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Intel starts shipping Next generation of Itanium® server processor

February 4, according to foreign media reports, Intel said in Tuesday, after many years of delays and development issues to suspend the product, Intel has started shipping code-named "Tukwila" of the new itanium® processor. The Itanium chip is a 64-bit processor designed to run fault-tolerant servers that require high uptime. Intel said in its blog that the official launch time for the chip was in the first quarter of this year. "Tukwila" is by far the fastest Itanium processor.  It adds a number of performance and architectural enhancements to improve system performance. Intel said in its blog ...

Sun and Intel Partner products start, push fire x4450/4150

At the China Station on Sun and Intel's Global Roadshow, Sun and Intel started a collaborative product, using the four-core intel® xeon® processor with the Sun Fire X4450 and Sun Fire X4150 server optimized for the Solaris operating platform, enabling Intel's xeon®     Processors and Sun's Solaris OS extended to a wider range of applications. As the crystallization of cooperation between the two sides, Sun Fire X445 ...

The Intel Mobile Internet revolution has not yet succeeded

Intel announced early this morning that Paul Otellini, the company's chief executive, will resign as chief executive officer and director of the annual shareholder meeting next May, and that the company's management alternating plan will be formally launched and completed within the next 6 months. According to Intel's company law, Otellini was supposed to retire after four years, and the era of Otellini had already fallen ahead.   Notably, Otellini is the only CEO in Intel's history to retire without being chairman. Since May 2005 from the hands of Clegg Berett ...

Calxeda ARM chip for the server to prepare

Guide: While Intel is grumbling about servers with ARM processors, the upstart-server chip maker Calxeda in the processor arena will not give Intel Sole power over the word. While Intel is grumbling about servers with ARM processors, the upstart-server chip maker Calxeda in the processor arena will not give Intel Sole power over the word. They must build an ecosystem of hardware and software partners who believe that Low-power 32-bit ARM server platforms can occupy a niche in the data center. In order to achieve this goal, ...

AMD's new CEO faces both sides of Intel and arm

AMD CEO Courville lead: US it website pc today wrote that the new AMD CEO Courville (Rory Reed) will face both sides of Intel and arm in the PC and mobile market.  The following is the full article: The challenge for Courville, who has just been named AMD CEO, is to reverse the company's mobile strategy and compete with Intel and arm. AMD began looking for its new CEO in January this year, which said in Thursday that it had hired Lenovo Executive Courville as its new CEO. Courville before ...

AMD executives reveal two major events related to Intel's competitive history

Beijing time May 26 afternoon news, according to foreign media reports, AMD responsible for legal affairs of senior Vice President Tom Mccoy (Tom McCoy) in the media interview revealed the AMD and Intel competition in the history of two key events. In an interview, McCoy said there were two key events in Intel's history of AMD that were caused by Intel and that the company violated the law. According to McCoy, Intel provoked the first incident in 1999, when AMD released the Athlon architecture. He said, "When we look back at the English ...

Re-examine cost efficient Enterprise Tower Server Shopping Guide

In the slow economic development today, many IT managers and procurement personnel are facing this confusion: how to re-examine the cost, reliability, availability, manageability, scalability and other factors in the server purchase process weight. At this stage, enterprise IT managers face multiple pressures and challenges, with business-level competition and innovation pressures forcing CIOs to find ways to ensure that IT systems can stabilize, flexibly support business continuity, and enhance enterprise competitiveness; On the other hand, it should have the complexity of the IT system itself.

Cloud computing trends: Looking at server and storage integration

Looking at every stage of it development, whether mainframe, minicomputer, or later in the PC, Internet age, we all find that the subversion of it usage thinking and patterns leads to a big change in technology trends. In fact, the concept of cloud computing began to be gradually known, that is, it "> Technology development has a far-reaching impact, The concept of highly virtualized resources and the ability to provide services to users immediately on demand ...

HP launches new server for social mobile cloud and large data

April 16, 2013, Beijing-Hewlett-Packard today launched the world's first commercial HP lunar system (HP moonshot systems), saving 89% more energy than traditional servers, saving up 80% of space, and reducing costs by 77%, further improving the economic benefits of infrastructure. At present, many data centers are difficult to expand further, subject to the economic benefits of traditional infrastructure.   The HP Moon-landing server is the first step in a corporate breakthrough. HP president and Http:// ...

Oracle New Middleware Cloud server Exalogic x4-2 appeared

"Tenkine Server channel December 21 News" Oracle has launched Oracle exalogic Middleware Cloud Server x4-2. The integrated system integrates more powerful hardware and software to deliver superior processing performance, large memory capacity, and a comprehensive application deployment architecture. These architectures can be deployed on an optimized single integrated system. Oracle Exalogic Integrated Systems provide the ultimate performance, reliability, and scalability of Oracle, Java, and other enterprise applications by integrating hardware and software, while mentioning ...

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