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State Internet Information Office announces second batch of illegal shutdown sites

25th, the State Internet Information Office released the second batch of "China News Hotline Network", "Exposure Network" and other 31 illegal websites. This is the "network blackmail and paid to delete" special rectification work since January 21, the competent authorities in accordance with the masses to report clues in-depth investigation and evidence, the legal closure of the second batch of illegal websites. The law is closed by the "China News Hotline Network", "Exposure network", "Government public opinion Network", "Sohu Focus Network" and other 31 sites. The official of the National Network letter Office said that most of the 31 websites did not fulfill the registration in accordance with the law.

Internet BBS and other services will not be required for approval and filing

According to the information, the State Council on 9th, the Central People's Government on the portal on the website of the State Council on the fifth instalment of the abolition and decentralization of administrative approval project decision. This time, the State Council has cancelled 113 items of administrative approval.   Among them, "cancellation Internet electronic Bulletin Service special examination and approval (record)" Drew our attention. According to the September 20, 2000 implementation of the "Internet Information Services Management measures": "engaged in Internet Information Services, to open an electronic bulletin service, should be in the application of the operating Internet Information Services license or transact business ...

White Paper on Sichuan Network culture industry development

Washington (reporter Fruit) yesterday, the first Sichuan-Chengdu network Culture Carnival officially launched, a 3-day event, will launch a group of local Sichuan network culture brand, publicity for the internet and mobile phones and other emerging media to disseminate the style of healthy network culture works, and further improve the network culture products in Sichuan Service supply capacity.   It is reported that this is our province to date to hold the largest scale of the biggest network of large-scale cultural activities. It is understood that this event by the National Internet Information Office Network News Bureau guidance, Sichuan provincial party committee propaganda Department, Chengdu Municipal party committee propaganda Department, provincial Bureau of relevant Office 、...

Does network marketing mean that you don't need to pay attention to the bottom line if you can attract eyeballs?

Absrtact: Internet development to now, has reached the extent of information explosion, marketing personnel suffer from the lack of brand advantage, the conventional way of marketing as if the Internet ocean ordinary a drop of water: ordinary means to release information, will soon be the Internet Information Ocean Internet development to now, has reached the extent of the explosion, Marketers suffer from the lack of brand advantage, the normal way of marketing as the Internet ocean in the ordinary drop of water: "The usual means of dissemination of information, will soon be the Internet information ocean engulfed." And if the marketing planning can not attract the target users or ordinary net name of the eyeball, ...

National Credit Office: Standardize network nicknames and avatars

Summary: February 4 Morning News, the National Internet Information Office (abbreviation) today issued the "Internet User account Name management Regulations", the public use of micro-BO, micro-letters and other Internet account name (including head and profile) for the specification, clearly put forward the network February 4 Morning News, the National Internet Information Office (abbreviation " National Letter Office, "the Internet User account name management Regulations", the public use of micro-BO, micro-letters and other Internet account name (including head and profile) to standardize, explicitly put forward online nickname is not allowed to violate the law, endanger national security, destroy the people ...

Network News editing staff: "The Press festival is also our holiday!" ”

This year's press festival, for has passed the "reporter state Test", will obtain the journalist card of the network media news gathering personnel, don't have a meaning. October 29, the National Internet Information Office and the state news and publication of the SARFT Joint dispatch, will be in the national news website formally implement the journalist card system.   This means that from now on, news websites are consistent with the traditional media, and the network media is formally integrated into the same standard and unified management. &nb ...

State Network Office official website Disclosure has been disposed of more than 7,000 violations of illegal accounts

March 19 News, according to the state Network Information Office official website disclosed, since the "Internet User account Name Management regulations" (the industry referred to as "Account No. 10") March 1 formally implemented, the Central News site to actively manage the Internet user account name confusion, the total disposal of various types of violations of illegal accounts more than 7,000. Among them, the person's daily disposal of yellow, gambling, drug-related and other six types of illegal violations account for nearly 3,400. China Network Forum to take four measures to deal with violations of illegal accounts more than 2,100. China Youth Network to share the media in the name of the publication of false news, name propaganda vulgar culture, Avatar ...

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