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7 Music and photo iphone apps, how much did you use?

It is said that the most mobile phone function is to call, send text messages and take photos, in fact, there are a group of people like to use mobile phones to listen to music.   For those of me who have no music cells, listen to what all the same, I prefer to use mobile phone to take pictures, record every wonderful moment of life. Music and photos 1, Mog.   Remember Spotify? This thing looks like it. 2, Pandora.   Already on the market, tough enough to explain. 3, SoundHound.   Listening to the nursery rhymes, and then telling you what this song is. 4.

Facebook apps are now likely to be the most free downloads of iphone Apps

Facebook apps may now be the most popular apps for free downloads on the iphone, though, but Facebook chief technology Officer Blette Thelles Bret Taylor today in San Francisco's Social Networking application Conference (Inside Social Apps) seems to be more excited about the opportunities offered by mobile sites and HTML5. Mr Taylor says Facebook will be doing its best to develop mobile sites and HTML5 businesses this year. At today's conference, Taylor said ...

Periscope launches iphone apps, push notifications may flood

Sina Science and technology news Beijing Time, March 27, early this January, Twitter bought a similar meerkat streaming media service Periscope at a price of $100 million. This Thursday, Periscope launched the iphone app. Like Meerkat, Periscope helps users stream media broadcasts of activities they are engaged in, which can be breaking news or making a meal for breakfast. With just a few clicks, the user can start the live broadcast. But unlike Meerkat, Periscope ...

iphone must play 7 social tool apps

This is a social era, if you haven't used the following social tools, then you are really out, do not ask you all have, but at least the first two of the total have? You don't know which two? Facebook,twitter, if you say you only have Sina Weibo,   I guess I'm embarrassed to meet people. 1, Facebook.   This still needs to be explained? You don't need this? So you're really out. 2, Twitter. In addition to the celestial and other countries, no one does not know, even the stewardess are using it. ...

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