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Two good directions for the bright future of the Internet

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host technology Hall from a few years ago the coquettish Peerless, to today's downturn, the fate of China's internet ups and downs, affecting the hearts of countless people. China's internet industry, this is not only the website, but also has become the government departments, business circles, the theoretical research community and other issues of common concern. At the same time, it is also a large number of private capital concerned about the topic. The internet is a big concept, including a variety of technologies, content services, intermediary services business, the most important is with ...

Gao Wenrong: Three directions of China Unicom Data Center transformation and upgrade

The 2nd Annual "2012 China Data Center Industry Development Conference" was held in Beijing on the 20,112-month 17th, and Gao Wenrong, Vice general manager of Unicom System Integration Co., shared the development status of IDC and the next development plan. Gao Wenrong said that China Unicom's data center is also facing a transition problem, the transition of Unicom data center is now moving in three directions. The first is to clear the function of the data center positioning, to high-end professional room to move forward. The second is the discovery of a dedicated cloud computing data center. The third aspect is to build a national shared disaster preparedness ...

China Mobile to deploy enterprise and enterprise users cloud computing four application directions

"Cheat" is some people in the industry for the "cloud" evaluation of the status quo, and even to "cloud" for the main business of the company has closed, is "cloud" really still only stay in the "cheat" stage?   Li Xiaowen, deputy manager of China Mobile Group Customer Marketing Service, gave a negative answer to the question during the 2011 Mobile Internet International Symposium. "Cloud" is not a bluff, "cloud" is a combination of many revolutionary technologies and business model innovation. "Li Xiaowen said. These revolutionary technologies include cluster construction, virtualization ...

China Unicom detailed Zheiyun service path: Positioning "cloud four" exerting force five Directions

The rapid development of information has injected new activities into the global economy which is in the doldrums, and cloud computing has developed rapidly as a typical representative of the next generation of information technology. With the gradual popularization of cloud computing and virtualization technology, information industry is facing a major technological revolution. In this environment, cloud computing is rapidly applied to many areas, the industrial chain gradually mature. At home, cloud computing has been widely concerned by the state. In "Twelve-Five" national Strategic Emerging Industry Development plan, the cloud Computing project has been included in the 20 major projects of new industries. Meanwhile, this May, by the branch ...

The characteristics of International cloud computing standardization

At present, the International "> Cloud computing standardization has the following three features: 1. ISO actively participates in the development of cloud computing standards At present, international standards organizations are actively involved in the work of the relevant standards of cloud computing, including the establishment of a working group/theme Group or Joint working Group to develop the relevant standards of cloud computing. Traditional IT standards organizations or industry alliances have also joined the cloud computing standards ...

Hu Jintao: Promoting and participating in the reform of the international financial system

The picture is President Hu Jintao.  (Photo: Xinhua) President Hu Jintao received a joint interview with Chinese and foreign media in Moscow 18th to answer questions from Russian Russian-Tass, Hong Kong Phoenix satellite TV and CCTV reporters on the development direction of SCO and strengthening strategic cooperation between China and Russia. In response to a reporter's question on Sino-Russian relations and their development prospects, Hu Jintao pointed out that the strategic partnership between China and Russia has been developing healthily and stably for 13 years. High-level exchanges between the two sides, political mutual trust continues to strengthen, in relation to each other's sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, national security and other core benefits ...

Cloud computing War China: International giants landing public cloud

June the words of the editor of the War on Clouds/a battle over the cloud in the Chinese market. On the December 18, 2013, Amazon's Public cloud services AWS (Amazon WEB Services) announced a limited preview of its China Regional cloud computing platform service. Through extensive cooperation with the industry chain, the world's largest cloud services provider-Amazon's public cloud services will officially land in China. Although the previous Microsoft, IBM's public cloud has first landed, but the landing of the Amazon, whether Microsoft, IBM and other international giants, or Tencent, Baidu, Ali ...

China Cloud Computing follows the international pace toward the mature stage of actual business

Cloud computing has been more than five years into the world of vision for all of us, with a large number of Internet-related products and services tagged as cloud concepts during these five years. Through its rich experience, Alistair Croll, an authoritative cloud computing expert, has expressed his opinion that cloud computing is finally coming to a relatively mature stage. In the Chinese market, after experiencing all kinds of unscrupulous and flyy speculation, the concern for the cloud computing we have begun to return to the rational up, from the concept of pure communication to technology applications. Although relative to the United States ...

Website design analysis: "Chinese style design" in three directions

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall today, Chinese designers have a great opportunity to learn about the success stories and failures around the world, but at the same time, their rich and pluralistic culture is gradually neglected and single in the rapid development of the economic trend (except catering culture), for the public, has become   A superficial symbol, Chinese designers face the west, there is not enough cultural self-confidence. Whether it is out of the traditional elements and ideas, following foreign "international Masters ..."

Ten directions for effective promotion of website operation

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall website construction promotion 10 points attention one, seizes the new century development strategic stronghold whatever business you do, you can't ignore the importance of the Internet.   In fact, as long as you look online, you may be surprised to find that your competitor's "Web page" has already been posted on the Internet. Second, the establishment of a new corporate image on the internet, corporate image no longer by scale, strength, number, performance, reputation 、...

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