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A brief introduction to lbs mode

This year's network, can be really unusual fiery, not only made a household name Sharp elder brother, Fengjie, MA nuo these people, but also let Foxconn repeatedly jump, the Shanghai World Expo, South Africa World Cup spread to the streets. Internet innovation is also a lonely, a few days ago there are two fiery Internet innovation model, the creation of a burst of bloodshed. One is represented by Foursquare, location-based Service (LBS) mode, and the other is the group buying model, which is represented by Groupon ...

Kai-fu Lee: Mobile internet start-up costs will reach a new low

Innovative Workshop CEO Lee Kai-Fu, July 7, sponsored by commercial value of the "2012 Mobile Internet Innovation Conference" from July 6 to 7th in Beijing, Innovation factory CEO Lee said mobile Internet is the best entrepreneurial platform at the moment. Kai-Fu Lee is very optimistic about mobile internet, for three reasons, one is China's huge market and mobile phone users; second, mobile phone prices will quickly fall; third, mobile internet start-up costs will reach a record low. The following is the Innovation Workshop CEO Lee Kai-fu speech record: Hello! I am Kai-fu Lee, welcome to the Mobile Internet Innovation Conference, I am sorry I am now ...

What does product innovation mean

1, because of the inspiration and talent of innovators, the Internet can be innovative, rather than revenue expectations.   Because of the step-by-step and not innovation, it is only an excuse for the incompetent. 2, the greatest value of innovation, not you realize a number of new functions and interface interaction effect, but has a unique value closed loop. New value closed loop to make you resist plagiarism.   If other people can easily steal away your new features, new interface, new interaction, immediately catch up with you, such innovation is too not strong. 3, strong innovation, ...

3G Industry portal won the "China Internet most potential product" award

Absrtact: In 2010 China Internet Conference, the world's network of carefully built China's 3G industry portal won the most potential products in China, the world's vice president of the Internet Technology Group, Ms. Zhu Dongmei as a group representative accepted the award.    By industry and information technology in 2010 China Internet Conference, the world's network of carefully built China's 3G industry portal won the "China's most potential product" award, the world's vice president of the Internet Technology Group Zhu Dongmei as a group representative accepted the award. &n ...

Peter Ti to reveal entrepreneurial secrets, 360 weeks Hung 祎 cannon: Fools want to compete every day!

Xinhua Beijing, March 27, from 0 to 1 There are many different meanings, can be things from scratch to create some new, can also be the invention of new machines or create new businesses, and Silicon Valley's most influential legend Peter? Tyre used his new book, "from 0 to 1", to reveal the secrets of innovation. Zhou, the 1360 chairman of China's most innovative entrepreneur, agrees with Peter Tyre's views on competition and innovation, and says in the dialogue: "Fools want to compete every day!" "How do entrepreneurs survive in a competitive environment?" In Peter Tyre from the 0 ...

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