Importance Of Programming In The Modern World

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Ten masters of artificial intelligence who have changed the world

In 1948, Allen Turing, the father of computer science, and Claude Shannon, the father of information science, independently developed the basic algorithms still used in today's chess programs.

From content to mobile phone, 2015 digital marketing worthy of attention in the field

21 US marketing officers ' predictions for 2015 digital marketing Trends: Toprankblog Author: 2014-12-24 9:12:32 Industry: Web Marketing Guide: Traditional digital strategies and simple single channels are being replaced by another trend, We need to create a universal brand experience through digital experience online. Customers want to use a variety of platforms, applications and equipment to understand information, use information. Changes in the world, Change eternity. From the technical development trend to the business model change, and then to the evolution of consumer behavior, today's marketers only ...

Events in the field of artificial intelligence

This article attempts to give an appropriate perspective on artificial intelligence (AI) and review the work we have done and the achievements we have made. We have listed achievements in the field of artificial intelligence for half a century and discussed the recent IBM Watson-Dangerous Edge Challenge.

Cloud computing chaos changes Wisdom City stands out

Human activities are limited by the scientific and technological capabilities mastered. Although people can design beautiful stories in the field of ideology, in real life, these stories are difficult to use material form to present. Human civilization is not continuous, but developed in the form of a hierarchical structure, as described in the I Ching structure of the natural number model, although the natural numbers are continuous, but they are distributed in different layers. High-level civilization contains the technical characteristics of low-level civilization, but it also has some unique technical characteristics. Each level of product form is determined by its application of technical form, which indicates that every time the technical leather ...

6 great voyages have also shown a great deal of wealth and high tech levels.

The history of civilization in China is interesting to read: "As with the Apollo Moon mission, the 6 voyages of Zheng He in 1405-1424 also showed a great deal of wealth and high technology." Sending a Chinese eunuch to the East African coast in 1416 was comparable to the 1969 move to send American astronauts to the moon. However, the heir to the emperor Yongle abruptly abolished the cause of ocean exploration, and the economic benefits of Zheng He's achievements were negligible. Niall, a British financial historian, wrote in the book "Civilization". The internet has changed everything. One from Silicon ...

Microsoft opens big data in the era of mr.big everyone can be a

There is one Mr Big in our city, he is so great that he has the power to change the world, to see what is happening, to foresee what is to come, to help us create a moving surprise, to see what is happening--with big data, who can become mr.big. The picture is Microsoft Global Senior vice president, Greater China Region Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Hele (Ralph haupter) in the Microsoft Big Data Strategy conference speech above is excerpt from yesterday Microsoft in Beijing launches its big data strategy the scene to play ...

4 reasons companies embrace open source

When developers think of open source, they only associate "free" with nothing else.   Because in general, people don't pay much attention to technologies that make them free to use and have little license restrictions. Now, when companies think of open source, they immediately think of "business agility."   In the face of today's rapidly changing market, enterprises pay more and more attention to "business flexibility", and put it in the first place in the development of enterprises. The relevant IT industry people say, using open source technology, can quickly and effectively develop new applications, but also to save costs, which makes Xu ...

3 C reporter's Intelligent life

The birth of mobile Internet, so that people's lives and work has undergone tremendous changes. As a 3 C journalist, they first sensed the upheaval, first discovering the joys of life, and thus becoming one of the most influential consumers of mobile internet.  Here, we choose 3 3C journalists "blog" to see in their eyes, what the mobile Internet is like, their lives have changed.  Mobile Internet: Four years of life-changing growth road Tags: mobile Internet Category: What is an Internet phone? At a dinner, when Lu Jia ...

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