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Private cloud just "chicken ribs"?

Absrtact: Cloud Computing announces the end of the era of device-centric computing, replacing it with an interconnection-centric computing approach. Cloud computing is not a castle in the clouds to win praise.  But at this point it architects will find themselves confronted with a thorny question of whether they should choose a public cloud or a private cloud. Google can be said to promote the public cloud is a strong promoter, and at home, due to the importance of privacy, major companies have tried to develop private cloud, which is contrary to the spirit of the cloud, but is the reality of the requirements. For cloud Computing's focus and distributed computing battle, maybe ...

Structural design analysis of anatomical twitter:twitter system

With the explosion of information, micro-blogging website Twitter was born. It is no exaggeration to describe Twitter's growth with the word "born". Twitter has grown from 0 to 66,000 since May 2006, when the number of Twitter users rose to 1.5 in December 2007. Another year, December 2008, Twitter's number of users reached 5 million. [1] The success of Twitter is a prerequisite for the ability to provide services to tens of millions of users at the same time and to deliver services faster. [2,3,4 ...

"Exclusive" one-week cloud: cool enough VS sued

In the past, the most common example of cloud computing is Amazon's EC2, S3, which seems to be outdated; the cloud, and what is often said, is Google, Eric Schmidt, who first proposed "Cloud computing" in 2006- This dizzy and cool concept, even today there are many people will be on the "cloud computing" many of the questions are blamed on the name above, too difficult to explain, and anything can be installed inside, will inevitably be treated as a cheat, even now the application has been compared to all ...

How will open developer of cloud computing industry platform Choose

The Internet industry not only has Microsoft, Apple, Google to build the eco-industrial chain, as well as Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba provides an open platform. In an environment where internet giants are already offering cloud computing services and dominating the lifeblood of the industry, it seems hard to be the next giant, but based on the open platform for cloud computing and the backdrop of mobile internet boom, developers can opt for an open platform to create another "angry bird", "Fruit Ninja", " The myth of Plants vs. Zombies. How do I choose Platform Access? How to make better use of cloud computing to meet your needs? This is a lot of developers and new ...

The new industrial chain built by internet

The internet is not only the eco-industrial chain built by Microsoft, Apple and Google, but also the open platform offered by Baidu and Alibaba. When internet giants start offering cloud computing services, and looking to dominate the industry, want to be the next leader, but based on the open platform for cloud computing and mobile internet boom background, developers can choose to access the corresponding open platform, create another with the "Angry Birds", "Fruit Ninja", " Plants vs. Zombies "think of similar myths. So how to choose the platform to access it? How to better use cloud computing to meet ...

How can you build an efficient service-oriented architecture?

"Editor's note" in the famous tweet debate: MicroServices vs. Monolithic, we shared the debate on the microservices of Netflix, Thougtworks and Etsy engineers. After watching the whole debate, perhaps a large majority of people will agree with the service-oriented architecture. In fact, however, MicroServices's implementation is not simple. So how do you build an efficient service-oriented architecture? Here we might as well look to mixrad ...

The promotion strategy of the Wedding service local website

The intermediary transaction Seo diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Seo,x writes which preface this article, you do not need to ask me, descrition the origin and why it is called descrition, the Big Bird does not know, also completely did not understand, this article just I as the SEO study, Completely for the application and write out the article, the experience inside, is I personally think the most practical, SEO is actually very simple, simple to everyone, as long as a little heart, you can certainly grasp the point, and now most of the so-called Professor Seo people, is deliberately ...

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