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International Herald Leader: Wenzhou Fried Housing Regiment temporarily dissolved

After the introduction of the property market, many plans to "go to the Battle" Wuhan, Zhuhai, Hangzhou, Dalian and other land purchase groups, home buyers are automatically dissolved, but the vast majority of Wenzhou property investors did not exit the property market, "International Herald Leader" reporter Heping, Zhang Yi from Wenzhou, Hangzhou, "I am still watching the state's regulatory efforts and sustainability." "Recently, do not want to disclose the name, has been buying more than one set of investment house in Wenzhou, said Wang. Xiao Wang's mentality in Wenzhou's speculation is very representative, from the Wenzhou SME Association news that, at present, although a small number of people in Beijing, Shanghai and so on ...

German companies to intercept Chinese fruit juice Truth Investigation: The event is non-existent

"Chinese fruit juice in Germany is blocked" report caused widespread concern in the country, but the International Herald leader in Germany after in-depth investigation, the results of the reporter deeply helpless May 22, a "Chinese fruit juice encounter German companies together to fight" reports of the domestic media, reported that Chinese fruit juice in Germany because of the best-selling attracted dissatisfaction,  By the three famous German beverage companies joint sniper, the latter will jointly release the "Do Not drink Chinese juice" ads. As soon as the report was released, the domestic people were outraged, and discussions on trade protection became the focus again. At the same time, the International Herald Herald ...

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