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About Cloud computing: four misconceptions and four guesses about IaaS

Cloud computing is always a foggy topic for ordinary users. This article starts with the most basic concept of popular science, explains four common misconceptions, and the author's four guesses. Ti Xinhua, former Grand Cloud CEO, ucloud.cn founder IaaS (infrastructure as a service), refers to infrastructure as services, consumers through the Internet can be from the perfect computer infrastructure access to services. Internet-based services, such as storage and databases, are part of the IaaS. Inte ...

Overseas IaaS Cloud Management platform recommendation

IaaS platform (infrastructure, services infrastructure as a service): The IAA platform is delivering these hardware and basic software to users in the form of services that allow users to install and deploy their own applications on this platform. The ability to provide customers with processing power, storage capabilities, networks, and other basic computing resources that customers can use to deploy or run their own software, such as operating systems or applications. Customers cannot manage and control the underlying cloud infrastructure, but they can control the operating system, storage, deployment ...

The IaaS service model of cloud computing architecture

IaaS through this mode of IaaS, the user can get the computing or storage resources he needs from the vendor to load the relevant applications and only pay for the portion of the resources that they lease, and these cumbersome management tasks are assigned to the IaaS vendor. 1. History and SaaS, like the idea of IaaS has been in fact for a long time, such as the past IDC (Internet Data Center, Internet Datacenter) and VPS (Vi ...).

Take you deeper into how to deploy IaaS with Hpyer-v

Why choose Microsoft Private Cloud the deployment of private cloud in an enterprise can be shared between internal and external resources. The biggest feature of private cloud distinguishing from public cloud is security and reliability. Companies can enjoy the same characteristics and benefits as public clouds with private clouds.   This includes the scalability, self-service, and scalability of the public cloud. Microsoft's private cloud is optimized for service delivery, providing sufficient flexibility and control to provide powerful cloud power to the enterprise. Microsoft provides customers with a unified and familiar environment across physical, virtual, private, and public cloud environments.

H3cloud: Provide optimized IaaS solution for enterprise

Cloud computing industry's forces, there are the first to do, there is a side to do, there are only do not say. H3cloud belong to the third kind. A deeper understanding of H3cloud's cloud strategy is the 2013 H3C new product new technology roadshow Beijing station. The deepest impression is H3C company Vice President Yu Xu Jun to CSDN Cloud computing channel reporter said a word: "Open, is h3c future important strategic direction." Both van and H3cloud are inseparable from the open and ecological system. "H3cloud, is a technology, is a few products, or a ...

IaaS Cloud computing Model: attention to five security issues

In the IT world, clouds are as hot as the summer sun. Microsoft, Google, Apple, IBM and other heavyweight "big shots" are in the "cloud" side, launched its own different cloud products and services. In this way, anyone who is in trouble with the cloud is simply a chew. However, many IT experts are wary of cloud development, and many still have doubts about what cloud computing is all about. However, the cloud does not matter how you feel, it is still growing and evolving, and the birth of different types of clouds. There are public and private clouds, even mixed clouds. There are different types of cloud services: http://w ...

China Unicom Cannan: China Unicom based on IaaS VDC Cloud service development Strategy

January 10, 2012, the "Building Cloud computing data center and cloud application innovation" as the theme of the second China IDC industry annual ceremony held in the National Conference Center, a comprehensive interpretation of the data center and cloud computing industry development trend. Cannan, Vice manager of IDC Operations center of China Unicom System integration Company, made a speech on the theme "China Unicom based on IaaS VDC cloud service Development Strategy", the following is a transcript: distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, very happy, everyone in Beijing together. Since the establishment of our center in 2008, should say that participated in the four IDC ...

Cloud computing market driven IaaS cloud provider rapid rise

Amazon's EC2 and Elastic Block Store (EBS) are about the same nature as public clouds. As the cloud computing market grows more mature, enterprises have more and more choices of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) available to Amazon empire. The change in IaaS follows a pattern we can expect. Most providers can provide traditional IT services such as the Amazon and Amazon-like infrastructure services provided by IBM, CSC, and Savvis. Niche suppliers are also menacing is stepping up the pace of rising ...

Cloud computing era IaaS service provider Diamond

&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp;4 Month 26th news, cloud Computing in recent years at home and abroad, the development of domestic IaaS manufacturers also in the cloud of their respective exerting force." At present, the domestic IaaS service providers are the most representative: Aliyun, Huayun chinac.com, Sheng and other enterprises. Among them, from the Internet service transformation of enterprises, including Aliyun and Sheng, Sheng mainly for online games manufacturers and cooperation ...

Interop: Infrastructure Cloud Services (IaaS) have shifted to PAAs

Cloud service providers, which originally provided infrastructure as services (IaaS), began moving the stack to the platform, the Services (PaaS) market, to diversify their portfolio to meet the growing demand for cloud-based development services from customers. The latest example of IaaS transfer to PAAs is Tier 3, where Tier 3 introduced PAAs and database-as-service (DbaaS) products at this interop conference. Businessesflat-out Institute analyst Philbert Shih said the service provider's action is slow ...

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