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A good car with no worries announced and come to the stage to achieve cooperation in the installment of second-hand cars

January 27 News, the second-hand car O2O trading platform is announced and to achieve a phased cooperation to jointly launch used cars installment, 0 interest rate activities. The good car worry-free and to stage the introduction of the activities include: Support owner down 50%, phased 12 period of 0 interest rate car.   The preferential activities mainly for the Internet white-collar people, as long as the internet companies, and has completed a round of financing of the company's employees can participate in the event. Good car worry-free founder Pengcheng said the launch of the event, on the one hand, because of car Internet finance ...

The central bank issued the fifth batch of third-party payment licenses

Beijing Commercial Daily (Reporter Yan Jin) Yesterday afternoon, the central bank hung up the fifth installment of third-party payment licenses on its website. The approved enterprises totaled 19, including 8 in Guangdong, 3 in Beijing, 3 in Shandong, 1 in each of Chongqing, Hubei, Guangxi, Shaanxi and Xinjiang, among which there are still many shadow companies behind. Earlier, the central bank issued a total of four batches of third-party payment licenses, as early as May 18, 2011 27 units approved; August 29, 2011 13 units approved; December 22, 2011 61 units approved ; June 27, 2012 95 units by ...

Describe the common features of Java next-generation languages Clojure, Scala, and groovy

In the previous installment, I introduced the innovative way in which the next generation of Java language was used to eliminate the flashy things and complexities in the Java language. In this installment, I'll show how these languages eliminate some of the flaws in Java: exceptions, statements and expressions, and the edge of the ">null." The expression Java language inherits from the C language ...

Planning Skills for studying abroad

Study abroad Financial planning skills. It's the first semester of the year. Most students continue to move towards further studies, while some families choose to let their children study abroad. Of course, before studying abroad must be well planned, especially in the cost of the need to plan well, if too little fear of children not enough to spend, too much fear of children spending recklessly. So it is necessary to master some financial skills of studying abroad. First of all, we can avoid exchange rate risk by adopting the method of installment purchase. Studying abroad must be more convenient to exchange RMB into local currency. So there is a problem of exchange rate. In recent years, people ...

Banks watch the real estate market control New Deal

⊙ reporter Zhou Peng peak 0 editor Chujiang five Ministries "further strengthen the land transfer revenue and expenditure management Notice" Further highlights the government's determination to control the property market, but the close relationship with the property market banks are now holding a quo posture. For "developers take a down payment not less than 50%, installment term in principle does not exceed 1 years" This property market New deal, the bank reaction seems more insipid. A joint-stock bank in charge of the relevant person in the interview even said that the policy has not yet been aware of the meaning. And a state-owned Bank of risk management people also said that the bank's real estate development loan is not ...

Affordable housing is difficult to sell experts call for the right remedy

2009, due to "sell difficult" resulting in less than 70% of the housing occupancy rate, Urumqi affordable sales again embarrassed: Buy the first day still appear many families abandon purchase or absence of the scene. From the initial large-scale construction to the yearly compression, from the completion of a building affordable occupancy rate is not high to a family "hope room sigh", as a safeguard housing construction affordable does not seem to have been due to welcome. Experts urged that the government should expeditiously affordable "sell difficult" the right remedy, to include affordable, including the housing policy to improve and perfect, and effectively solve the low-income housing difficulties of the masses "live ...

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