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Third group: Large scale load test platform based on cloud computing bench4q

Third group: Fellow students, distinguished guests, everyone, hello, today I bring a topic is: Based on cloud computing large-scale load test platform, I am Chen Tienan. Unlike just two students, we are providing services for the service. Based on the open Internet, in the case of unpredictable users, can still provide users with good service. The following is an introduction to the basics of our project. Bench4q is a large scale load test platform based on cloud computing. We come up with products that are relative to the style of the college, unlike other, they are marketable and commercialized. What the...

Using MapReduce and load balancing in the cloud

Cloud computing is designed to provide on-demand resources or services over the Internet, usually depending on the size and reliability of the data center. MapReduce is a programming model designed to handle large amounts of data in parallel, dividing work into a collection of independent tasks.   It is a parallel programming, supported by a functional, on-demand cloud (such as Google's BigTable, Hadoop, and sector). In this article, you will use compliance randomized hydrodynam ...

Load balancing technology solutions are needed for heavy web sites

We know that simply relying on improved hardware performance does not really solve the website "> Load balancing problem." Because the performance of a single server is always limited, generally speaking, a PC server can provide a concurrent access processing capacity of about 1000, more high-end dedicated server to support 3000-5000 concurrent access, such capacity is still unable to meet the requirements of the larger site load. Especially ...

Recommended 10 Web site load time comparison and testing tools

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall site loading time is a very important factor, if users visit your site will need to wait too long time, I believe most people abandon.   So you need to do a good test of your site performance, this article will introduce you to 10 Web site load time test tools. 1. Iwebtool Iwebtool is a very helpful web site loading time online test platform, you only need to enter the website URL can be entered ...

Satisfying periodic load requirements is no longer a burden

If organizations are to meet the cyclical load demands by buying hardware, it is clear that significant overhead is wasted because these devices are idle most of the year. Using cloud services can handle this load spike and minimize overhead, such as Amazon EC2 instances. This article will show how virtualization administrators demonstrate how to use vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) 5.2 to target Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Use 31 free online tools to test your site's performance

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall website Code verification Tool 1. WDG HTML Validator is a good tool to find out where the syntax of the site is wrong and to mark it out, or you can choose to make a single page analysis of each individual page on the site. (strongly recommended) 2. The Markup Validation Service is code-tested for both HTML and XHTML, claiming to be the first (and most user) on the internet ...

The three abilities of operators to develop mobile cloud computing face the test

Cloud computing is moving from the 1.0 era to a more mature, more practical 2.0 era. Today, the concept of cloud computing has been pervasive, cloud computing products and applications are emerging, cloud computing and mobile internet convergence also accelerated. If cloud computing used to be a new favorite of High-tech Internet companies, more and more ordinary businesses and individuals today are starting to touch and apply cloud computing. Statistical data from research institutes show that the global cloud computing market developed rapidly in the 2014.   In the 2015, the cloud computing industry will also usher in greater development. Mobile Cloud computing is cloud computing technology and mobile communications ...

Virtualization--Product development accelerator in the Internet age

High-tech competition in the Internet era, the delivery of products gradually shortened, and the quality of delivery requirements gradually increased, a variety of new ideas, new products, market-allowed product launch cycle is also getting shorter, the traditional software development model has been unable to keep up with the current needs, efficient, convenient, The iterative product development pattern is becoming more and more popular, and virtualization technology is the most important tool to embody this development pattern. Functionally speaking, the advantage of virtualization is to improve the utilization of resources, the second is to provide a variety of configuration management; The third is to provide a snapshot of the preservation and recovery functions;

Products Facebook publishes distributed server performance standard test results

The Facebook company unveiled the memcached performance test file in a recent International Green Computing Conference in Orlando, Florida, where TILEPRO64 processors, Intel Xeon processors and AMD The Opteron processor's standard server performs performance testing. Tilera, Seamicro and Calxeda have been selling Hadoop's massive data and memcached Web caching as a marketing point to promote their own micro-server products, but when it comes to distributed ...

Portability will test the market affinity of the three major operators

At present, the Ministry of work for the carrying number of the network test problems arising from the corresponding measures, the future of the transfer network must be carried out nationwide. For operators, the market affinity is more important this reporter Wang Chunhu recently, in the "Number with the International Summit Forum," the Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Institute Dean Cao Shumin said, since November 22, 2010 in Tianjin, Hainan two places to carry out the field test since the end of May,  About 50,000 people in Tianjin and Hainan have successfully implemented the transfer network. The original intention of carrying a transfer net is that no matter where the consumer is engaged, ...

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