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Ubuntu does not enter the graphical interface but can access the console solution

General into the system after the black screen, press ctrl+alt+f1 into the console (do not restart into XP, so that others teach you how to operate, you do not have the means of immediate response) can enter the recover mode can also log into the network (for ADSL, the implementation of Sudo pppoeconf) about other internet problems self-resolved settings source can be like me (see Attachment) with other systems to advance the sources file, this is the source of 704 feisty I default is CN99 source, others in front with "#" Note ...

Tokyo video games Show Impressions: Host game is still strong

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall with the rapid development of mobile Game (mobile game), sing the voice of the console Game (host game) constantly gush, Microsoft and Sony two giants related business performance of the bad performance seems to indicate console Game is in decline. But this year, Sony and Microsoft have launched PS4 and Xbox One to allow many players to regain their passion, Sony and Microsoft in support of second-hand games, host price war and even the genuine introduction of the Chinese mainland, such as frequency ...

The future of the car who is the boss: the Internet and car companies scramble for fat

In the mobile internet era, the closer the person's body to the terminal terminals more likely to produce opportunities, so there is a previous smartphone outbreak, the current smart wear products, the hero of the competing. In the face of a menacing mobile wave, the car scene under the control screen dispute, is flowing. Statistics show that, from a global perspective, the average car user's daily use of 1.5 hours. In addition, the use of separate vehicles within the scene, so that more cars, Internet enterprises to join in the future trend of automotive development. New players have started March 11, Apple officially pushed iOS 7.1 update, increased ...

Three trends in the future of mobile internet

Regardless of the sky-high miracle of foreign Instagram and Whatsapp or the unconscionable acquisition of the domestic BAT big giants, the huge dividend brought by the mobile Internet has brought the global capital and attention to a link - Mobile. Two days before the Mobile Internet Conference held in Beijing, it is simply the ocean of young people. If Internet companies are young companies, then mobile Internet companies may be a collection of younger people, so young and therefore more passionate . However, despite the "up" elevator on the mobile Internet, it still can not be reached if ...

The concept of home internet continues to be hot

Hou Jiyong, the reporter in Beijing, reported that the concept of home internet has been hot and hot, but so far only a concept. Starting with the hardware, starting with the software, starting with a single application, but did not find a way to reach the home Internet. July 16, Alibaba announced its own unique path: full Internet service spawned home Internet. Alibaba released the same day that the home Internet service includes four aspects: First, electricity providers, magic shopping; Second, the game, Ali called the "cloud game"; third is instant messaging and social networking, that is, video chat; Fourth, services Voice access to information acquisition. ...

China's online game market, host games or into a high-speed growth point

Microsoft China announced that it will hold an Xbox One press conference on July 30 to promote the launch in September. After June 30, the Bank of China, the Microsoft Xbox one, won the national 3C certification, and released the new regulations of the State Council early this year, from the technical point of view to abolish the "June 2000" on the implementation of special governance views of the video game business premises notice "( Commonly known as game console ban) to solve the final problem. Shanghai Free Trade Zone has attracted more companies to enter, well-known Chinese Internet operator BesTV (BesTV) and Microsoft jointly set up a joint ...

Why do cars need Internet thinking?

Why do cars need Internet thinking? The author of the car 2012, was equipped with an advanced car GPS navigation and built-in maps. Two years later, the original built-in map has expired, coincided with the introduction of a new version of the map, the author ran to 4S shop ready to upgrade. But the shopkeeper's words surprised the author: 1400 Yuan charge! I very do not understand is that, since the map is with the car configuration, then the use of software should also be included in the car price, with what software upgrades to pay? Whose software updates will be charged again? Too expensive? Want to download a new map installation yourself? No way, because the car ...

China's online game market growth stabilized host game or into a high-speed growth point

Today, Microsoft China announced that it will hold an Xbox One press conference on July 30, actively promoting it in September. Following the June 30, the Bank of China's Microsoft Xbox one won the national 3C certification, combined with the State Council promulgated the new regulations at the beginning of the year, from a technical point of view for the abolition of the June 2000 "on the implementation of special advice on the management of video game venues notice" (commonly known as game consoles Ban) solved the last hurdle. Shanghai FTZ has attracted more and more enterprises to enter, among which China's well-known Internet operator BesTV and Microsoft co-founded a joint venture.

Internet of things in Giants ' eyes: from concept to landing

Smart wear equipment, unmanned technology, an app that can monitor and improve sleep quality, networked bottles that can detect the nutritional intake of young children, golf detectors that can analyze the difference between swing movements and pros, smart costumes, Internet smoke detectors ...   All this means that in the 2015 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the Internet of things has begun to fall from the concept to the ground and into our lives. "The new personal computing experience, the rise of smart interconnected devices, and the revolution in wearable equipment are redefining the relationship between consumers and technology." "Intel public ...

Manage DHCP server to lighten the burden of enterprise network administrator

In a larger network of work environment, network administrators can not find an effective way to manage and maintain the network, then his work efficiency will become very low, without reducing the quality of the work of the network administrator will become more intense. Then how should network administrator for their own burden, let oneself from the frequent simple labor liberation? In fact, good at managing a DHCP server is a good way to lighten the network management of the DHCP server, the entire process of the establishment of the most critical, reasonable settings can really make the Internet management once and for all! 1. Set the lease term ...

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