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Audio-Visual CTO Yeoh Eng-Kiong: Mobile video in the cloud

The first China cloud Computing conference was opened in June 2013 5-7th at the Beijing National Convention Center. The Conference, with an international perspective, insights into global cloud computing trends, and from the application, explore cloud computing and large data, cloud computing and mobile Internet, cloud security and cloud computing industry applications, such as the focus of the topic. In particular, the Conference has set up a cloud computing services display area, exchange the latest research results of international cloud computing, showcase domestic cloud computing pilot City development achievements, share cloud computing development experience, promote global cloud computing innovation cooperation. With the popularity of mobile terminals, more and more Internet users began to heat ...

CES is about to Open, Alibaba International Site Reshapes Global Trade with Digital

Under the digital empowerment of (Alibaba International Site), this year's exhibitors will experience a sci-fi digital trade scene. Alibaba International Site is China's largest and world-renowned cross-border trading platform.

Creativity, launch and monitoring of internet advertising

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall strictly speaking, the global Internet development time is not more than 8 years, but its leaping growth speed is the traditional media many many times. According to the U.S. Internet advertising agency, in 1995, Internet advertising turnover of only 37 million U.S. dollars, 1997 has reached 900.65 million U.S. dollars, 1998 to increase to 2 billion of dollars.   Such a growth rate is the traditional media in 100 years or decades of development in the past unprecedented.   What exactly does internet advertising do? First of all...

NetEase hand-off attack E3 international strategic layout is clear

The United States E3 known as the "annual Olympic Games electronic entertainment event," is the world's largest and most famous interactive entertainment show, during which top game manufacturers from all over the world are gathered in the United States west coast city of Los Angeles. This year, the Chinese game giant NetEase Corporation also came to the scene, bringing 7 new mobile games debut in the international arena. Since the second half of 2013 Netease announced the opening of the international strategy, have participated in the G-star Korea International Game Show and the United States GDC Game Developers Conference and the release of the establishment of overseas branches in South Korea and North America plans to attack the international market and ...

Ling computers speed up attacks on the international market with cloud services

"We have long regarded Microsoft as a major partner because it treats Taiwan the most and makes us, like the US and the rest of the world, in the" > The first time we can get the latest products and technical information, there is no digital gap, to ensure our international competitiveness. Therefore, when choosing a cloud platform, we naturally choose Windows Azure as the first choice. "Michael Ling Egrets ...

Bean Network Boutique App recommendation No. 325: International Sleep Day

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] Secret Dive + blasting "Demolition Jack" landing on the Android platform when you travel in outer space, being caught by aliens is a big risk. In the newly released dynamite Jack, the player acts as a hapless egg that was taken by an alien to dig a mine, without any guns, the only ones that could be used were mine-digging flashlights and bombs. "Demolition Jack" is a 2D overlooking angle action game, the player ...

Giant and 360 platform to launch the unprovoked game of the "Thousand Army" into one of the focus

In this conference call, Morgan Stanley, Bank of China International, Citigroup and other investment bank analysts on the giants of micro-end technology, gratuitous and web game issues such as the topic, including the prospects and layout of online games, end-travel and the development of the strength of the page to compare, market operations and cooperation details. Giant network Vice President Guixe in answer questions to the online games micro-end of the very optimistic, he said, "micro-end is the inevitable trend of the entire industry development, in this is not only" Journey 2 ", including the company's existing end-trip and future release of the end of the tour, may be most of the use of micro-end technology. "He recognized ...

Internet TV Speed-increasing industry to develop commercial bottleneck to essay

The first batch of three Internet television licences have finally settled, CCTV International (CNTV), Shanghai SMG and Hangzhou Hua number of media 3 operators are ready to start writing Internet television field of the opening masterpiece.  At the same time, in the color TV manufacturers, TCL has publicly indicated that the attitude of the media, and Tsinghua Tongfang received from the cntv of the olive branch, in addition to Tcl, Tsinghua Tongfang, Hisense, Skyworth and other domestic color TV manufacturers are also actively in preparation. "We will choose the right operators to work together to develop the domestic internet TV market." "Yesterday, the general manager of Hisense Electrical Appliances Liu ...

3G full definition _3g exactly what it means.

In this basic knowledge area I've seen an administrator send a complete introduction to WiFi (WAI-FAI) without the more popular 3G, one of which is the internet of things, 2165&cid=17 for everyone more detailed understanding 3G I conveniently in Baidu know excerpt down after all, people say already good enough we don't need to modify the counter ...

Network brand naming strategy

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall one mentions "Benz", people think of cars made in Germany; when it comes to "Fuji," people associate Japanese film; when it comes to Coca-Cola, people associate it with carbonated beverages in the United States;   People will naturally "Alibaba" and "network business" linked up, visible, brand name is the representative of the brand, is the soul of the brand, embodies the brand's personality and characteristics. Good brand name can not only cause the unique association of consumers, ...

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