What is cloud computing? In the narrow sense, the cloud meter ...

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