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More and more IOS 8 information is starting to flow

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Last year, Apple launched the IOS 7 system, the huge changes brought about the polarization of the evaluation, but still led the "flat" and other design trends. Previously, the upgraded version of IOS 7.1 was also officially launched to fix some problems. According to past experience, the version after iOS 7.1 will not have much change, so what is really worth looking forward to is the iOS 8 ...

IOS 8 new Features summary-51 new changes to know to understand the new system

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "articlebody" > presumably everyone has been upgrading iOS 8, but there must be a lot of students who don't know much about the new features and changes in the "extremely significant" iOS new system. So the next small series leads us to review the 51 cool features of IOS 8, so that you can have a good time ... 1. IPhone is the instant hotspot ...

Foreign media Comment Android 4.0 can't go beyond iOS 50 big reasons

Foreign media Comments Android 4.0 can't go beyond iOS 50 big reasons for the December 12 News, iOS 5 and Android 4.0 were listed successively this fall, according to Foreign press reports. Steve Kovach, a foreign technology blogger who prides himself on two systems, Business Insider the two systems and lists 10 reasons why Android 4.0 is not as good as iOS 5. 1. The Apple App Store is still the object of Google Amazon's imitation. All along, Apple has been imitated, never surpassed ...

IOS 6, Jelly Bean, WP8 three Systems Ultimate PK

Not the enemy not gather, the recent smart phone operating system focused on a major update, Apple released IOS 6, Microsoft released WP8, Google Android Jelly Bean 4.1 officially appeared yesterday, as the industry's important 3 mobile systems, do not PK really sorry for the vast number of users, But the future situation is pillars or a single big, temporarily inconclusive, first look at 3 systems PK results. 1. Application of IOS:65 million applications, including ipad applications accounted for 225,000, the smartphone platform is currently the largest number of applications. An ...

Illustrates the difference between Android, IOS, WP7, and the three big mobile OS

Illustration of the difference between Android, iOS, and WP7 's three mobile operating systems. According to foreign media reports, the difference between Android, iOS and Windows Phone 73 operating systems, this article will be compared by 13. 1. Number of equipment the number of devices operating the Android operating system has the largest number of devices, hundreds, the largest manufacturers include Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson and Acer. There are 11 devices running the iOS operating system, including various versions of the iphone, ipad and ipod Touc ...

The Apple Pay will follow iOS 8.1 on October 20

October 2, according to several U.S. media reports, October 20, Apple is very likely to release the iOS 8.1 system update, and the day Apple payment (Apple Pay) will be officially launched. U.S. financial industry Professional Media Banking Innovation (Bankinnovation) quoted several sources close to Apple, October 20, Apple will release iOS 8.1, which will include Apple payment products, iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus users, You will be able to pay with your mobile phone. According to the concern of Apple new ...

What exactly did IOS 8.1 update? China is "discriminated" in succession

Early this morning, Apple pushed the iOS 8.1 system update on time, including a number of optimizations and upgrades, most notably the formal opening of the Apple Pay mobile payment service, but for reasons you know, the country is temporarily off. The new version also fixes a previous problem with Wi-Fi connectivity in the iOS 8.0.2 system, and the new 2G/3G/4G LTE network switching switch, but the latter seems to have regional restrictions, the National Bank, the Hong Kong version is still not found, do not know is Apple's strategy, or operator problems. In fact, Apple has also made a special reminder ...

WWDC no hardware.

Every year the Apple Developers Conference (WWDC) is full of expectations, but this year's General Assembly is particularly hopeful.   But the expectations of developers and consumers are slightly different, and so there is a difference between the exciting points. In the week before WWDC's opening, Apple's senior vice president for Internet services, Eddy Coux Eddy Cue, publicly claimed that it would be the most exciting new launch this year for more than 25 years. And Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, was last year ...

OS X Mavericks system new features top 10-more advanced power management, better notification system, etc.

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "articlebody" > Beijing time June 11 1 o'clock in the morning, Apple held a grand meeting of the Year's WWDC (Apple Global Developers Conference) in San Francisco. In addition to the MacBook Air and Mac Pro Two new versions of the conference, Apple introduced more mobile device IOS 7 system and OS X operating system version of Mac ...

IOS7 Beta2 Chinese version of the upgrade experience began to support the ipad

&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; June 25, 2013, Apple in the early morning update iOS 7 Beta 2 version, previously installed iOS 7 Beta version of users can see in the system update of a 237MB update package, download can be upgraded. iOS 7 Beta 2 We don't see the big change in the definition of iOS 7.

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