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Internet of Things "Twelve-Five" plan released, 500 billion Yuan gold mine

According to the Ministry of Industry 14th News, "Internet of Things" Twelve-Five "Development Planning" officially released. According to "Planning" requirements, by 2015 China's Internet of things will be the initial completion of the industrial system construction.   In this respect, Yuan Securities analyst Chan Wenli said that in the next 5 years the industry's composite annual growth rate of 20% calculation, 2015, China's Internet of things market scale is expected to surpass 500 billion yuan. is expected to open 500 billion market in the "planning", the current China's internet of things and the development of the world at the beginning of the initial stage, with a certain degree of technology, industry and application base, according to incomplete statistics ...

Issues and challenges of the Internet of Things

Problems and challenges of the Internet of things the Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications Guiyu nowadays, with the expansion of the application scope of the Internet of things, its development has already manifested the polyhedron. This is a major shift from a computer-based network model to a fully distributed network of Intelligent objects, which brings about architecture and security issues. The article introduces the concept, structure, challenge and security privacy of the Internet of things. Issues and challenges of the Internet of Things

Alienation of the technology of Internet of things and its regulation

Alienation and system stipulation of the technology of Internet of things Wu pacesetter Xu for the People Science and Technology Philosophy Research 2014-year 03 the alienation of Internet of things and the regulations of the system

Internet of Things Logo white paper (2013)

Internet Identification White Paper (2013) Department of Industry and Information Technology Telecommunication Institute This white paper analyzes the concept of the Internet of things, the analysis of the identification and the management of the logo, and puts forward the identification system of the Internet of things.  On the basis of the research on the status quo and trend of logo development, this paper analyzes the challenges faced by the development of Internet of things in our country, and puts forward some suggestions on the development of Internet of things in China, hoping to provide valuable reference for the industry. Internet of Things Logo white paper (2013)

Some thoughts on social impact of Internet of Things

Some thoughts on social impact of Internet of things Liu Yongmou the imminent social impact of the cluster of Wu Linhai It is expected that the social impact of the Internet of things should be strengthened and the social research should be greatly enhanced. The Internet of things will promote social change at all levels of society, accelerate the trend of social change, lead to a series of social problems, should consider the coping strategies beforehand. Some thoughts on social impact of Internet of Things

A summary of privacy protection in Internet of Things

A summary of the privacy protection of the Internet of Things Sun Min, Li Hong, laugh cold, He Yunhua position information is one of the basic elements of the information of the Internet of things, and it is also the precondition of the network of Things to provide location-based services. Location information in the meantime, The leaks also pose a number of threats. Internet of things the privacy protection has become one of the current research hotspots. This paper summarizes the existing work in the field of Internet location Privacy protection, expounds the objectives and challenges of the privacy protection in the Internet of Things, and focuses on the positioning process of the Internet of Things, Location-based service and position privacy disclosure in Edge information and corresponding location privacy protection mechanism.

A survey of research and methods on privacy protection of Internet of Things

Review on research and methods of privacy protection of IoT Chanping, Wu Mong through establishing the architecture of the Internet of things, this paper analyzes in detail the privacy security threats faced by the perceptual layer and the processing layer in the architecture, and makes a systematic review of the existing privacy protection methods related to IoT technology, focusing on the methods of anonymity, The basic principle and characteristics of encryption technology and routing protocol, and on the basis of which, this paper points out the future research direction of the Privacy protection technology of IoT. Keywords: Internet of things; privacy protection; anonymity; homomorphism encryption; Security multi-party computing Internet Privacy Protection Research and methods overview

[e-book] cloud Computing and distributed systems: from parallel processing to the Internet of Things (English edition)

Cloud computing and distributed systems: from parallel processing to Internet of Things (English edition) temp_12051808088529.pdf

Present situation of intelligent medical care development in China and suggestions for measures

The present situation and measures of intelligent medical care in China Liu Xiaoxin Wisdom Medical treatment refers to the use of IoT technology to achieve the interaction between patients and medical personnel, medical institutions, medical equipment, promote the innovation of medical information mode, and finally realize real-time, intelligent, automated, interconnected dynamic services. With the promulgation of the "Twelve-Five" plan of the Internet of things and the planning or implementation of Intelligent city in the provinces and cities, the intelligent medical construction of our country has made effective progress, but it still faces many challenges to be overcome urgently. Through the analysis of the current situation of intelligent medical development in China, this paper discusses the problems in the development of intelligent medical care in China.

Wuxi overseas Chinese entrepreneurs "perceive" the opportunity of the Internet industry

Xinhua Beijing, July 27, Xinhua (reporter Hongxiaohong Sun jing) by the Wuxi Chinese Chamber of Commerce, sponsored by the "Overseas Hong Kong entrepreneurs sense of the new Area Tour" 27th in the "Perception of China Center" Wuxi New district opened the curtain.   Local rapid development of the Internet of things from Hong Kong, Macao, the United States and other land of more than 40 entrepreneurs representatives linger, many entrepreneurs to industrial investment cooperation interest, said that the Internet applications at home and abroad have a huge potential market. 2009 the state proposed in Wuxi to establish a "perception of China Center", the Internet of Things with the popular industry swept the country. As the birthplace of industry, in a few years, Wuxi ...

IoT System Design-Intelligent transportation

Object Networking System Design-intelligent transportation--background overview--The Internet of things in intelligent transportation--the application case of Internet of things in intelligent transportation--the design of real-case design--Intelligent transportation

Future IoT Company Form Imagination

Since ancient times, there are many excellent inventions and creations, the company's birth is one of them. After years of accumulation after the company gradually became a synonym for science and technology, finance, products, and constantly promote the development of society, the Internet in recent years has been from the vacated to the landing, many companies have turned into the internet of things, whether these companies are not strictly a matter of networking companies, But they are all on the internet of things on this road to continue to explore. From another aspect also explained that the internet of things is still in an era of contention, things networking companies in the end what kind of people ...

The signing ceremony for the project investment of Nanan District, the open area and the founder's networking industry base was held in Beijing

Hualong Network Beijing March 12 10:30 (special reporter Liu Yi) today 10:30, Nanan District, the open area and founder "> Materials networking industry Base project investment signing ceremony held in Beijing, signed the investment amount of 610 million yuan, is expected to achieve production capacity will achieve annual sales income of more than 10 billion yuan. Reporter learned that Nanan District this move is intended to vigorously exploit the Internet of things application market, and strive to make it with two ...

Discovery of IoT service based on probabilistic theme model

IoT service based on probabilistic theme model discovers Weijiang Jinzhi Xu Yu The mass of service quantity in the Internet of things, according to the heterogeneity of service description and the resource height limitation and mobility of equipment service, this paper proposes a method of discovering IoT service based on probabilistic theme model. The main features of this method are: 1 Using English Wikipedia to build a high quality theme model and semantic extension of the service text description similar to the short text, so that the theme model can more effectively estimate the implied theme of the service textual description; 2. To use the Nonparametric theme model to learn the clothing ...

Internet of things usher in innovation opportunities

Summary: Wind River Company Asia-Pacific Vice President Namiq Kuni MO to November 11 news, Wind River company Asia-Pacific Vice President Namiq Kunimoto to Sohu it, the field of things networking is taking place a new round of innovation, this wave of innovation is characterized by high intelligence, covering areas including cloud Wind River Company Asia-Pacific Vice President Namiq Kuni MO to November 11 news, Wind River company Asia-Pacific Vice President Namiq Kunimoto to Sohu It said, the field of things networking is ...

Wuxi City 361 Home networking enterprises contributed 47.5 billion yuan total operating income

From the Wuxi to promote the office of the Internet, Wuxi City 361 home Networking Enterprises contributed to the total revenue of 47.5 billion yuan last year, an increase of 25.8%, the Internet of things in various fields and industries to reveal their skills.   At present, the local 93 items Networking application demonstration project is advancing in an orderly way, to build a "smart city" pace gradually accelerated. It is understood that according to the relevant national strategic deployment, Wuxi from 2009 onwards in the Internet of things in the development of "intentions management." 2010, Wuxi has achieved the annual output value of IoT 20 billion yuan, the introduction of Internet Enterprises 190, ...

Only Fred Wilson's remarks left an impression on me.

Facebook's acquisition of Oculus Rift has been a matter of conversation for countless people over the past one months, but only Fred Wilson's comments have impressed me, especially the following: "Move is what we've been chasing, but now it's history." All tech are actively looking for the next platform, and no one is willing to miss "it" ... So they will not hesitate to drop heavily to gain a favorable position in the next round of competition, even if only a possible vantage point. Virtual reality, Internet of things, drones, artificial intelligence ...

China Telecom Wuxi IoT platform has been tested

October 28 Afternoon news, in today's 2010 China International Internet Expo, a leading Chinese telecom disclosed that China Telecom Internet platform has been online testing. China Telecom has disclosed that it has set up an enterprise standard for Internet of things. "Because there are some standards for the national networking standards, and in this case, China Telecom has established an enterprise standard," he said. At present, China Telecom has issued seven standards on Machine-to-machine, including terminals, platform equipment and service agreements, and so on. "2009, November 23, China Telecom Internet Applications Promotion Center and ...

Jingwei Chuang Wan Haoki: 5 years later, the smart hardware circle is the most powerful

Absrtact: In today's 2014 NetEase Future Science and Technology Summit, Jingwei Venture Chinese partner Wan Haoki in the intelligent Hardware sub-forum to do "to meet the age of all things interconnected" speech, and share the Jingwei venture on the internet of things. Do 1 billion valuations of the company, the Internet in today's "2014 NetEase Future Science and Technology Summit", Jingwei Venture Chinese partner Wan Haoki in the smart Hardware sub-forum to do "to meet the interconnection of all things," the speech, sharing the Jingwei venture on the internet of things some views. Do 1 billion valuations of companies, the Internet has been used for 5 years, mobile Internet use ...

Semantic Spatial Resource index construction and query optimization algorithm for object-oriented networking

The construction of Semantic spatial resource index and its query optimization algorithm based on object-oriented network Ma Wu Bin Liumingshing Dengsu Huanghongbin face the massive space resources in the Internet of things, introduce the method of semantic classification in the construction of Spatial resource Index, make the traditional IR tree have semantic feature, support the user's semantic query to the resource, A top-k semantic query optimization algorithm is proposed, and the validity of index structure and the correctness of query result are obtained through the use of actual data and experimental analysis, and the performance of the algorithm is evaluated from 3 indexes, such as index construction time, query time and query accuracy rate. Object-oriented Internet language ...

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