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The "cold" thinking of artificial intelligence in colleges and universities

When setting up relevant majors, colleges and universities should organize professor committees and academic committees.

Hulu, vice president of global talks about artificial intelligence

I am going to enter the new recruitment season. For those who are interested in the field of technology, in the face of the current artificial intelligence boom that is sweeping the world, "data scientists" and "algorithm engineers" are definitely hot jobs.

The past and present of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Machine Learning (ML) studies these patterns and encodes human decision processes into algorithms. These algorithms can be applied to several instances to arrive at meaningful conclusions.

Entering artificial intelligence, this encyclopedia of artificial intelligence is not to be missed

Some people say that 2016 is the first year of artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence technology has sprung up in all walks of life. At the beginning of 2017, I started to translate "Artificial Intelligence (2nd Edition)".

Ten masters of artificial intelligence who have changed the world

In 1948, Allen Turing, the father of computer science, and Claude Shannon, the father of information science, independently developed the basic algorithms still used in today's chess programs.

Events in the field of artificial intelligence

This article attempts to give an appropriate perspective on artificial intelligence (AI) and review the work we have done and the achievements we have made. We have listed achievements in the field of artificial intelligence for half a century and discussed the recent IBM Watson-Dangerous Edge Challenge.

The ultimate evolution of search engine to artificial intelligence

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall K.K in the documentary "Google and the World Brain," he said at the beginning of the Google venture, he asked Larry Page, now has a good performance search engine, why do one? ' Instead of developing a new search engine, we're going to do artificial intelligence, ' Larry page explains. Search engine is our active consciousness and the internet world the most important connection way, and in the long-term data accumulation, save ...

Read the difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence in one article

Nowadays, it is easy to believe that artificial intelligence has become as smart as human wisdom - if not smarter. For example, some time ago, Google released Duplex AI, which can help users complete outbound calls to book hair salons and restaurants.

Value and worries: Artificial intelligence has sailed into the fast lane

Mobile data nourishes artificial intelligence, and its heralded business opportunities are being greeted by Hawking's warning that artificial intelligence may end humans. After entering the mobile internet era, 24-hour uninterrupted online human beings are producing massive amounts of data with their frequent social, consumer, creative and travel behaviors. These data become the most important nourishment of "artificial intelligence", and push the concept of "artificial intelligence", which was born in the 50 's, to the "fast lane" of development. From the depth of the moving large data "nourish" can say, move ...

Artificial Intelligence Panorama and Development Trend Analysis in 2018

The panorama covers the infrastructure of the big data artificial intelligence industry, open source frameworks, data APIs, data resources, cross-infrastructure analysis, industrial applications, enterprise applications, analytical tools, etc., covering 1095 big data companies into the panorama.

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