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Afternoon deployment: Securities stock index at 17700-17900 Point concussion

With the rebound of the stock index, Hong Kong stocks also rose more than 100 points in the morning, with a rise of more than 200 in the early part of the year, but the increase was narrowed after a delay of eight points. The Hang Seng index closed at 17,881 points at noon, up 104 points, an increase of 0.59%, and a half-day contract to only 31.6 billion yuan.  The brokerage material will fall between 17700-17900 points all day.  Japan's stock market and the South Korean stock market are all good, the former Rose 0.85%, the latter rose 0.56%. Ban, a joint director of Prudential Securities, believes that this morning, the city or unexpectedly did not fall back. He pointed out that in recent days ...

Hang Seng Index to rush high in the afternoon, now reported 18094 liters 208 points

Hong Kong stock Holidays after the preference, Hang Seng index this morning after the tens of eight points back to 17,834 repeatedly upward, after the opening of the afternoon to try high, the latest report 18,094 points, 208 points, the state-owned enterprise index rose 164 points, reported 10,348 points, the big city turnover of 49.6 billion yuan.  In blue-chip, the control (00005-HK) fell 0.8%, Mobile (00941-HK) rose 1.4%, the new Ground (00016-HK) fell 1.59%, long Real (00001-HK) fell 0.73%, HKEx (00388-HK) rose 1.02%. H shares ...

Hang Seng index down 82 points 17708

The index fell by 82 points, closing at 17,708 points, or 0.46%, and the state-owned companies fell 67 points, closed at 10,574, or 0.63%, and traded 52.512 billion Hong Kong dollars.  The week's drop of nearly 500 points has been a two-week slump. The market shocks without direction, Chinese shares with a-share fluctuations dominated today's trend. Chinese-funded insurance stocks and export stocks have a stronger trend. Property stocks split, China and the overseas and hang lung rise. Kowloon Warehouse, merchants and Wong Blue-chip.

The afternoon increase of the Hang Seng index is now reported at 17779 Liters and 524 points

Hong Kong stocks this morning after repeatedly up and down, the Hang Seng index after the opening of the afternoon suddenly pumped up to 17,886 Shun, the latest reported 17,779 points, 524 points, the state-owned enterprise index rose 317 points, reported 10,597 points, the big city turnover of 34.2 billion yuan.  In blue-chip, the control (00005-HK) rose 3.59%, the Mobile (00941-HK) rose 2.08%, the new Ground (00016-HK) rose 3.6%, the Long Real (00001-HK) rose 2.88%, the HKEx (00388-HK) rose 2.11%. H-Share, Guo Shou (02 ...)

China's CPI consistent composite index slows down in the third quarter

China News agency, Beijing, October 30 (Xinhua) China's central bank 30th released data showing that the three-quarter Chinese CPI consistent composite index slowed down, showing bottoming out, the central bank expects CPI to begin to rebound after the end of this year, inflation expectations continue to strengthen, but credit will remain high.  The central bank said that the three quarter CPI (consumer prices) year-on-year decline in the last quarter narrowed, the chain and the last quarter, two will become the bottom of the downward trend CPI, and PPI (industrial factory price) will be in the three quarter bottoming. When the survey of depositors in the quarter showed that the residents ' expectations for future price indices were up to ...

State-owned enterprises index fell 223 points at noon 50 Day line

State-owned Enterprises index repeatedly soft this morning, after several struggles to lose the 50-day line of important support, the noon fell 223 points, or 2.11%, close to 10,351 points, a half-day transaction of HK $7.88 billion, compared to last week significantly reduced. From the view of the city, the outer atmosphere is soft, and related funds to leave the Asian market two weeks of reports, all of the crackdown on market sentiment, while the mainland A shares in the IPO restart the news under the influence also see adjustment, to the state that no doubt worse, the technical state refers to the double top of the light form increasingly clear, once the neck line is also lost Mean future decline will further aggravate. The month point Falls 275 points to 10 ...

Hang Seng Index Low 46 o'clock open 17612

The index is 46 points early, opening 17,612 points. The state-owned enterprise index is 61 points lower, opening a report 10,514 points.

Economic data scarce today, the U.S. February NFIB Small Business confidence index slipped

Tuesday U.S. stock market slightly higher. Economic data is scarce today, and the US NFIB Small business confidence index fell in February. The global market is mostly depressed today.   The Chinese concept stocks were mixed up early in Tuesday, washing rice fell 6.48%. US-East Time March 11 09:31 (Beijing time March 11 21:31), the Dow Jones industrial average rose 10.73 points, reported 16,429.41, or 0.07%; the standard and poor 500 index rose 2.25, reported 1, 879.42, or 0.12%. The Nasdaq composite Index rose ...

The Dow and the S & P 500 index rose for the 8th consecutive week, with a third consecutive week of rising

Friday U.S. stocks closed mixed. The Dow and the S & P 500 were closed for the 8th consecutive week, with a third consecutive week of gains. Holiday sales began, including ebay and Amazon and other online retailers climbed. The Chinese concept stocks rose in Friday, with Macaulay Rising 22.82% US East November 29 13:00 (Beijing time November 30 02:00), the Dow Jones industrial average fell 11.11 points and closed at 16,086.22, down 0.07% The Nasdaq composite index rose 15.14 points, closed to ...

The H-Share index accumulated last week up to 6.51% future variables or increased

H-shares saw a sharp rise in H-shares last week, with the H-share index accumulating 6.51% per cent a week to 10428.19, the highest since September last year.  From the main stock, the strong performance of Chinese financial stocks has been an important positive factor in propping up the H-share index; But while the strong gains from the Chinese financial stocks are encouraging, there is no obvious support, thanks to the market-driven rally, which may be a variable for the overall market trend in the years to come. In addition to the Chinese-funded financial stocks, property stocks and shipping stocks are also ...

State-owned enterprise index back to 50-day rally 249 points at noon

State-owned Enterprises index morning, U.S. stocks awake sharp rebound, and the mainland A-shares continue to be strong, are the city to bring support, the state refers to the Rift high open 230 points, the recovery of the 50 days of the day, but due to lack of initiative to buy support, the wisdom of 10,565 points in the opening level narrow favoured, noon closed to 10,528 points, 249 points Or 2.43%, the turnover of only 7.88 billion Hong Kong dollars, trading in a quiet, unfavorable to rebound space hold too high expectations.  That is, the month refers to the rise of 228 points to 10,540 points, high water 11 points, the contract 15514. The constituent stocks of state-owned enterprises are almost all rebounded.

Index Research Institute: January 90% Urban new commodity housing turnover fell

Xinhua Tianjin, February 5, according to the latest monitoring of China Index Institute, in January 2010 monitored 30 cities, 90% city new commercial residential transactions fell, the total decline of about 46.42%, but Hainan Province Haikou, Sanya and other cities rose. Monitoring shows that the major cities in January, the total reduction in the volume of transactions, but the average price has not been suppressed. In the key cities, Tianjin gained the biggest, the chain Rose 12.01%, and Shanghai followed, the rise reached 8.71%. BEIJING, Shenzhen rose not more than 5%. BEIJING, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, four first-line price of the city to hold ...

Hang Seng Index half a 364-point report 17,343 pay 27.9 billion yuan

U.S. stocks are not developing, after a 96-point opening, the index fell from 425 to 17,282, and then narrowed back slightly to 17,343 points, 364 or 2.06%, and the state-owned enterprise index fell 223 or 2.11%, and reported 10,  351, the big city Half-day deal 27.9 billion yuan, the period refers to noon reported 17,299, fell 426 points, with the spot low water 45 points, the transaction 44,291 Zhang. (0005-HK) fell 1.52%, Hang Seng (00011-HK) slipped 1 ....

Hang Seng Index Low open 129 point 17956

Expert online real-time answer >> points to enter the HSI early 129 points, open a report 17,956 points.  The state-owned enterprise index is 97 points lower, opening a report 10,603 points. More Hong Kong stock information please check Sina Hong Kong stock channel >> Point this entry

WO-wheel view: Hong Kong sinks weak drag on HK stock index warrant

January 22 News, Hong Kong equities all day low to drive low, 1.99%, the fall of 21,000 points, overnight stocks fell sharply. Hong Kong Zhiyuan that the sharp setback will continue to bring heavy selling pressure on the weak Hong Kong stocks, there is still the possibility of continuing to dip in the short term, or will test the 20,000 points of support.  If you are optimistic about Hong Kong stock futures, you can pay attention to the Hang Seng index subscription card 20054, if you think that Hong Kong stocks or continue to find a bottom, you can pay attention to the Hang Seng Thursday Hong Kong equities all day low to go down, the early 93 points after a slight return to shun, and then the continued rise of the Hong Kong exchange of hot money away from Hong Kong worries heating up, HSI ...

A-share index climbed the first half of the "non-tradable" reduction sleeve is about 48 billion

In the index from 5000多 points all the way down to 1664 points in 2008, the "non-tradable shares" are often regarded as a scourge by market participants, many stocks in the restricted period before the arrival of a number of heavy drops of the Big Yin line is not uncommon.  So in the first half of the past 2009 years, with the index from 1820 points to 2,959 points, the size of the rose after the lifting of the 62.58% index has not slowed the pace of selling. Data from the statistics show that the 1-June, the total number of shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen were reduced by about 47.4.

US stocks rally in Wednesday, with the standard and Poor's 500 index approaching all-time highs

U.S. stocks surged in Wednesday, with the standard and Poor's 500 index approaching record highs. U.S. Senate leaders reached an agreement on raising the debt ceiling and restarting the government at noon in Wednesday, including a proposal to reopen the government's debt ceiling deadline until January 15 to February 7.   The Chinese concept stocks rose by a majority in Wednesday, with the rise of 12.35%. As of the close, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 205.76 points to 15373.77, or 1.36%. The Nasdaq composite index rose 45.42 points ...

This week's index suffered its biggest single week decline since August

Friday U.S. stock market generally higher. The index suffered its biggest one-week decline since August. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the budget agreement. Market speculation the Fed could shrink QE next week.   The Chinese concept stocks rose by a majority in Friday and the blue Flood surged 18.09%.   The Dow Jones total was down 1.7% and the S & P index was down 1.7%, with a 1.5% per cent drop in total. US-East Time December 13 16:00 (Beijing time December 14 05:00), the Dow Jones industrial average rose 15.93 points, closed to 15,755.36 ...

Optimize MySQL statements with ORDER BY by index

Several guidelines on the establishment of the index: 1, a reasonable indexing can speed up the efficiency of data reading, but unreasonable indexing will slow down the database response speed. 2, the more the index, the slower the update data. 3, try to use the index when using MyIsam as an engine (because MySQL uses BTree to store indexes), not InnoDB. But MyISAM does not support Transcation. 4, when your program and database structure / SQL statement has been optimized to the extent that can not be optimized, and the program bottleneck can not be successfully resolved, then ...

Nginx Module Reference Manual: Random index Module (Random index)

If you want to use these modules, you must specify the relevant compilation parameters at compile time. Select a random home from the directory: Sample configuration: Location/{random_index on; Directive Random_index syntax: Random_index [On|off] Default: Off use field: Location If specified in the specified location, the files in the specified directory are scanned for each request, and a random selection is substituted for index.html, but ...

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