International Left-handed Day

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International left-handed day: Experts remind the essence of child development is "Shun"

If the home child is left-handed, will you forcibly correct it? August 13 is the "International Left-Handed Day." Experts remind that the essence of cultivating children lies in "smoothness." As long as the use of the left hand does not result in any inconvenience in living and communication, it is appropriate for them to follow their natural cultivation. If forced to correct, there is the possibility of aggravating the conflict between parent-child relationship. Heilongjiang Province, a counselor said the psychological counseling, visiting cases, "parents correct children left-handed" is visible. Children are ready to use the left hand, but in their parents, "scold scold" to the right hand, over time easy to produce psychological confusion, more children suffer from stuttering. After watching, children in parents do not ...

International Left-Handed Day, tells you about those left-handed

Life newspaper reporter Liang Qian Sheng Intern Shen Cheng core tips August 13 is the international left-handed day, 15% of the world's people are left-handed, among them, we are all familiar with Einstein, Newton, Marie Curie, Soccer Star Card Los ... And there are a lot of left-handed people around us, for left-handed people, they have in their daily lives interesting and dilemma? Left and right people, count as left-handed? Left-handed people must correct it? Or allow children to develop freely? In this regard, August 13, the reporter launched an interview. Home left-handed 4-year-old girl "ugly duckling" read as "duck small ...

International Left-Handed Day: Increased probability of left-handed birth of a born baby in winter

A study by the University of Vienna points out that winter babies born have a higher chance of being left-handed, which is related to the daylight the mother receives during her pregnancy. Sinochem's Reuters comprehensive media coverage, August 13 by many countries left-handed organizations called "International Left-Handed Day." Many famous people, including former U.S. President Bill Clinton, current President Oba, and Microsoft Computer founder Bill Gates, are left-handed individuals who have made the public more clever left-handed. In fact, only about 10% of the world's population is left-handed, while the influence of people left-handed or right-handed reasons have different opinions; Austrian dimension ...

International Southpaw Day tells you a special story

Sina Weibo @ Zhicheng - Yang Xuelu: August 13, International Left-Handed Day, I would like to tell a special left-hander story on this special occasion. In 2005, I was overjoyed by the birth of a son, can be checked and found that the son does not have the right palm. Once I was worried about the child's future life, but the good news is that nine years, the child with his left hand and other children with his right hand is no different, please give him a encouraging smile! Come on! Dad love you! @ Wuhan Evening News reporter interview: This is a special interview, the reporter as far as possible to avoid some sensitive words and questions ...

International left-handed day, experts suggest not to be forced to correct

On August 13, the official micro-blog of People's Daily launched the interactive topic of "International Lefthander Day Hello, Left-handed", so that the left-handers hidden in the "darkness" of the weekday showed their true appearance afterward and finally found the organization. User @ TangChen Regret their own left-handed parents to correct: "I used to be left-handed, abruptly changed over by the mother, and said more than tears." Some people put me left-handed I am proud of the attitude of friends @ Beijing Yu Bo: "I am left-handed, I speak for left-handed people!" Forced to correct or cause depression, according to Zhu Hongmei, director of the University Hospital, left ...

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