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Electric merchant Singles Day at war

mixed with true and false promotional price war, played the August ushered in November "Singles Day", although many users believe that the price war is more of a gimmick, but it is undeniable that high-profile promotion of the electric business enterprises have achieved the flow advantage.   According to Sina Science and Technology report, in addition to the Beijing-East, the cat these big comprehensive platform, home appliance class website also through the price war to make full flow, but very few to participate in the price war clothing type electric business flow is showing a downward trend. Tian Cat, Jing Dong, such as the seven major electric Shangyo war "Singles Day" in Sunday, the domestic electric business field November 11 promotional festival will be ...

2013 look at the Electronic business event Jiangshan

In the turbulent electric business, 2012 is definitely not a calm year. Large platform of the hurricane Dash, vertical electric business reshuffle, the formation of billions of electronic business services market. The first wave of E-commerce after the big wave, once in this market, the enterprise has been the downfall. However, "large Evergrande, no domain of business", group buying mode is gradually challenged by the market, vertical electric business is experiencing the "most severe winter", platform has become the mainstream trend of the electricity quotient. According to Analysys data show, the Cat, Jingdong, Suning, Gome, Xun and other major platforms occupy China's electricity market 80% of the share. When the city ...

Seven major electric Shangyo November 11 Express increase recruit 65,000 people prepare for war

This Sunday, "> Domestic electric business in the field of November 11 promotional festival will be, this day also dubbed as" Singles Day. " Since yesterday, the days of the cat, Jingdong Mall, when the merchants will announce their promotional plans one week in advance.   The "Singles Day" promotion, launched by the Cat 4 years ago, is about to form a free-for-all promotion. Beijing east into the hidden target this year's "Singles Day" for the first time in the weekend, by the industry as "...

Consumers will focus more attention on the logistics and distribution links

After two or 11 major electric dealers have experienced the biggest sales spree in history, consumers will focus more attention on the logistics and distribution, when they can receive the goods become the two 11 most concerned about the problem.   Reporter investigation found that, although the major electric dealers and express companies have increased their own logistics and distribution, warehousing links of manpower, but the double 11 produced up to over billion pieces of distribution packages, distribution delays inevitable. In the major electric dealers have to whitewash their sales performance, Xun Network has voluntarily announced: Double 11, Xun distribution appeared more than the previous 1% or so ...

Last year's largest online shopping festival "network Monday" 1.25 billion U.S. dollars

Tencent Xun net sales growth of 601% times in the motherland North and South China's "good voice" has been the finale. Taking stock of this program, the audience can not help but exclaim: "China's good voice" how almost become "Jilin good voice"? The final "good sound of the year" laurel, but also flowers fall in the bosom of Jilin, Liangbo fame. And the player Gangzhendong, also achieved good results. The music industry Jilin Group performance is not bad, and in 2012 was known as China's good "11" "Double 11" promotion war, Jilin Electric business also want to keep this lucky continuation. So, Jilin Electric power business in this promotion battle is how ...

has been very reluctant to name the past.

has been very reluctant to name the past, but last weekend a brush over the micro-letter Friends Circle article ("Old: the fun of the company will vanish"), finally I can not help, the decision is also the time to be honest. This article as far as possible objectively record the facts and personal ideas, but because the involved things some 10 years ago, inevitably have errors and omissions, as I senile dementia bar. I and the old acquaintance in 2005 I and old eldest brother met in 2005, when the blog or a new thing, Sina blog has not been born, I was in the online random search, found that the domestic more know ...

The founder of the veteran Shengchang left, where the guests again stood the cusp of public opinion

China Economic network Beijing, March 29 (reporter Dandan) from the end of last year, about van products of all kinds of rumors constantly: senior management turnover, layoffs, capital chain break, failure and so on. Recently, there are rumors that every customer prudential goods, inventory backlog of up to 1.445 billion yuan, the company will cancel the IPO plan, the chief financial Officer Zhu Jiwen has left, where the customer again stood the cusp of public opinion.   In this connection, the Chinese economic network reporters linked to the head of all customers, Mr. Li, he said the official has not made a clear statement, so we will not make any comments. Pioneering veteran Shengchang quit ...

China's IT talent, grab the mirror

From the fact that Chinese models are becoming more and more reusable in the four fashion weeks, we can see that China's fashion industry has begun to connect with the international fashion industry. And the international fashion Circle of ITG IRL, Itboy, but also in the domestic emerging. Of course, there is no eternal fashion circle, it talent (fashion darling) the throne is as wonderful as the drama, winner not finally revealed. From the earlier Xu Hao, Baobao, cuckoo to the present new generation of Darling, they compete not only expensive dress and limited bag, and maintain the freshness of the topic Chen burning ...

22 Product positioning rules of e-commerce

Market-leading law the most important thing in marketing is to create a category that will make you a "first" product, which is much easier than trying to convince people that you can deliver better quality or service than the product pioneers. In short, "first" trumps "better". & ">nbsp; Ii. Product Innovation rules when you can't be the first of a product, you should try to create another kind of new product. ...

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