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You all understand wrong, O2O the most important thing is management

Saturday attended a O2O salon discussion, found a problem, O2O market is very large, but most of us do not understand what is O2O, this let the whole discussion online under the Enterprise promotion, on-line enterprise drainage, as well as the product network brand to shape a few problems on the turn, basically say not very clear what is called O2O,   So I need to comb the problem. First of all, the concept of O2O as a whole is a pseudo concept, because online and offline is a combination, is only a matter of degree and dominance. Many people take group buying as a typical O2O in fact there is a big misunderstanding ...

Search examples

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall 1, Chinese "information" the earliest source of the word no doubt, "etymology" is the best starting point for retrieval. Considering that we don't have a lot of reference books on hand, Google is the suboptimal choice for the starting point of the search. The machine is not a person, I will not directly in the search box input "The word of information from where first" to ask it. First Use 4 key words "The first word of information from" to test the search. Turned 2 pages, the first 20 pages seem to have none. If you write an article to the earliest source of information, it is estimated that ...

PGP key

The key may be the most important concept in PGP. A PGP key is a public key pair created by a user for a specific target. Generally speaking, a user creates a key to make a general connection with other people. All outgoing messages are signed with this key, and all incoming messages are decrypted with this key. There may be some confusion in key management at the beginning. The following sections describe the purpose and use of the key. 1. What is the first name? The previous example shows how easy it is to produce a key, and how easy it is to put any name in the key. This example illustrates the use of the name "Ruth Tho ..."

How to write a decent email?

Guide for people in the workplace, e-mail is an important way to communicate work, then there are some specifications for working email to follow? What are the issues to be aware of in writing and using English in Chinese? This article provides some references for you. The following is not a specification, but the summary of the mail, please make sure that according to their own company, the actual situation of the team into thinking, the content is too long, manual code word is not easy, in order to avoid impatient people mistakenly for me in the writing of the theory, first refined point of view 1. Make sure that things are understood. 2. Under the premise of 1.

Security of PGP

The use of security programs does not guarantee that your communication is secure. Even if you install one of the safest locks on the front door, thieves can still crawl in through the open window. Also, even with PGP, your computer may still be vulnerable. There are many famous attacks on PGP, and the following sections describe these attacks. However, these are by no means a complete list. Future attacks are likely to compromise all public-key cryptography technologies. This checklist just gives you an idea of what you need to do to protect your communications. 1. The most direct attack on PGP by brute force attacks is the key used by brute force attacks. Because...

One plus phone Liu Zuhu: restraint ambition home

Two months after the one plus press conference ended, Liu Zuhu still can not say that one plus cellphone has been successful despite the fact that the actual appointment number as of May 28 has reached 1.34 million. In his words, sales did exceed expectations, but the appointment is not equal to the actual sales, can only say that one plus has been sustaining the first threshold, the current problem to be solved is capacity, do not worry as some new brands do not sell Out of the question. Liu Zuhu is still anxious, and the first time last year, Tencent Technology, the same, the biggest concern of this Hubei Yankees or advocacy, born Liu Zuhu OPPO and large ...

Analysis of the key points of the search engine

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall with the rapid development of the Internet, the increase of web information, users in the information ocean to find their own information, like a needle in a haystack, search engine technology to solve this problem (it can provide users with information retrieval services). Search engine refers to the Internet to provide search services, such as Web sites, the server through the network search software (such as network search robot) or network login, etc., will be intemet on a large number of Web page information collected to the local, after adding ...

Yun Long: let you really understand how SEO in the end is how to operate

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall The last 2 months has been studying about SEO, or outside the chain that point,   The author site is also placed there for a period of time, some time ago I met 6 years ago a webmaster friend, by learning from the author I understand some of the truth, as well as learn a lot of practical experience not. Most webmasters should be clear ...

Micro-BO Electric dealers First Test water, millet benefited greatly

Sina Weibo before and after the listing, commercial attempts have been challenging, even if Ali shares, micro-bo payment through, "micro-bo Electric dealers" try to be in the state of low debugging water. May 8 Noon 12 o'clock, the Millet router microblogging session, in 95 seconds, 5000 unit price 699 yuan Millet router sold out. In the 3 days from the activity preheating to the sale, the total has more than 440,000 people to participate in the micro-blog appointment, the activity Micro-blog forwarding more than 460,000 times, the total exposure over 30 million times. This is Sina Weibo after the listing, the first real significance of the scale of closed-loop electric test water, its letter ...

Some principles of software design

In the past, we have introduced some principles of software development, such as the 10 commandments of high quality code and the UNIX design principles described in the UNIX legend (next article). I believe that you can learn from middle school some knowledge of design principles, as I said in the "How Do I Recruit procedures", a good programmer usually consists of its operational skills, knowledge level, experience level and ability four aspects. Here I would like to talk about some of the principles of design, I think these things belong to the long-term experience summed up knowledge. These principles should be understood by every programmer. But...

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