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Let education "cloud" up

In Ethiopia on the African continent, more than 250,000 of teachers and students are enjoying the services that cloud computing brings-free apps and high quality course resources. Similarly, in Finland at the northern end of the globe, children from 57 rural schools are collaborating and creating using the rich online learning environment provided by cloud computing. Cloud computing has been quiet from the noisy concept of a few years ago, is quietly into our side, changing our lives and learning. First, the understanding of cloud computing there are many kinds of explanations about cloud computing, some under the definition, some general description. Different people stand in different perspectives ...

Private cloud just "chicken ribs"?

Absrtact: Cloud Computing announces the end of the era of device-centric computing, replacing it with an interconnection-centric computing approach. Cloud computing is not a castle in the clouds to win praise.  But at this point it architects will find themselves confronted with a thorny question of whether they should choose a public cloud or a private cloud. Google can be said to promote the public cloud is a strong promoter, and at home, due to the importance of privacy, major companies have tried to develop private cloud, which is contrary to the spirit of the cloud, but is the reality of the requirements. For cloud Computing's focus and distributed computing battle, maybe ...

In the cloud computing world, developers and managers cannot ignore each other

Last week, David Linthicum of the Info World website published an article on the importance of it fundamentals, emphasizing that it can help you better in the area of cloud computing. In this article, linthicum that if you don't have a good understanding of the traditional enterprise IT environment, don't expect much success from cloud computing. In this article, I want to further expand his view, and as server virtualization flourishes, I see a broader trend. Once upon a time, when the server ...

How Cloud Applications Let Me Trust You

Last April, Satoshi Nakajima, founder of Big Canvas Inc. in Washington, ardently invited new users to use the company's flagship PhotoShare, which allows users to swap iPhone photos for free. However, just three months later, Nakajima expressed its sincere apologies to users. He apologized not because of product problems, nor because of the poor quality of customer service or other problems frequently encountered by start-ups, but because PhotoShare and its 50,000 users are becoming cloud computing service providers.

Farewell to "foggy" small and medium enterprises public cloud landing

Cloud? It is a big enterprise to enjoy the strength of services, for our small and medium enterprises is still a concept. "At present, cloud computing in the world does not have a unified, unanimously recognized definition, from the major enterprises and organizations derived from the concept of cloud computing countless, but there are few practical products and services to support." This makes the cutting-edge technology not deep understanding of the small and medium-sized enterprises to cloud computing produced "there is a cloud on the horizon, like the fog like rain and wind" fuzzy understanding, most of them did not feel the cloud for the enterprise brought ...

Cloud computing is in great demand at this stage

At the Techonomy meeting a few years ago, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said vividly when attending the discussion that the information we create every two days now is about the same as the information we have created throughout 2003. The proliferation of information has led to a series of technological breakthroughs, but it has also extended the organization's data storage to hundreds of billions of bytes and beyond. Google's contribution in this area is particularly prominent, including its work on MapReduce, which is almost a large distributed data processing ...

National software and integrated circuit public service platform cloud storage Service Platform (Langfang) set up

National software and integrated circuit public service platform cloud storage Service Platform (Langfang) listing ceremony and "2012 Cloud storage Industrialization Development High-end seminar" October 22, 2012 in the moist international info port held. Deputy Director of National Informatization Advisory Committee Hongren, Ministry of Software and integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) director Chu Shanqin, Hebei Province Ministry of Industry and Letters Wang Fuqiang Inspector, Langfang deputy mayor Guchiang, Langfang Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee deputy Director Marchenwang, Moist Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhou Sunan and other government leaders, experts and scholars and business leaders to attend ...

7 Ways to teach you how to deploy cloud backups

Do IT industry people know that the regular backup of important documents and data is how difficult things, and financial every end of the year to do the report like, no one will be willing to take the initiative to stand this muddy water, and even think of this topic, you will not have the appetite. The solution is not small for us, some solutions are better than others, but the less disruptive the backup, the higher the automation and the higher the reliability, the better. This is a prerequisite for backup performance. Although the recent period of cloud computing like hot potato, fire to no, but the use of the cloud to back up or there are some defects ...

Q Cloud Domain name sell 250,002 CN domestic note

It is reported that the following cloud domain name to 30,000 U.S. dollars after the transaction, the overseas market recently has a cloud domain name transaction, domain name 39,500 US dollar transaction, about RMB 250,000 yuan. Cloud system clouds, clouds, clouds, and other meaning, and the letter "Q" can be seen as the domestic most fire instant messenger Tencent QQ brand, domain name Terminal Commercial Very high, the domain name in July 2003 registration, domain name Buyers identity temporarily unclear, cloud technology is the future ...

Cloud security technology has begun to bear fruit

Cloud security technology as a new generation of technology concepts, making the Internet security field has been a comprehensive impact, a wave of technology updates followed. More and more enterprises try and use cloud security technology, making Internet users form a powerful alliance of offense and defense. Faced with the network security revolution brought by cloud security technology, many manufacturers and experts have disputed the development and pros and cons of it. However, according to the survey, cloud security technology has begun to bear fruit. In the first half of 2010, the global Internet security environment has been comprehensively improved, which is an important milestone in the anti-virus industry. According to Rising "2010 first half of each other ...

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