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Data Center Storage architecture

The storage system is the core infrastructure of the IT environment in the data center, and it is the final carrier of data access. Storage in cloud computing, virtualization, large data and other related technologies have undergone a huge change, block storage, file storage, object storage support for a variety of data types of reading; Centralized storage is no longer the mainstream storage architecture of data center, storage access of massive data, need extensibility,   Highly scalable distributed storage architecture. In the new IT development process, data center construction has entered the era of cloud computing, enterprise IT storage environment can not be simple ...

Storage Evolution: Cloud storage is the future kingly way

With the security it process continues to advance, Yunan defense, cloud computing, cloud storage in the field of security hot; On the other hand, security high-definition, networking and intelligent development, security, especially video surveillance data explosion-type growth, massive data storage and application become a new problem.   In this context, cloud storage becomes a necessary choice for security data storage and higher-order applications. As we all know, the rapid development of security applications, especially intelligent city, Safe city, intelligent transportation and other industries in the application of in-depth, security large data such as video surveillance videos, alarm data, and also an explosion of growth. According to I.

China Cloud storage In-depth survey

(i): Market Overview China's cloud storage market dynamics China's current corporate cio/cto is sceptical about the public cloud, at present, about 70% of enterprises are unwilling to put the data in the enterprise on the public cloud, mainly from the security point of view, but the data for the enterprise business investment more and more,     Will force enterprises, especially for data security is very high financial industry also gradually towards the public cloud. Domestic ...

Cloud storage: Technology, platform, or service?

When it comes to cloud storage, the first thing to think about is Amazon, the Amazon that sold Books Online. COM pioneer. I don't know when Amazon has started selling storage services and has become a pioneer in cloud storage services. Cloud storage is just around us. Amazon offers a service called the Flexible Computing Cloud (Amazon Ec2,amazon elastic Compute Cloud). Amazon EC2 enables users to create operating systems 、...

Cloud storage: Opportunities for hidden challenges

Total IT spending on cloud computing will grow at least 3 times times by 2012, according to projections. For cloud computing, from the perspective of the IT department, Enterprise Cloud computing is expected to provide resilient scalability, pay-as-you-go and predictable cost structures, while improving data access mechanisms.   From a business unit perspective, this means being able to turn asset costs into operational costs, improve productivity and innovation, while reducing it costs and operating costs. The technical maturity makes the practical cloud solution both available and affordable. At present, most big enterprises are already groping some method, ...

Cloud Storage Trend Inventory: First cloud storage standard release

By the end of 2010, a variety of news events flooded our eyeballs: the guns of the Korean confrontation seemed to reverberate in our ears; the dead of the Shanghai Jiaozhou apartment fire are still remembered by us; the ipad and IPhone4 's sale sparked an unprecedented snapping spree; Internet Special Contribution Award ", Feng also went to the United States ...   In the context of this series of Internet hot news events, we will also face the inflationary pressure of rising prices, and a so-called "thousand years extremely cold" winter ... A year's time in our social life only ...

Cloud Storage Technology Handbook

Cloud storage products can be said to have thousands of species, can be said to be few, depending on the extent of the definition of cloud storage or how narrow.   Regardless of the scope of the definition, the number of cloud storage products is expected to increase this year, because the cloud storage has maintained a rapid momentum of development. The problem with cloud storage's definition of cloud storage is that there are so many in its infancy that there are divergent interpretations of the term. To make the definition of cloud storage clearer, industry analysts who often deal with corporate IT experts rearrange the definition of cloud storage, outlining some of the features of cloud storage ...

2014 China Personal cloud storage industry and user behavior Research report

The world's leading mobile internet third party data mining and integration marketing agency Iimedia Research (AI Media Consulting) released the "2014 China Personal cloud storage industry and user behavior report." China's personal cloud storage users are expected to reach 380 million in 2014, according to IiMedia. Personal cloud storage products with cross-platform storage and synchronization, file sharing and other functions, better meet the user synchronization files and the use of shared files needs, in the promotion of major companies, with the user to make ...

Cloud storage will become a new growth point of enterprise value

Storage as an important function of the computer age, constantly evolving, the advent of the cloud computing era, and the emergence of a new storage technology: cloud storage. Cloud storage, as the extension and development of cloud computing concept, refers to the function of cluster application, network technology or Distributed File system, which brings together a large number of different types of storage devices in network to work together through application software, and provides data storage and business access function. Advantages of mining value in traditional storage, most enterprises by constantly increasing disk, array and server to meet the storage needs of the business ...

Overview of cloud Storage

The concept of cloud storage (cloud storage), once proposed, has been supported and concerned by many vendors. Amazon launched the elastic Compute Cloud (EC2: Flexible computing cloud) cloud storage two years ago, designed to provide more storage and computing capabilities while providing users with Internet services. Content distribution Network service provider CDNetworks and industry renowned cloud storage platform service provider Nirvanix also announced a strategic partnership to provide the industry ...

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